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Get famous in Hollywood and create your fashion story! Choose your story filled with runway fashion, fame & celebrities.
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Jan 09, 2024
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Download The Latest APK Version of KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, behold an Android mobile game, liberated for all, wherein players embark on a journey to attain notoriety. As players conquer missions and fulfill tasks, the gates to novel items and sartorial choices swing open, enabling a more illustrious virtual existence.

For those seeking an accelerated ascent, the option to procure virtual commodities with tangible currency lies open. This virtual marketplace encompasses an array of offerings, from cosmetic enhancements to hair care essentials and an assortment of other accouterments. In the realm of ones and zeros, these acquisitions become the catalysts propelling characters towards an elevated visage and swifter advancement.

Furthermore, avenues for amassing wealth extend into the digital realm of social media. As players traverse this digital landscape, encounters with renowned personalities intertwine with the forging of fresh connections.

Within this immersive digital universe, financial gains manifest through collaborations with celebrities, content sharing on social platforms, and the exchange of digital sentiments through likes. Venturing into the metaphysical marketplace, players may opt for tangible investment in virtual possessions, spanning the realms of aesthetic enhancement, coiffure maintenance, and various other acquisitions. The digital stage resonates with financial growth for those who traverse the path of posting, liking, and commenting.

In the crucible of mobile gaming creation stands Glu Mobile’s masterpiece free-to-play marvel casting players as the illustrious Kim Kardashian. Rooted in the enigmatic life of the Kardashian luminary, the game unfolds as a tapestry of diverse employment and financial avenues.

However, one must not overlook the importance of nurturing a symbiotic relationship with this digital endeavor. As players navigate the multifaceted experiences within, the digital luminary Kim Kardashian stands ready to extend assistance, adding layers of complexity to the gaming odyssey.

Diverging from the conventional gaming milieu, this creation transcends the mundane, evolving into a comprehensive gaming experience. Diverse characters and elements weave a rich tapestry, making it a paragon of interactive allure.


Collect fashion items and accessories to build your collection

Embark on the creation of your very own fashion assemblage, a sartorial realm brimming with novel and exclusive creations. Commencing with a fundamental wardrobe, unravel an array of exquisite items as your journey unfolds. Amass a repertoire surpassing 20 distinctive fashion articles, spanning from jeans and dresses to an eclectic array of accessories.

Within this digital haven, exercise discernment in curating your wardrobe, for each constituent holds significance. Elevate the allure of your avatars by adorning them in the epitome of vogue, cultivating a collection destined to distinguish you amidst the throng.

This application beckons you to meticulously select from your fashion arsenal, as every article contributes to the visual narrative of your characters. Engage in a sartorial symphony that mirrors the current zeniths in clothing trends, laying the foundation for a collection that radiates individuality.

Choose your wardrobe from over 1000+ items

Navigate through this virtual wardrobe, boasting a collection of 500 items available for purchase, allowing you to meticulously construct the quintessential appearance for your character. From stylish jackets and jeans to chic tops and dresses, the canvas is yours to paint, fostering a distinctive aesthetic for both yourself and your entourage.

Within this application, the realm of sartorial self-expression is boundless. Choose from an extensive selection, exceeding 1000 items, spanning the spectrum from elegant dresses to trendy jackets and even alluring swimwear. Engage in the art of fashion curation, blending, and harmonizing diverse elements to forge the optimal ensemble for every occasion.

Unleash your creativity as you mix and match, navigating this vast repository of fashion to concoct ensembles that resonate with your style. This app empowers you to not only select your preferred outfits but also encourages the fusion of diverse elements, enabling the creation of outfits that stand as a testament to your unique aesthetic sensibilities.

Explore your custom world

This application unfolds as your playground, offering the liberty to define your identity, from choosing your nomenclature to sculpting the visage of a squad that will follow in your digital wake. Traverse diverse locations, unveiling a tapestry of distinctive places and architectural marvels that add depth to your exploration. Engage in a plethora of mini-games, testing your mettle and competing in exhilarating tournaments that punctuate your escapades.

Dive into the immersive cosmos of this application, where a vibrant and extensive community awaits a confluence of kindred spirits bound by a shared passion for fashion and style. Revel in the camaraderie of fellow players, transforming your solitary exploration into a collective celebration of digital artistry and sartorial finesse.

Complete challenges to unlock special outfits and items

Embark on your odyssey as an ascending luminary, adorning yourself in a dazzling ensemble to unveil a fresh, celebrity allure. Align yourself with a newfound clique and embark on a conquest of the fashion realm, asserting your dominance with unparalleled style.

Transform into a luminary fashionista within the confines of this application, immersing yourself in the meteoric ascent to stardom and the extravagant existence of a superstar. Revel in the companionship of a vibrant community, united by an unwavering ardor for the world of fashion and style.

Seize the opportunity to acquire exclusive garments and accessories, anointing yourself with unparalleled elegance through the completion of daily challenges and the undertaking of missions that beckon you to amass invaluable rewards. Unleash your fashion prowess, securing new accolades by donning fresh outfits and surmounting distinctive challenges that punctuate your journey to stardom.


It represents an engaging and innovative application suitable for all demographics. It stands as a narrative fashion-oriented game, wherein participants engage in attire curation, crafting their persona within the realm of celebrity opulence.

Fabricate an intricate narrative chronicling your fashion evolution, meticulously styling yourself for the illustrious crimson carpet, socializing with renowned personalities, and immersing in the lavish tapestry of Hollywood allure.

Featuring an extensive and heterogeneous ensemble of personas and an expansive array of attire choices, you possess the liberty to embellish your digital representation with a novel celebrity aesthetic, seamlessly integrating into a novel social clique.

Your fashion repository is replete with extraordinary accouterments and embellishments. Embark on a quest to unearth and procure the latest trends in fashion, culminating in the establishment of a sartorial manifesto.

Pursue your occupational trajectory, ascending to the echelons of a fashion luminary, a trendsetter, or an image metamorphosis virtuoso. Delve into the realm of celebrity couture, erecting your fashion dominion with panache!

Within this application, opportunities abound to unlock novel ensembles, footwear, and accouterments, accumulating wealth to amplify your wardrobe’s expanse. Conceive a distinct and pioneering visage for both yourself and your companions.

Participate in the company of newfound acquaintances worldwide, immersed in this simulation of celebrity existence and the narrative of fashion. Traverse the trajectory to luminary status and the existence of a superstar, fostering connections with a consortium of enthusiasts ardently devoted to the realm of fashion and elegance.

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SEASONS: Complete challenges and earn points to get clothing and other rewards!
KOLLECT THEM ALL: Play Kollections for a chance to win full outfits!
THE FAME GAME: Travel the world, meet other celebrities, build a business empire, and climb to the top of the A-List!
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