Idle Apocalypse MOD APK v1.78 (Unlimited All)

Ever wanted to run a cult? Summon legendary demon gods? Control hordes of unwashed monsters? Craft a tower so tall it defies all laws of physics? Or… destroy the world?
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Sep 10, 2023
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Idle Apocalypse MOD APK (Unlimited All)

Download The Latest APK Version of Idle Apocalypse MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited All Available download Yours Now.

Iron Horse Games has just released Idle Apocalypse this year. MOD APK (Free shopping) is also available. You have to destroy the world to win this game. To do this you will need to create a strong army full of monsters.

The classic game with its classic graphics is still a popular choice. These games have the classic graphics, but the gameplay is very different to draw players. Idle Apocalypse, a game in classic style, will be my introduction today.

Idle Apocalypse MOD APK

Idle Apocalypse MOD APK

Idle Apocalypse’s Best Features

Mobile games have been flooded with idle games, which were popular first on the browser and then made the transition to mobile phones. This game is not like Clicker Heroes. You take control of your enemies. To build your tower, dig deep into the ground and tap away to increase the number of your troops. You will eventually be able to summon the legendary idols which are powerful end-game units that can bring about the end time. Your evil cult can help you create the most insane apocalypse.


In Idle Apocalypse, you are responsible for building a tower with many floors in order to make a powerful tower that can spawn many heroes and enemies. This is a difficult task because you must do what is required and make use of all the resources you have. Because this game has a rich material system, careful consideration should be given to the selection of materials.

You can open the Mud Farm to create gremlins. They will protect the tower from your enemies. Their strength is very weak initially, so you’ll need to upgrade them with an ingredient called slime. These slimes will fall when the gremlins get destroyed. This process will continue for many years so that you can make different slimes. Each floor will therefore have its own function.

You can see the different functions of each floor before you decide to open it. You will also see the amount of resources required to make a correct decision. It can also be used to support certain floors and help monsters respawn more quickly. You have many choices, so make sure you choose the right one.

Build an evil, powerful tower

Your evil tower is the main source of your power in Idle Apocalypse. This is where you can strategize, build your evil arsenal and ultimately plan to end the world. As you play the game, you unlock more than 40 rooms. You do this by gathering materials and resources and then upgrading them with hard work and research. To increase your tower’s resource output, you can tap the different generators. There are many buildings available, including mines, factories and kitchens. We’ll get into more detail later.


There will be times when you feel lost and confused as you begin the game. There will be several ways to play this game and gain a better understanding of its mechanics. For example, the tutorial at the start of the game that helps you understand what you need to build. The game’s instructions will appear as a requirement at the top of your screen. Don’t ignore any information this game provides.

These requirements can be so numerous that it will take you a while to meet them all. You can unlock new floors and improve the skills of your character. You will decide how the tower progresses and summon idols with completely different powers. You will need to take your time in order to summon these idols, which have the ability to bring doom to the world.

You and your evil horde of monsters

There are many different monsters that you can recruit to bring your dreadful horde. There are over 20 monsters of different power levels in Idle Apocalypse. You can improve, evolve, and enhance your monsters as you build your tower and spread your evil throughout the world. You can think of goblins and demons as beasts and other spooky creatures who will serve your purposes. You can recruit different monsters from different rooms within your tower, so you have the power to choose the path that leads you to the best. To get the most cruel demons, you’ll need to work hard. So get tapping!


Idols in Idle Apocalypse are not entertaining or positive, but they can be used as allies to gain high-level power. Once you have reached a certain level you will be able summon these idols and begin the end of the world. You will have the option to choose whether you want to initiate this process. If you choose yes, then the idols will move around the Earth and cause certain destruction.

These idols do not have all the power, however they can take damage and die quickly. You’ll be able use your resources to upgrade their power, but you need to make wise choices to prevent their demise. You will also find many idols.

Create new demons and fight them!

You can also build and upgrade buildings. You can also upgrade buildings to unlock new items or monsters. You must upgrade your hatchery in order to unlock a new monster or item. Upgrade the mud farm and a new goblin will be born.

As we have already mentioned, Idle Apocalypse is made up of many buildings. Each building can only produce one thing at any given time. To balance the output, it is important to maintain the production chain and ensure that it is well managed. Once everything is in order, you can join the battle zone to eliminate the predators and gain more valuable resources. The fighting system in the game is quite simple. Everything is almost automatic. All you have to do is build your base.

The gameplay possibilities are endless

Idle games are incredibly long. The prestige feature allows for endless gameplay as you move through the game at your own speed. You can summon powerful demons to end the game. You will be able to increase your tower’s size by increasing your prestige. This is not possible with deathly cultish curses that allow you to summon more evil power. You can power through your upgrades, and craft the rooms of your tower by prestiging over-and-over.


+ The theme “The Rocket” has been added to this game. Sid’s rocket has reached an alien planet. This theme grants you +1 resources from Scavenger.+ After building every floor, the tower will be capped with turrets at the top and a basement below. These floors will give you clues on how to progress in the game.
+ Some changes to Nether Trades
+ The final cost of a Nether Demon has been reduced from 70 Nether Orbs down to 12 Nether Crystals.
+ Technical changes.

Feature of Idle Apocalypse Mod APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Premium Features Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Everything

Get the Idle Apocalypse Android MOD APK

Idle Apocalypse uses 8-bit graphics that are simple and classic. The game is not very prominent, but it gives us a feeling of nostalgia. The dark background creates a sense of mystery and is scary for the evil world. The game has few highlights, but it is a lot of fun. You can now download games free of charge on both the Google Play Store and the App Shop. If you’re ready, download the game from the links below.

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What's new

+ “The Rocket” theme has been added to the game. Sid’s rocket has touched down on an alien planet. This theme also grants +1 resources from the Scavenger.
+ Once you’ve built every possible floor the tower will now cap itself with turrets on the top and a basement at the bottom. These floors will offer hints on how you can progress further in the game.
+ Some changes to Nether Trades.
+ Nether Demon final cost has changed from 70 Nether Orbs to 12 Nether Crystals.
+ Technical changes.

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