iCallScreen v2.7.0.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 20, 2024
Discover the iCallScreen app, iOS Phone Dialer/Dialpad. Enjoy iPhone iOS 14 & iOS 15 features on your Android device.
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Feb 20, 2024
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fullscreen MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of iCallScreen MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of liberated iOS telephony, behold a gratis marvel an avant-garde phone dialer facilitating the summoning of contacts ensconced in your digital repository. It seamlessly dons the dual hats of a contact custodian and a telephonic virtuoso.

Adorned with a minimalist UI design, it extends a seamless conduit for effortlessly dialing the desired numbers. This application, liberally dispensed for download sans pecuniary encumbrance, beckons users to explore its multifaceted utility.

In the sprawling digital landscape, akin applications proliferate, yet amidst this plethora, this particular gem ascends to unparalleled eminence. It stands resplendent with a pantheon of features, each a testament to its indispensable allure.

Nestled within its digital sanctum, the dialer harbors not only the fundamental calling mechanism but also an archive of past calls and a meticulous organizer. Further embellishments include the prowess of call documentation, timely reminders, and an aesthetic theme that transcends the mundane. The app, an embodiment of sophistication, forges connections with social profiles, seamlessly assimilating them into the expansive realm of contacts.

Navigating through its user-centric interface, users are greeted by a design ethos that eschews superfluous complexity. The absence of labyrinthine options streamlines the user experience, reducing decision fatigue.

A mere tap on the button and the task is accomplished. No extraneous app installations impose themselves on the user, as this marvel is pre-installed on the device. It assumes the mantle of the default dialer and call overseer, seamlessly integrating into the operational fabric of your device.

This iOS phone dialer, an epitome of potency, transcends geographical constraints, proving indispensable whether navigating the rigors of a business sojourn or luxuriating in the tranquility of a vacation. The iPhone wielded as an instrument, facilitates effortless communication, be it through telephonic conversations or textual missives.

Bid adieu to the vexations of misplaced business cards or the encumbrance of paper-laden paraphernalia. The interface, characterized by simplicity and user-friendliness, emerges as a potent tool for seamless communication. In its simplicity lies its potency an app that seamlessly amalgamates power and user-friendliness, beckoning as the quintessential companion for your communicative endeavors.

Features of iCallScreen MOD APFull-screen caller ID

In the realm of telecommunication innovation, behold a comprehensive, full-screen caller identification application, a technological marvel poised to emancipate you from the irksome ritual of manually inputting digits each time you endeavor to establish telephonic communication.

This avant-garde caller identification functionality is meticulously crafted to unveil not merely the numerical insignia but also the nomenclature of the imminent incoming call. Armed with this discerning information, you wield the power to deliberate on whether to embrace or eschew the impending auditory interaction.

Beyond the confines of mere caller identification, the multifaceted capabilities of this application extend to the assimilation of frequently dialed telephone numerals into the sanctum of your contacts repository. In this ingenious manner, the expeditious dialing of recurrent numbers becomes an effortless endeavor, enabling you to traverse the telephonic landscape with unprecedented alacrity.

Dialer & dialpad styles

Embark upon a transformative telephonic odyssey with this avant-garde dialer application, a conduit that grants you the ability to initiate calls seamlessly from your meticulously curated contacts. Revel in the freedom to engage with your contacts utilizing the dialer stylings that resonate with your aesthetic sensibilities. Select from an array of dialer styles, ranging from the unassuming simplicity to the sagacious smartness, or even the timeless allure of the classic.

Moreover, the dial pad’s visage is a canvas awaiting your artistic inclinations. Tailor its dimensions, hues, typographical presentation, and more to align with your personalized preferences. The dial pad’s malleability is at your command, ensuring a bespoke telephonic interface that caters to your every whim.

In the tapestry of convenience, you possess the autonomy to augment your phone dialer with additional numerals. The flexibility to adorn these entries with a dial-pad style of your choosing enhances the telephonic symphony, fostering an environment of unparalleled ease and adaptability.

Contacts list, favorites, and recent list

Within the domain of iCallScreen, a compendium unfolds housing an assemblage of contacts, cherished favorites, and the chronicle of recently dialed numbers. But this is not merely a repository; it is a navigator through the labyrinth of telephonic connectivity.

Seamlessly traverse the expansive realms of your contacts, employing the liberty to categorize and peruse them based on diverse criteria. The emporium of favorites beckons, where chosen contacts find their sanctuary for swift and facile access.

In the pantheon of user-friendly features, the favorites list emerges as a testament to efficiency, showcasing numbers recently engaged for your convenience. Simultaneously, a journey into the annals of calls transpires, with the ability to scrutinize your call history and logs.

Moreover, iCallScreen unveils a sophisticated search functionality, empowering users to embark on a quest for a specific number through a nuanced exploration by name, phone number, or email address. A tapestry of telephonic mastery, where accessibility intertwines with organizational prowess, awaits at your fingertips.

Customize the caller ID

Behold an extraordinary incarnation in the realm of telephony a stellar phone dialer app, an epitome of customization where the symphony of your caller ID is an orchestration of your aesthetic. Immerse yourself in the creative tapestry as you infuse your caller ID with bespoke elements be it your captivating pictures, animated GIFs, engaging videos, or your chosen textual expressions.

Furthermore, wields the power to metamorphose the very essence of your caller ID with the ability to alter font styles and color palettes.

The innovation extends beyond the conventional, introducing the “Call Now” feature, a teleportation device for auditory communication. Effortlessly reach out to desired contacts without the rigmarole of entering contact numbers. This seamless functionality is a testament to efficiency, where communication is streamlined to a mere touch.

In the quest for contact discovery, the “Search Contacts” feature unfurls, a sophisticated compass enabling you to pinpoint specific contacts amidst the digital tapestry. Navigate the contours of personalized communication with this avant-garde phone dialer app, where every call is an expression of your individuality and innovation.

Change the background, ringtone, and more

Step into the realm of telephonic personalization with iCallScreen, a pioneer in granting users the authority to transmute the very ambiance of their calling experience. This avant-garde app not only extends the privilege of altering backgrounds and ringtones but elevates customization to a zenith. Immerse yourself in a plethora of choices to redefine your phone dialer, allowing you to curate an unparalleled telephonic aesthetic.

The canvas of customization unfurls with options galore from the selection of a new background image to the harmonious resonance of a fresh ringtone. Delve into the minutiae of personalization as you modulate the color of the displayed phone number and venture into a spectrum of additional possibilities. The app acts as an artistic atelier, empowering users to craft a calling interface that resonates with their unique sensibilities.

In the symphony of personalized telephony, iCallScreen stands as a maestro, conducting a harmonious blend of choices that transform the act of making calls into an expressive canvas of individuality and innovation.

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What's new

- Added Speed Dial Screen
- Improved Design for Contact Details & Settings
- Added Fake Call Feature
- Fixed Call Button Style issue
- Added Option for Change Accept and Decline Call Button style
- Added Call Log Grouping
- Added Flash on Call (Blink Flash Light on Incoming call)
- Bug Fixed
- Improved Performance & User Experience

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