Infinite Painter v7.0.54 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 21, 2023
Experience one of the best-designed painting, sketching, and drawing apps for tablets, phones, and Chromebooks. Used by millions, this award-winning app brings rich, powerful features to all artists, whether art is your hobby, passion or career.
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Dec 21, 2023
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Infinite Painter MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Infinite Painter MOD APK. An Android Art & Design App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

It stands as a distinctive artistic application, extending the invitation to adorn a myriad of surfaces with strokes of creativity. Immerse yourself in the freedom to paint upon diverse materials within your reach – be it walls, doors, or any conceivable surface, even the seemingly ubiquitous walls. The canvas of your expression is not confined; it extends to the traditional parchment.

Wield your artistic prowess on unconventional canvases, from the earthly plane of floors to the arboreal sanctuaries of trees or the humble embrace of paper. Recognize paint as the omnipotent conduit of artistic expression, with the gateway to uncharted self-expression.

Navigate the expansive creativity with a profusion of brushes, an eclectic palette of colors, and a spectrum of modes. The boundaries of conventional imagination, grant you the power to paint in ways that defy expectations.

Diversify your artistic repertoire by employing an array of techniques and tools. Embark upon the instantaneous exploration of the artistry of live painting, relishing the capacity to immortalize and disseminate your masterpieces with a wider audience. The realm of canvases knows no bounds, affording you the opportunity to unleash your creative fervor without constraint.

It transforms into a drawing app, providing users with the freedom to sketch freely and forge breathtaking artwork. The user-friendly interface, marked by its simplicity and cleanliness, unfolds across the main window, cleaved into two distinct realms. On the left, the brush tool empowers users to draw freehand, while the right houses the canvas, the backdrop upon which the user’s vision takes form. This interface is seamlessly intuitive, catering to individuals of all ages.

Tailored to generate a diverse array of artistic marvels, the application embraces an unlimited canvas size. Unleash the boundless expanse of your imagination, shaping canvases of any conceivable dimension. Your imagination is the sole limitation, and becomes the conduit to craft your magnum opus, offering customization options like custom colors and styles. It transcends the boundaries of artistic genres, catering to a diverse audience passionate about the creation of art. Drawing becomes an effortless endeavor, an avenue for joyous expression.

Embrace the limitless possibilities that Infinite Painter unfolds, as you draw with ease and revel in the sheer pleasure of artistic creation.

Features of Infinite Painter MOD APK

Create and share beautiful artwork

This is on the journey of crafting visually stunning masterpieces with our acclaimed art applications tailored for the Android ecosystem. Immerse yourself in the user-friendly interface and a diverse array of sophisticated artistic implements to fashion creations that not only articulate your creativity but also serve as a wellspring of inspiration for others. Within the expansive of Google Play, discover our preeminent art applications, boasting unparalleled design and functionality, such as the widely embraced Painting Studio, Drawing Studio, and Sketchbook Pro.

Enter the realm of artistic ingenuity with this app, where you wield the power of robust features and tools to breathe life into beautiful artworks. The intuitive interface facilitates painting with a sweeping, expansive brush stroke, while a rich palette of brushes, layers, and colors empowers you to carve out a distinctive artistic identity. Elevate your work with the addition of stickers, text, and frames, culminating in a composition that transcends the ordinary and beckons admiration. Share your artistic endeavors effortlessly with friends and kindred spirits.

Crafting exquisite drawings is made effortless with a versatile array of tools at your disposal pencil, pen, brush, eraser, airbrush, marker, crayon, and chalk each contributing to the nuanced tapestry of your creation. The tactile experience is heightened as you employ your finger on a surface attuned to pressure sensitivity, adding a layer of expressiveness to your artistic endeavors.

Infinite Painter consolidates this diverse toolkit into a singular application, ensuring that the power to create transcends physical boundaries. Unleash your artistic prowess anywhere you go and seamlessly share your creations with a broader audience, fostering a communal celebration of creativity.

Draw, paint, sket, ch and animate

Amidst a vast collection of over 1000+ meticulously crafted artworks curated by our esteemed community of lauded artists, immerse yourself in the realms of drawing, painting, sketching, and animation. Whether engrossed in the creation of your artistic opuses or honing your skills, indulge in boundless enjoyment coupled with skill enhancement.

This application empowers you to engage in the act of drawing, painting, sketching, and animating directly on your Android device. The multifarious features seamlessly integrated into the app provide effortless access to a plethora of tools. Uniquely, you have the liberty to employ either your finger or stylus to execute the acts of drawing, painting, and sketching with consummate ease.

Add text, effects, stickers, and filters

Within this artistic application, you gain the ability to infuse text, effects, stickers, and filters into your images, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your creations. The diverse array of features enables you to tailor your artwork to reflect your style and emotional state, enhancing its visual allure.

Additionally, the application boasts a repertoire of artistic brushes that extend the possibility of generating an infinite variety of artistic expressions. Leveraging these brushes, you can metamorphose your images into veritable masterpieces of artistry.

Collage, sketch, and draw

Embark on your artistic journey with an exceptional canvas, equipped with a comprehensive array of tools that empower you to draw, paint, and collage with the finesse of a seasoned professional. Whether crafting your magnum opus or perusing a vast library of thousands of exquisite artworks, the possibilities are boundless.

Effortlessly tailor your canvas using a diverse selection of brushes, patterns, and colors, enabling you to unleash your creativity. Harness advanced blending techniques to impart captivating effects to your creations, elevating them to new heights of visual splendor.

Delve into the realm of sketching, drawing, and painting with the innovative sketch tool. Choose from a myriad of sketch templates or customization to forge a unique artistic identity. Save your creations as high-resolution images and, if inclined, wield the pencil tool to craft bespoke sketches that resonate with your artistic vision.

Full-featured art apps for Android

In digital artistic expression, Infinite Painter emerges as an all-encompassing artistic application tailored for aficionados of the Android platform. Within its digital confines, a plethora of brushes, palettes, and an arsenal of other instruments await, facilitating the creation of awe-inspiring masterpieces. Unleash your artistic prowess either by fashioning original pieces through the user-friendly interface or by seamlessly integrating external images into your canvas. Subsequently, engage in the meticulous customization of these imported visuals, employing a diverse array of tools to imbue them with a distinctive, personalized touch.

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What's new

- Major issue fixed in exporting/importing project files from previous versions. Please check previously exported project files and export new ones if needed.
- Sometimes losing brush folders when importing brush packs

- Remember last used Export settings
- Brush cursor now shows tilt information when hovering
- Renamed Meatlovers as Savory brush so the pattern of the brush can be viewed as meat or plant-based
- Renamed Canvas > Adjust tool as Straighten tool

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