GaragePro Car OBD2 Scanner v3.1.8 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 27, 2024
Introducing GaragePro - Your Ultimate OBD Scanner!
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Jan 27, 2024
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GaragePro Car OBD2 Scanner MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of GaragePro Car OBD2 Scanner MOD APK. An Android Auto & Vehicles App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

With just a swift scan, data seamlessly finds its home in the mobile realm, ready for effortless transference to the computer’s analytical embrace. The software beckons with an intuitively designed interface, ensuring simplicity in navigation.

The presented information unfolds lucidly and succinctly, steering clear of any battery woes. On the contrary, it contributes to an extended and stabilized battery life, extending its vitality across all devices harmonizing with Android operating systems.

The OBD2 system emerges as a linchpin in communication with the vehicle’s engine and assorted components, a vigilant guardian for monitoring and diagnosing. User-friendliness persists as a recurring theme in this application’s design.

Navigating the interface reveals simplicity and clarity, aiding users in pinpointing the precise vehicle components. Data, a treasure trove of diagnostic insights, awaits transfer to the computer, laying the groundwork for meticulous analysis and historical OBD2 code perusal.

This tool stands as the epitome of vehicular diagnosis, effortlessly unraveling the intricacies of your vehicle’s health.

Automated vehicle scanning becomes an innate aspect of this application, swiftly presenting a comprehensive overview of your vehicle’s vital statistics within minutes. Fuel levels, battery status, engine temperature, and oil pressure are all at your fingertips.

GaragePro emerges as the beacon guiding you through the labyrinth of your car’s maintenance needs. An ally in optimizing your car’s potential, it facilitates seamless interaction, OBD2 code scanning, and vigilant monitoring for any noteworthy warnings.

Its compatibility spans a wide spectrum of vehicles, offering a holistic repository of information to ensure your car thrives in peak condition. The application, a robust companion in automotive care, echoes a commitment to the utmost safety and performance of your cherished vehicle.

Features of GaragePro Car OBD2 Scanner MOD APK

Connects to your car and provides real-time data

Introducing a cutting-edge device that seamlessly links up with your car, delivering real-time data with precision. Equipped with the entire repertoire of features found in professional scanners, it goes above and beyond, incorporating extras such as vehicle diagnostics, remote data logging, and comprehensive data analysis.

This innovative tool boasts a complete set of instruments dedicated to diagnosing and rectifying issues. The resulting data is elegantly presented in a user-friendly interface, ensuring clarity and ease of interpretation.

Provides you with a wide range of vehicle information

This tool offers an extensive array of vehicle information, encompassing OBD2 details, diagnostics, engine health, soil conditions, transmission status, exhaust gas analysis, fuel system insights, cooling system parameters, suspension specifics, steering performance, electrical system checks, and battery evaluations.

Not only does it furnish a comprehensive diagnosis report, but it also graciously scans your car’s OBD2 code without any charge. Furthermore, it delivers a diverse set of functions, including a check engine light display, engine speed monitoring, RPM insights, vehicle speed tracking, and comprehensive assessments of the fuel system, transmission, steering, suspension, cooling system, battery system, and more. All these features come together to empower users with a holistic understanding of their vehicle’s health.

View and record all OBD data

The OBD system stands as a sophisticated computerized control unit designed for vehicles, diligently overseeing and documenting the engine’s performance parameters. Embedded with an array of sensors, it systematically gathers data about the vehicle and possesses the capability to identify any potential issues.

For users seeking seamless integration of their vehicle’s OBD data into their mobile devices, this application emerges as the optimal solution. It not only facilitates the observation of OBD data but also empowers users with a comprehensive set of functions for viewing, recording, and managing a wide spectrum of OBD-related information.

Scan & diagnose all types of faults and errors in your vehicle

Behold the ultimate scanner app, catering to all makes and models of cars and bikes. Boasting the most extensive array of OBD functions for both vehicles, it serves as your go-to solution for diagnosing a myriad of faults and errors within your vehicle. Effortlessly, it enables you to scan your car’s OBD port, swiftly identifying and pinpointing various issues.

This app goes above and beyond, not just in detection but in providing detailed insights into your car’s OBD port, facilitating troubleshooting and repair for a diverse range of vehicle problems. Additionally, it stands as a standalone diagnostic tool, equipped to unveil and address an array of errors plaguing your vehicle.

Replace fault codes and repair your car

This app serves as your accessible gateway, allowing you to effortlessly decipher fault codes and undertake car repairs with confidence. Through the app, you gain the capability to diagnose a broad spectrum of faults and errors encompassing the engine, transmission, ABS, battery, starter, steering, airbag, and more.

Navigate through the app to inspect and modify fault codes related to these issues, subsequently utilizing vehicle diagnostic tools to address and rectify the identified problems. The functionality extends to resetting the ECU and replacing the OBD2 connector cable. Armed with this app, decoding all trouble codes becomes a swift and comprehensible process, putting valuable insights into the health of your vehicle at your fingertips.

Analyze your vehicle history and track performance

Offering an expansive array of functions, it stands as the epitome of efficiency in analyzing your vehicle’s history and monitoring its performance. Leveraging the onboard diagnostic system (OBD), it furnishes a rapid and precise means to assess your car’s condition.

GaragePro, a masterfully crafted OBD2 scanner, and diagnostic tool, embodies simplicity coupled with formidable capabilities, aiming to enhance your understanding and management of your vehicle’s history, performance, and potential problems.

Through this app, a treasure trove of your vehicle’s data is at your fingertips, revealing a comprehensive history of its performance and past issues. Conducting a swift and convenient scan, you gain the ability to promptly identify any potential issues lurking within your car’s systems.

Get alerts and notifications from your car and bike

Presenting a comprehensive toolkit designed for troubleshooting and diagnosing both your car and bike, providing you with all the crucial information to ensure your well-being.

This versatile app empowers you to scrutinize vital aspects, including checking your car battery charge, verifying oil levels, gauging fuel economy, monitoring tire pressure, and assessing the status of your vehicle lights. Beyond these diagnostics, the app keeps you informed with notifications and alerts, fostering a proactive approach to the maintenance and safety of your cherished car and bike.

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- Multi language support added - German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam
- Heavy Commercial Vehicles scan
- DPF Regeneration steps
- Live Data Dials
- Chevrolet Fuel Injector Balance Test and Oil Change Rese
- Honda ECM/PCM Reset
- Volvo Service Reminder Reset
- Triumph Date Service Reset
- New Mahindra Injector Coding
- Electronic Throttle Reset for Tata cars

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