Hunt Royale v2.0.1MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Dec 29, 2023
Download and play the online mobile hunting sensation! Constantly updated epic experience that puts players into engaging arenas to battle & hunt powerful monsters in a competition against each other. Choose one of a plethora of completely different characters, learn their skills, earn XP, unlock new abilities and dominate on the battleground!
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Dec 29, 2023
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Hunt Royale MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Hunt Royale MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Hunt Royale proves an unparalleled obsession! Embark on a captivating expedition, immersing yourself in battles of unprecedented magnitude and splendor on your portable device. This revolutionary interpretation of the battle royale genre ensures ceaseless engagement, expelling monotony to the abyss.

Commence the pursuit! Hunt down formidable monsters alongside allies or foes, establishing dominance as the foremost hunter. A plethora of creatures, spanning from the rare and perilous to the commonplace and easily overcome, eagerly anticipate your hunting prowess.

Choose your favored persona, and let the festivities begin! Each character boasts complete customization, adorned with a myriad of distinct skins and equipment for personal embellishment. As you progress in tiers, you shall unlock access to more potent gear and reveal latent skills.

Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle undergoes perpetual refinement, introducing innovative features, game modes, and quests. The influx of novel content ensures an exhaustless fount of activities, thwarting the specter of monotony from casting its shadow.

Hunt Royale extends an invitation devoid of fiscal encumbrances, embracing the ethos of free-to-play, absent clandestine charges or paywalls. Simply enlist and plunge into the immersive gameplay!

Hunt Royale signifies a pioneering paradigm in mobile MMO action, where confrontation with monsters in the expansive landscape converges with competitive strife to ascend as the paramount hunter globally. This multiplayer odyssey thrusts you into epic arena skirmishes, where engagement in PvP or PvE encounters beckons.

Hunt Royale immerses you in a colossal, ever-evolving game realm, where encounters with monsters, fellow players, and the milieu punctuate your odyssey. It is a battle royale that intertwines the pursuit of monsters and the quest for survival.

The Hunt Royale Game seamlessly amalgamates the quintessence of survival and action genres. Confronting monsters and rival players in the open becomes the crucible of survival. An arsenal of diverse weaponry stands at your disposal to subjugate adversaries, with escalating damage commensurate to the potency of your chosen armaments.

Features of Hunt Royale MOD APK

50+ distinct characters at your disposal

the Hunt Royale gaming saga, a diverse ensemble of over 50 personas unfolds, each adorned with distinctive adeptness and capabilities. These avatars seamlessly navigate through the intricate landscapes of two disparate domains: Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE). Both arenas beckon, enticing you to immerse yourself in the tapestry of online competition amongst peers. Each individual in this vibrant cast possesses bespoke metrics, armamentarium, and expertise.

The PvP dimension extends an invitation to partake in a myriad of modes, spanning the spectrum from the meticulously ranked to the unfettered unranked. Furthermore, regular tournaments emerge as compelling opportunities for active involvement.

Within the precincts of the PvE expanse, specialized dungeons extend a beckoning call, pledging the allure of bountiful loot accumulation and enthralling quests. Beyond the confines of PvE, collaborative ventures with comrades and engagement in the Hunt mode introduce strata of exhilaration.

Over 60 diverse arenas and maps for competitive endeavors

The expansive tapestry of the Hunt Royale game sprawls across more than 60 arenas and maps, cultivating an environment for gameplay that oscillates between camaraderie with friends and strategic encounters with adversaries. Furthermore, the Arena mode presents a formidable crucible, serving as a rigorous testing ground for individual prowess.

Each arena bestows a unique set of attributes and regulations, intricately molding the trajectory of every match. At the outset, the arena unveils its distinctive characteristics, including designated armaments, personal statistics, health dynamics, and an ongoing match leaderboard.

Diverse opportunities for collaborative gameplay emerge, be it sharing a device, or affiliating with a Clan or Guild.

In the realm of online multiplayer action RPG battles, Hunt Royale emerges as a magnum opus from the creative minds at N3M Studio, the architects behind the esteemed R2K online game. Guiding its publication is Gameloft, a venerable entity in the realm of game development.

This gaming gem seamlessly amalgamates the time-honored RPG battle system with an adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience set within a vast online community. The essence of its immersive gameplay lies in real-time challenges with friends, local multiplayer engagements, and collaborative odysseys within the confines of a Clan or Guild.

The unfolding narrative transpires within the exclusive Huntsman Guild, where a cadre of hunters harbors ambitions of vanquishing formidable monsters and attaining the pinnacle of hunter renown. Players traverse a diverse spectrum of characters, confronted with the choice to embody either a hunter or the very monsters they fervently pursue.

Delve into the labyrinth’s mysteries and unveil concealed treasures

The immersive universe of the Hunt Royale game plunges players into a succession of mazes, each rife with unique obstacles and perils. The crux of triumph lies in the acquisition of a diverse array of items, pivotal not only for unraveling labyrinthine puzzles but also for surmounting challenges scattered throughout. Some items assume a non-negotiable role in puzzle-solving, while others proffer discretionary advantages. The art of survival in this intricate labyrinth pivots on a discerning item collection, with keys emerging as indispensable tools for unsealing securely locked doors.

Tailored for prolonged gameplay, the absence of temporal constraints beckons players to plunge into the abyss of labyrinthine trials, free from the shackles of time constraints.

Assume the mantle of a Stealthy Pilferer, adroitly navigating through formidable fortifications, pilfering coveted valuables, and securing lucrative bounties. The negotiation of treacherous traps mandates the skillful deployment of acquired expertise to sidestep detection and covertly traverse the fortress.

Engaging in combat scenarios provides fertile ground for the strategic utilization of honed skills, enabling players to seize the advantage against adversaries.

Assume the mantle of a Shadowed Knight, confronting the Undead

Empowered with formidable weaponry and resilient armor, players assume the persona of a Shadowed Knight, confronting the unrelenting forces of the Undead. A myriad of potent weapon choices becomes the conduit for surmounting the Undead threat, bolstered by an eclectic selection of armor types designed to fortify protection.

The game unfolds a unique combat system where an assortment of weapons and armor can be strategically deployed for offensive maneuvers. The strategic fusion of varied attacks and combinations becomes the linchpin for overcoming adversaries, demanding a display of tactical acumen from players.

Step into the persona of a Sorcerer, casting potent enchantments

In the vast expanses of Hunt Royale, players step into the shoes of a sorcerer, wielding mystical prowess to obliterate adversaries.

A multifarious array of spells, spanning from offensive incantations to healing enchantments, enriches the available arsenal. These magical manifestations constitute a pivotal facet of the game, acting as instruments to assail opponents, mend inflicted wounds, and beckon forth creatures to fortify the endeavors of battle.

The inclusion of class-specific skills further elevates the gameplay, offering a spectrum of abilities tailored for both offensive onslaughts and defensive maneuvers. The complete customization of these skills, accessible through coin acquisition, extends to the procurement of character skins, adding a personalized touch to the magical odyssey.

Uncover the enigmatic Dungeon and conquer its labyrinthine overseer

Hunt Royale, a multiplayer online battle arena game available for free, presents players with the option to embark on solitary quests or collaborative adventures with companions. Beyond individual pursuits, the establishment of parties for participation in player-versus-player clashes or Dungeons mode injects a rich tapestry of diversity into the gameplay.

A medley of modes, ranging from the foundational Hunt to the confrontational Battle mode, lays out distinctive pathways for exploration and combat. The recent inclusion of Dungeons mode serves as a burgeoning dimension, expanding the horizons of the gaming experience.

Participation in a Clan or Guild introduces cooperative dynamics

the collaborative realms, collective endeavors converge in the eradication of monstrous adversaries. The preamble to confronting these creatures involves the aggregation of resources and the construction of a fortified base. This upgraded stronghold serves as a strategic nerve center for orchestrating endeavors, housing indispensable equipment crucial for facing off against formidable adversaries.

Beyond its defensive function, the base assumes the role of a summoning ground for minions, augmenting combat capabilities exponentially. The evolutionary journey of these minions, coupled with strategic combinations, gives rise to formidable teams. The crux of victory lies in the obliteration of opponents’ bases and the establishment of control over a diverse array of monsters. A plethora of challenges await, underscoring the critical importance of adept minion and equipment pairing.

Whether engaging in gameplay with friends or delving into competitive pursuits, the quest is to ascend to the zenith of achievement.


With a vast roster boasting over 100 distinctive characters, an extensive arsenal of weapons, and gameplay stretching into the hundreds of hours, monotony is an alien concept in this exhilarating MMO.

Participate in skirmishes alongside up to six fellow players, each vying for supremacy to emerge as the ultimate surviving hunter!

The wealth of options unfurls as you dive into the selection of over 100 diverse characters, each endowed with a unique set of abilities and skills. Each character wields exclusive weaponry and adorns a distinct armor set, coupled with an individualized combat style.

The diversity extends to the weaponry, with each type featuring a specific attack range and strength. Mastery of each weapon category becomes imperative for navigating the challenges that await.

Embark on an odyssey through successive waves of adversaries, vanquishing them to amass valuable experience points. Ascend in levels to witness the amplification of your weaponry and armor’s potency.

The enhancement of your character’s capabilities, marked by the unlocking of new skills and stat enhancements, directly correlates with your earned experience points. Confront up to six other adept hunters in intense player-versus-player clashes or form alliances to confront formidable bosses as a united front. In the arena of Hunt Royale, the journey promises ceaseless excitement and evolution, ensuring that each battle is a unique experience.

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