Lavien Adaptive Black&White v1.2 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 06, 2024
Please read description carefully!Lavien is elegant and modern icon pack. They have linear foreground and solid color background. The icons change their color to black and white according to the phone's day/night theme. These adaptive icons have outline borders compatible with adaptive shapes.
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Osman Onur KOÇ
Feb 06, 2024
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Lavien Adaptive Black&White MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Lavien Adaptive Black & White MOD APK. An Android Personalization App comes with Patch Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Lavien Adaptive Black & White offers a complimentary icon pack that seamlessly aligns with your device’s color scheme. This icon pack enables effortless customization of your Android home screen’s palette. Housing a diverse array of 16 colors, it empowers you to revamp the hues of your phone’s icons. Beyond icon color adjustments, it extends the capability to modify the navigation bar’s color, ensuring a comprehensive customization experience. This icon pack is designed to be fully compatible with contemporary Android versions, facilitating straightforward application to your smartphone.

Featuring 16 distinct colors, the pack allows for navigation bar hue alterations and the transformation of your phone’s icon colors. The process of color customization is simplified, offering a broad spectrum of shades to perfectly match your preference.

Lavien Adaptive Black & White is characterized by its simplicity and intuitive design. Embracing a monochrome aesthetic, all icons are crafted in black and white, tailored specifically for Android devices. The interface boasts a clean, modern look with icons that are both easily recognizable and aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal choice for all Android users.

This icon pack enables uniformity across all applications, ensuring a consistent icon set upon installation. This feature saves time by negating the need to individually change icons across applications. Users gain access to a unified icon set, enhancing visibility and adding a distinctive touch to any app with its stark black-and-white icons. Lavien Adaptive Black & White is available at no cost, offering a stylish and practical enhancement to your device’s appearance.

Features of Lavien Adaptive Black&White MOD APK

Adaptive icons to change colors based on the current theme

Lavien stands out as a contemporary and sophisticated icon pack, distinguished by its icons set against a solid color backdrop, with a contrasting linear motif in the foreground. Ingeniously designed to adapt, these icons transition between black and white hues in response to your device’s day/night theme, embodying a dynamic aesthetic that complements the system’s appearance. The adaptive icons are framed by outline borders, ensuring compatibility with various adaptive shapes.

To synchronize the icons with your device’s theme adjustments, it is essential to reapply the icons each time you switch between Dark and Light modes, ensuring a cohesive visual experience that aligns with your device’s current theme setting.

Linear icons with solid color backgrounds

These icons excel in their simplicity and cleanliness, perfectly complementing the device’s dark theme. Their linear design lends an air of elegance and modernity, while the solid color backgrounds ensure strong contrast and clear visibility. The inclusion of outline borders enhances their adaptability, making them fully compatible with the adaptive shapes feature, thereby ensuring a seamless integration and a polished look across various interface layouts.

Outline borders for adaptive shapes

This icon pack is crafted for compatibility with the newest Android versions, while also maintaining support for earlier devices. It has undergone thorough testing on both Android Oreo and Android Pie platforms.

Although this icon pack is versatile enough to be integrated with any icon theme, its purpose is not to supplant existing icon packs. Instead, it is envisioned as an augmentative resource, enhancing and complementing the diversity and richness of your device’s visual appeal.

Elegant and modern icon pack

Designed with elegance and a contemporary edge, these icons feature a linear foreground set against a solid color background, embodying sophistication. Tailored to respond to your phone’s day/night theme, the icons transition between black and white hues, seamlessly adapting to your device’s settings. The inclusion of outline borders ensures these adaptive icons are fully compatible with various adaptive shapes, offering a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing visual experience across different interface layouts.

Adaptive icons

Adaptive icons are designed to automatically switch their color to black and white, aligning with the phone’s day/night theme settings. Equipped with outline borders, these icons ensure compatibility with adaptive shapes, allowing for seamless integration and a visually cohesive experience across different interface designs.

Icon border with outline

These icons are crafted with outlined borders, enhancing their aesthetic appeal significantly. To personalize your interface, simply choose your preferred icon from the list and tap the center of the screen to apply your selection, effortlessly customizing the look of your device.

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What's new

Version 1.2
-331 new icons added
-some icons redesigned
-widgets scaling problems fixed
-vendor apps support improved
-bug fixes

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