Horux Black Round Icon Pack v5.3 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 27, 2024
Horux Black is a colorful line icon pack with a dark round background
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Jan 27, 2024
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Horux Black Round Icon Pack MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Horux Black Round Icon Pack MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Horux Black Round Icon Pack emerges as an Android-centric icon collection, steeped in the thematic elegance of black aesthetics. A manifestation of contemporary design, this icon pack is the fruit of merging various icons into a cohesive and modern ensemble, each icon meticulously crafted to possess a sharp and immaculate appearance.

The unified design language echoes through all icons, seamlessly aligned with the overarching motif of a black background. This stylistic choice not only bestows a sense of visual clarity but also imparts a striking contrast against the backdrop, ensuring effortless identification of the required icon.

Within the expansive repertoire of this icon pack, an extensive array of hundreds of icons awaits, with a notable feature being their customizability. While maintaining the conventional size, the icons undergo a stylistic metamorphosis, embracing a novel aesthetic.

The Horux Black Round Icon Pack doesn’t merely confine itself to the realm of icons; it extends its embrace to include a transparent navigation bar and a rounded navigation bar, catering to the preferences of enthusiasts who lean towards the rounded style. With over 200 icons at your disposal, customization becomes an artistic endeavor, allowing users to tailor the visual experience according to their unique predilections.

This collection of beautiful round icon packs serves as an aesthetic embellishment for Android phones, with each icon a testament to manual craftsmanship and meticulous polishing. The user-friendly approach allows for the seamless replacement of default icons, with the option to cherry-pick favorites through the settings menu. The repository houses a selection of 50 icons in various sizes, each exuding beauty and style.

Beyond the realm of round icons, the offering expands to encompass flat icons, transparent icons, and even animated icons, all available for free download. Developed by the same team behind the popular Horux app, this icon pack is a testament to their commitment to delivering visually appealing and versatile offerings.

Embrace the diversity of tastes and preferences, as the pack spans language options, offering availability in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese. The app awaits eager users on the Google Play Store, ready to transform the visual landscape of Android devices with its sophisticated and varied iconography.

Features of Horux Black Round Icon Pack MOD APK

High-quality icons with a modern and sleek style

Behold the Horux Black Round Icon Pack, an exquisite testament to beauty and elegance in the realm of iconography. Draped in a dark, rounded background boasting a high resolution of 1024x1024px, these icons are a visual symphony. Catering to diverse preferences, they are available in sizes ranging from 16px to 64px, ensuring compatibility with Android 4.0+ devices.

The richness of this pack extends beyond mere pixels, encompassing a variety of icon types such as app, home, folder, contact, web, search, share, settings, and more. Each icon is a masterpiece, curated with a modern aesthetic and a captivating color scheme, rendering them suitable for a myriad of applications. Whether you seek sophistication for your apps or an eye-pleasing design that transcends the ordinary, the Horux Black Round Icon Pack beckons as the quintessential choice.

Navigate through the visual tapestry of this pack to discover icons meticulously crafted with a contemporary flair, resonating with a color scheme that transcends the mundane. If your quest is for an icon pack that seamlessly marries high quality with aesthetic allure, look no further – the Horux Black Round Icon Pack awaits to elevate your visual experience to new heights.

Clean and crisp design

The Horux Black Round Icon Pack stands as a testament to style and vibrancy, adorned with a dark round background that sets the stage for a visual spectacle. A treasure trove of diverse icons, available in an array of sizes, awaits to cater to your every need.

The dark backdrop serves as a canvas, endowing the icons with a pristine and crisp allure. Against this backdrop, the light and colorful icons come to life, infusing the collection with a vibrant and dynamic ambiance. This interplay of darkness and color ensures a visual experience that is both clean and lively, making the Horux Black Round Icon Pack a stylish choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The modern and minimalist feel

The Horux Black Round Icon Pack emerges as a vibrant ensemble of line icons against a dark, rounded backdrop, epitomizing a minimalistic and modern aesthetic. Versatility reigns supreme, making this icon pack an excellent choice for both personal and professional endeavors.

Immersed in a dark color scheme adorned with bright hues, the 48x48px icons exude a contemporary flair. The collection encompasses a total of 476 icons, each a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and fully editable for tailored integration into various projects.

Purposeful in its creation, this icon pack transcends personal usage to cater seamlessly to professional projects. Its modern and minimalist essence echoes through the visual tapestry of Horux Black, rendering it a versatile companion for diverse creative ventures.

Horux Black, in its modern iteration, introduces a palette of 16 flat and 8 curved icons, extending an invitation for users to integrate them seamlessly into their applications or systems. This icon pack is more than a mere visual embellishment; it is a dynamic tool for creative expression, resonating with the ethos of contemporary design and functionality.

More than 200 icons

The Horux Black Round Icon Pack manifests as a chromatic lineage of linear iconography against an obscure, circular backdrop. This icon ensemble encompasses a surplus of 200 distinctive visual elements, embodying a fusion of the achromatic elegance inherent in black and white.

Within the confines of this icon assemblage, a confluence of geometric forms unfolds, ranging from planar to gently curved contours. The versatility inherent in these visual entities makes them apt for an expansive spectrum of ventures, spanning the domains of social media, applications, interactive digital entertainment, and web design. The modifiability of these icons extends beyond the conventional, granting users the autonomy to alter the chromatic palette, the contextual backdrop, and the fundamental form of each icon, coupled with the option to refine the magnitude as per their predilection.

Full Material Design compatibility

The Horux Black Round Icon Pack emerges as a vibrant lineage of linear icons set against a shadow-draped, circular canvas. Imbued with a commitment to full material design congruence, this icon ensemble epitomizes a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Each icon within this thematic repertoire is meticulously curated to embody a pristine and contemporary aesthetic, emphasizing clarity and modernity.

The color palette is resplendent with bright hues, casting vibrant visual echoes, while the interplay of shadows adds a dimension of depth and sophistication. The design ethos of the Horux Black Round Icon Pack is purposefully aligned with the full spectrum of material design, ensuring seamless integration and optimal visual appeal.

Noteworthy is the meticulous compatibility with Android Oreo (Go edition) and subsequent iterations, positioning this icon pack as a tailored companion for users seeking a clean, modern, and fully immersive visual experience on their Android devices.

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