Hiya v14.6.5-11315 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 01, 2024
Call blocker, fraud detection & phone number lookup - meet Hiya, your reliable protection from fraud numbers and spoof calls, with integrated caller ID. Block spam calls for good!
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Mar 01, 2024
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Hiya MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Hiya MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with Premium Unlockd MOD Available to download.

In the realm of digital guardianship, behold an ingenious spam deterrent, an application of formidable prowess in thwarting unsolicited messages and calls. Furthermore, it bequeaths unto you the coveted shield of caller identification, a bastion safeguarding the sanctity of your privacy. Behold, is a facile means to obliterate the scourge of spam messages and calls, courtesy of this groundbreaking application.

Thanks to its spam-filtering prowess, the deluge of unwanted messages shall never assail your digital sanctum. For those tethered to a landline, the caller identification feature stands as a stalwart companion, unveiling the identity of the summoner. The recent enhancement metamorphoses this application into a veritable juggernaut, its efficacy augmented with a seamless and user-friendly interface.

Enter Hiya, a veritable sentry against the incursion of spam messages. The app, adorned with a simplistic and user-friendly countenance, metamorphoses into an even more indispensable ally.

Undeniably, it reigns supreme as the preeminent guardian against spam, a paragon of multifaceted capabilities tailor-made for the discerning Android aficionado. Boasting an impressive multitude of downloads, it ascends the echelons to be heralded among the elite spam-blocking cadre.

This, dear reader, is the apotheosis of thwarting spam calls and messages an application par excellence, a fortification for the sacred precincts of your privacy. Behold, an app that bequeaths the power to vanquish unwanted calls, is complemented by the discerning eye of Caller ID. A pantheon of privacy protection and identity preservation unfolds through this application, a boon for those beleaguered by ceaseless, unwanted intrusions.

Witness Hiya, a citadel of spam-blocking virtue, its modus operandi rooted in the tenet of obstructing calls emanating from undesirable numerical entities. With this tool at your disposabanishing of calls from unsolicited quarters becomes an effortless endeavor.

The vista of caller identification unfurls before you, an oracle revealing the identity of the beckoning entity. Confronted with a call you deem unworthy of response, the power to rebuff lies at your fingertips.

Thus, the specter of unwanted calls dissipates into oblivion. The app, a paragon of simplicity, endows you with the liberty to receive calls at your discretion, accompanied by the privilege of selecting your bespoke ringtone. Designed with an interface harmonized for both the iOS and Android domains, it stands as a beacon of efficacy in the realm of digital guardianship.

Feature of Hiya MOD APK

Block spam calls and spoof calls automatically

Receive complimentary notifications about intrusive phone calls and automatically hinder unsolicited phone calls. Hiya exhibits authentic caller identification, ensuring you remain cognizant of the identity at the opposite end of the conversation.

Hiya stands out as an exceptionally potent application for deterring spam calls and supplying accurate caller identification. It encompasses an extensive repertoire of over 400 million spam and falsified phone numbers originating globally. Utilize Hiya to effortlessly obstruct unwanted spam and deceitful calls, while also discerning the actual originator of the call.

This application furnishes you with immediate notifications regarding spam calls and caller identification, efficiently obstructs spam and deceitful calls, and guarantees your protection against calls emanating from unfamiliar numbers.

Caller ID & Fraud detection

Through this application, you gain the ability to unveil the genuine caller identification, distinguishing whether the incoming call is spam, a scam, or an authentic individual.

The caller identification feature proves invaluable, granting you the opportunity to preview the caller’s phone number before deciding to answer the call. This app simplifies the process further, allowing you to effortlessly tap and access the caller ID information.

Enhancing your security measures, the Fraud Detection feature proves to be a practical tool. It empowers you to identify deceitful numbers, minimizing the risk of falling victim to scams. The application obstructs the suspicious numb and so projects a message onto your screen to alert you.

Additionally, the Hiya Caller ID & Fraud Detection functionality permits you to obstruct spam calls and numbers associated with fraudulent activities.

Manage Contacts

This application empowers you to integrate contacts from Hiya seamlessly into your phonebook, providing a convenient and user-friendly interface for efficient contact management. Easily augment your phone book by adding contacts, importing connections from social networks, and designating them as favorites.

Hiya not only facilitates contact integration but also grants you access to its expansive database, encompassing the most up-to-date information on a staggering 800 million phone numbers.

Virus Protection

Leveraging the robust Hiya database, this application serves as a formidable guardian, shielding your device from potential viruses. Upon installation, Hiya conducts a thorough scan of your phone, examining both applications and internet sources for any lurking threats. This proactive security measure takes effect immediately upon installing the app.

Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding you and your family is reflected in our vigilant approach. Continuous scans of apps and online content for malware occur each time you utilize your device. Should anything dubious be detected, rest assured, that we provide timely warnings and, if necessary, take the initiative to remove the threat.

Consider this scenario: if an installed app harbors a virus, a prompt warning is issued. Failure to update the app within 24 hours prompts automatic removal. Likewise, if malware infiltrates your device, we promptly inform you, and it is if within our capabilities, we eradicate it.

Furthermore, our dedication extends to actively assisting you in maintaining a secure environment. Employing cutting-edge technology, we monitor your device consistently, routinely scrutinizing both apps and online content for signs of viruses and malware.

For those who prioritize virus protection, Hiya’s virus protection feature is at your disposal. Enable this safeguard through the app’s Settings menu for added peace of mind.

Real-time spam call alerts

Beyond the Hiya spam call blocking capability, you also gain access to instantaneous spam call notifications in real time. This empowers you to effortlessly obstruct spam calls and counterfeit numbers without the need to answer the phone.

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