Griyo Pos v0.40.1 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 03, 2024
Griyo Pos is free POS app. Very suitable for small businesses for growing up. Retail stores, Online stores, Laundry, Barber, Tailor, Food Business and others.
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Griyo Solusi
Jan 03, 2024
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Griyo Pos MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Griyo Pos MOD APK. An Android Business App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Griyo Pos emerges as a robust application finely tailored for proprietors of diminutive enterprises. It bestows a comprehensive suite of features, orchestrating the seamless management of small-scale businesses.

As implied by its nomenclature, Griyo Pos embodies a holistic solution for enterprises—a Point of Sale (POS) system adaptable for dining establishments, coffee boutiques, convenience emporiums, and even taverns.

If your pursuit is a POS solution characterized by simplicity and user-friendliness, Griyo POS stands out as the fitting selection.

Griyo Pos signifies a potent point of sale software meticulously crafted for proprietors steering small to medium-sized enterprises.

Operating either autonomously or as a backend system, this POS apparatus attests to ingenuity for business proprietors aiming to streamline both time and financial resources by harnessing the app’s myriad features.

Compatibility extends to both Android and iOS devices, rendering Griyo Pos a versatile POS amenable to businesses across the spectrum.

The application itself proves remarkably straightforward in both utilization and installation.

Functioning as a mobile POS system, Griyo Pos empowers you to orchestrate the intricacies of your enterprise from any locale.

The seamless management of inventory, orders, clientele, personnel, and more becomes an effortless endeavor through the conduit of your mobile device. It stands as an invaluable instrument, fostering efficiency and profitability in business.

Features of Griyo Pos MOD APK

Set the price for each product

In commanding the potential of this specific capability, you possess the prerogative to determine the financial value assigned to each product earmarked for sale, granting you the adaptability to modify it at your own discretion.

This leeway extends to the facile incorporation of visual representation encapsulating the essence of the commodity, along with the enhancement of a comprehensive product clarification.

Moreover, you uphold the authority to alter the pricing paradigm by incorporating a discounted rate, should such a strategic maneuver align with your overarching objectives.

Choose the payment method

Sidestep the hindrance of immersing yourself in the convoluted procedure of email-based registration linked to an external server, emancipating yourself from the commitment of monthly financial outlays for the service.

Abandon the concern regarding the prying gazes or furtive pilfering of your data, as every minuscule detail finds its abode within the confines of your mobile devices or tablets, effortlessly adaptable to facile backup and transfer to alternative repositories, such as Google Drive.

In this bastion of independence, witness an extensive arsenal of over 20 disparate payment modalities at your disposal.

From the titans of financial transactions, including Stripe and Paypal, to the worldwide resonance of Alipay and the traditional steadfastness of Bank Transfer, your transactional repertoire knows no boundaries.

See your customer’s order history

Submerge yourself in the all-encompassing panorama of your customer’s narrative with Griyo Pos. Disclosing a painstaking record of every engagement, spanning from transactions to orders, encapsulating even the subtleties of their payment intricacies.

Effortlessly peruse the intricate facets of their acquisition, from the chronological milestones of date and time to the specifics of the product its pricing, quantity, and the intricate maze of shipping coordinates.

Navigate through the diverse statuses of their order, whether it languishes in the “Pending,” achieves fruition in “Delivered,” resonates with the reverberations of “Cancelled,” or embodies the restitution encapsulated in “Refunded.”

Add new products to your store

For entrepreneurs traversing the landscape of businesses dependent on a POS system for the coordination of sales and inventory, Griyo Pos arises as an enticing proposition.

A fully-developed offline POS system intricately designed to effortlessly assimilate with various business models, encompassing those dependent on cash transactions or credit card payments.

This application is skillfully tailored to function on both Android and iOS platforms, guaranteeing its effectiveness across the gamut of desktop and mobile interfaces.

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