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Last Updated on Dec 21, 2023
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Dec 21, 2023
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Download The Latest APK Version of HOOKED MOD APK. An Android Books & Reference App this MOD comes with Ad Free Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

HOOKED stands as a narrative tapestry seamlessly intertwining the essence of bygone eras with the contemporary milieu. Positioned as a future-ready reference tome, this application promises to redefine the online book-reading experience, presenting it as a voyage rather than a mere perusal.

Immersive and meticulously designed, the application beckons readers into a realm where each character is a manifestation of love, and the narrative exudes an enigmatic aura. Delight in the intricate details of the plot, savoring a journey that unfolds with a touch of mystery.

Journey beyond the confines of traditional book reading and embrace a distinctive approach. Engage in literary conversations while navigating the narrative landscape, turning the act of reading into a convivial experience, a symphony of shared tales.

The enchantment of this unconventional literary rendezvous is unparalleled. Revel in the joy of communal storytelling, gaining profound insights into the cherished characters of your preferred literary works, all while unraveling the intricacies of the plot.

Your story, a unique tapestry, is inviolable, impervious to replication. Utilize your narratives as a beacon, inspiring others. Forge connections with your social sphere, staying abreast of the latest developments. Forge your free account today and commence the journey of sharing your life’s chronicles.

Features of HOOKED MOD APK

Read a story, listen to a podcast, watch a video, or play a game

A daily infusion of freshness awaits, as each day introduces a novel tale, podcast, literary work, or game to enrich your multimedia experience. Engage with the finest narratives, podcasts, and games through reading, listening, watching, and playing, ensuring a comprehensive entertainment encounter. The option even extends to capturing a selfie, a moment to be shared with your social circle.

Boasting an extensive repository, the app grants access to over 20,000 stories, podcasts, and videos spanning myriad genres, encompassing books, movies, TV shows, music, gaming, sports, and beyond.

Navigating this treasure trove is a breeze; merely select your preferred content type and plunge into an immersive escapade. The app’s design is meticulously crafted to offer an optimal browsing experience. Your beloved stories, podcasts, and videos are tastefully showcased, making them effortlessly discoverable and a joy to relish.

Find out what’s going on in the world of stories right now

Stay abreast of the current pulse in the world of stories, be it an enthralling book awaiting your perusal, a captivating TV show beckoning your attention, or a cinematic masterpiece tantalizing your visual senses. Our app stands as your compass, guiding you to the latest and greatest in storytelling.

Feel the empowerment to curate your personal haven of cherished stories by adding them to your favorites list, a collection to be shared seamlessly with your social circle. The crowning jewel lies in the interactive dimension of each story, where a dedicated conversation thread unfolds, inviting you to comment, share your thoughts, or express your affinity through likes. 

Keep up to date with the latest news and trends in books, games, TV shows, podcasts, & more

Enlist in a vibrant community comprising thousands of zealous readers and book aficionados hailing from diverse corners of the globe. Engage in spirited discussions about your cherished books, esteemed authors, and beloved characters.

This app community stands as an idyllic nexus, fostering connections with individuals who share your fervor for the literary, cinematic, and gaming realms. Immerse yourself in dynamic conversations, amplifying your participation in the unfolding discourse. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this platform beckons you to join a global congregation of like-minded enthusiasts, transforming your interests into a shared tapestry of meaningful dialogues.

Discover new authors and publishers

The modus operandi of the app revolves around furnishing authors and publishers with personalized profile pages, acting as a virtual stage to showcase their latest literary creations, podcasts, or videos, enticing readers to delve into their offerings.

A click on the provided link unfolds a comprehensive page brimming with details about the author or publisher. This includes a tantalizing preview of the book, a detailed description, a compilation of reviews, and convenient links to various social media platforms.

For avid readers, Hooked proves to be an invaluable resource. Navigate through the profiles of diverse authors and publishers, immersing yourself in the tapestry of reviews or sampling chapters to make informed choices.

Express your reflections on the narratives you’ve perused and those currently captivating your attention. Within this app, a treasure trove of thousands of books awaits, inviting you to traverse the virtual shelves and share your insights on the tales that have captured your imagination. Strengthen the author-reader connection by conveying your sentiments and opinions, whether by sharing your preferred books or crafting a review for the literary journey you’re currently embarked upon.

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