Headphones Equalizer MOD APK 2.3.20 (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 17, 2023
With Headphones Equalizer and its set of tools, you will be able to create apply equalizations that will adapt to the headphones you are wearing. Any brand and model is supported!
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Mar 17, 2023
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Headphones Equalizer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Headphones Equalizer MOD APK. An Android Music & Audio App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The Headphones Equalizer MOD APK is a powerful equalizer app for Android users. It is a useful tool to enhance the audio quality of your headphones.

The application allows users to adjust the equalizer level by adjusting the audio volume. Also, it can adjust the bass, treble, mids, and the overall sound. The best thing is that the application is completely free.

The app is available on Google Play Store. It has a simple interface. You can easily adjust the equalizer settings by sliding the volume control. You can also play music and pause the music at the same time. Download this app to enjoy better listening experience with your headphones.

Headphones Equalizer is a tool that allows you to adjust the audio on your headphones. With a variety of audio equalizers that are widely available, this is a tool that everyone needs.

If you are a listener of music, you know that headphones are not like speakers. In addition to volume control, it is essential to adjust the balance of the sound to make it more pleasing.

Headphones Equalizer is designed for this purpose. It will allow you to adjust the volume, bass, treble, and balance to create a more pleasant sound. If you are listening to music, especially when you are walking or running, you will need to adjust the sound volume for the best results.

Headphones Equalizer MOD APK is the best way to listen to music, whether it is on a headset or connected to a mobile phone. With a variety of settings to choose from, you can easily get the sound you want.

Adjust the volume and balance to create a better sound. Even if you don’t know much about audio, this is a tool that you can use to create an enjoyable listening experience.

With the equalization of the sound, you can enjoy the music and other sounds more clearly. If the volume is too high, you may have trouble hearing the sound. And if the volume is too low, it is difficult to hear the music.

The equalization is done through the application, so you don’t have to worry about it. With the settings of the application, you can adjust the volume of each channel. So you can hear the sound of the music more clearly.

Features of Headphones Equalizer MOD APK

Auto-calibrate headphones and adjust their equalization

The equalizer of Headphones Equalizer MOD APK is an instrument that you can use to calibrate the sound of the headphones you are wearing. After connecting the headphones to your device, Headphones Equalizer will calibrate them automatically or you can activate the manual calibration mode.

Once calibrated, you can decide whether to continue with the automatic or manual procedure, or you can activate the auto genre function to let Headphones Equalizer try to retrieve the current artist genre.

Once the genre is retrieved, Headphones Equalizer will create a profile for the genre. You can then proceed to the equalization, bass boos,t and correction attenuation.

Manually adjust headphones equalization

Headphones Equalizer MOD APK is a great tool to create custom equalizations. Just like a real equalizer, you can adjust the frequency response, gain, and attenuation of each band. You can also manually select each frequency to modify it.

Use the bass boost function

You’ll find the equalization toolbox in Headphones Equalizer MOD APK is extremely versatile. It offers you a great number of settings to adjust the audio volume, the bass boost function, and the correction attenuation.

The bass boost function is an effective tool to enhance your music experience. This function will allow you to add extra bass to your audio files. You can even boost specific frequencies.

Adjust the correction attenuation

With Headphones Equalizer MOD APK, you will be able to adjust the correction attenuation, which is the degree of reduction of the volume. By setting the attenuation to 0, you will get the best sound quality. If you prefer to listen to music with less bass, you can increase the correction attenuation.

Autogenre function to find the artist’s genre

Autogenre will try to find the artist’s genre. The genre is based on the music that the user is listening. If the user does not provide any information, the system will try to guess the genre.

If the genre cannot be guessed, the user will have the possibility to correct the genre. When you turn on Autogenre, Headphones Equalizer MOD APK will try to retrieve the current artist genre.

If it fails, it will suggest to you the best alternatives. With Headphones Equalizer You can then select the genre you want to listen to and enjoy your music in this way.

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