Home Street MOD APK 0.46.4 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on May 11, 2023
Enjoy sim or house design games? Love to build, design or renovate your own dream home?
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Mar 24, 2023
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Home Street MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Home Street MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Simulating human life is a popular game. Simulating human life is more important than winning.

Home Street is a Supersolid product. Within five days of its official launch, Home Street had 1 million downloads and 33,035 stars (4.5 / 5 stars) outstanding ratings. Home Street supports both iOS and Android devices. It requires iOS 8.0 and Android 4.1. Compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad.

Features of Home Street

Home Street MOD APK

Bring your style to your home

How to make this house your own, based on the foundation you have been given. You can choose to keep your design indoors or add simple decor. You can also remodel or extend your home if you wish. You just need to have patience and a good sense of aesthetics. You can also decorate your home. This is what outsiders will see to judge the level of the owner.

Art is one thing. But the comfort of your home is another. It is important to feel at home. You don’t want to go to work every day. Instead, you would prefer to relax in the hot tub. Then there will be entertainment with a large-screen TV or the latest laptop. Outsiders will feel admiration for her home.

Expansion of space

We need more space to live in our homes when our human needs are high. Home Street allows players to create new rooms or decrease/increase the size of existing rooms.

Create an avatar

Home Street allows players to bring their own souls to the design of a home. This means that the house will reflect your style and even the characters on the game will. The game offers many hair, facial, and body color options that you can customize. You can make this character your own in the moment. You can make the design into a character you imagine. These can all be bought in the game shop. You can trade money for different face shapes, eye colors and hairstyles. The most loved thing about the outfit is also. You will make friends in the game. If you meet new friends, please change your outfit. If you are going to a party or event, be your best self.

Relationships with others

Level 10 players have the ability to create or join a Neighborhood, perform seasonal tasks with neighbors, and win prizes.

Home Street has some other features that allow you to connect with others players by logging in via Facebook. Invite your Facebook friends to the game to receive Helping Hand points and Friendship Thought. Players can also visit their neighbors and offer help, earning EXP or Helping Hand.

Develop close friendships with your friends

Home Street is a simulation game that encourages people to build relationships with others. First, the game will make it difficult for you to pay attention to your neighbors when you are playing. You feel busy with all the missions you have. When everything is in order, you’ll notice there are people all around you. You will be able to help them and they will surely reap the rewards. Sometimes you may need to rely on others for help. Online is not the best option when you’re away. The neighbors are there to help you if there are tasks that need to be done. It’s a win-win situation where neighbors help you and create solidarity.

What is the best way to get home work?

There are system tasks in the initial stage. However, the system will show you how to pick up work as well as how to complete tasks. After accepting the task you will be able to complete all the tasks required and submit it.

You will need to complete the following tasks: a painting task; a cooking task; a planting task; scrubbing task; and completing t he tool task. There are different levels that allow you to unlock additional tasks. The mission rewards include gold coins, stars, diamonds, stars and other special abilities after you have completed all of the tasks.

There are incredible benefits to the modified version

Home Street, a well-known and downloaded game, has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times in a very short time. Because of its captivating graphics, sound effects and fun gameplay, it has the highest rating across all platforms.

Home Street allows you to enhance any corner of the property by adding your personal flair, from the design of the layout to the installation of the most recent amenities and gadgets. It can be difficult to make money and buy the latest tweaky designs. We designed the Home Street MOD APK with the best traits in mind. Home Street MOD APK, a modified version of the game that has a similar interface and gameplay, offers some added advantages.

The official game is a delight for players and the amazing features are a cherry on top. The modified version offers many premium features, including unlimited money and an ad-free interface. This is without doubt the best version you can get. Get out of the rut and embark on a colorful journey. Get the app now! Get the app now!

Home Street’s gem

Recharge is the best way to get the gem in the game. Recharge prices range from 12, 30, 68 to 98. These rewards can be earned by completing certain tasks. These rewards are not easy to find, but there are many other ways. You can play to earn them by purchasing props and clothes or speeding up your time to complete tasks quickly.

Home Street Coins can be acquired for the reward of completing the work by selling items or simple recharge. The recharge ratio is still quite strong. Try your best. The main function of the coin is to unlock more props, work, and clothes.

How to play Home Street 

The concept of this game can be played by anyone of any age. This game is especially for girls with a dream of building a beautiful home.

After you have entered the game, you can begin the process of building or upgrading a house. You can create your own character by having more control over the game. After creating your character, you will be able to change the hairstyle and makeup of your character. You can also buy accessories and clothes to make your character fashionable and stylish.

This game requires you to build a house in your home street. It will allow you to meet neighbors and make friends with people who live on the same street. Have fun with friends and have fun at the parties.

The gameplay of Home Street

Like The Sim, Home Street is a life simulation game. The game will allow players to create a character. They can select their gender, hairstyle, and skin color. After that, they will be transported to their new home in the city. Only a few basic items are included in the interior. You can modify the character and house by purchasing new furniture, tables and chairs, floors and new clothes.

This game requires the player to build character and improve their house. To pay for your daily needs such as food, drink, and shopping , the player must accept tasks from neighbours to earn money.

Home Street allows you to control all aspects of your home using drag and drop and the selection menus. To edit or move an item within the house, simply touch the item and hold it until you see an option menu. These operations are simple and easy to understand for all players.

Home Street Mod APK Features

  • Unlimited Coins & Gems
  • Download it for free
  • Absolutely Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • It is easy to install the Home Street Mod APK file
  • Autoupdate
  • Rooting your Android phone is not necessary

Home Street MOD APK for Android

Home Street is a great game if you like to decorate and build your home. Although there will be many changes to the game in the future, I am happy with the graphics and gameplay of Home Street right now.

Home Street is free to play, but you can also use some IAPP features in the game to purchase the items in real money. You can disable this feature if you don’t like it. You can also play the mod version if you need unlimited gems and money.

Latest Update Home Street 2021

Now you can choose from two endings. The first ending displays the result of your battle against Rugal. The second ending displays the outcome of your battle with Rugal. Both endings are fascinating. Both show Rugal as the bad guy, while the better one shows how you deal with Vega as a good guy.

You will be proud to wear the new costumes for Rugal or other fighters during your fight sessions. You can pick the one that suits you best. The Rugal costume is one of the new costumes. This costume includes the Rugal mask as well as the Rugal boots. These two outfits look amazing.

The game will be made available for Nintendo Wii U by spring 2021. The game and all accessories will be available for purchase before that date. You should do it quickly to get the best price for the game and accessories.

Final Words About Home Street MOD APK

Home Street is an incredible game. You can create your dream home and start a new life with friends in your neighborhood. Install Home Street MOD APK Enjoy another world right now!

Home Street is a simulation game that you can play for free. Some items may have an additional cost. You can disable the purchase option in the settings if you don’t want to spend money. This game requires a network connection.

Home Street features soft main music with a slow, comfortable tempo. To help players feel more challenging, the game screen uses a faster tempo. Exploding objects produce a strong, explosive sound effect that gets players excited.

The graphics for Home Street are created in 3D. The decorations look real and vibrant. The objects on each level are simple, but they look great. The effects that occur when the player activates special objects like bombs, rockets, or pinwheels are stunning and add excitement to the game.

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