Furry Wisher MOD APK 0.13 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Aug 31, 2023
Get ready for the next installment of sillyness. Enjoy pulling the most random pets and seeing what their mutated offspring look like. Cursed? Blursed? You decide.
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Aug 29, 2023
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Furry Wisher MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Furry Wisher MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Furry Wisher MOD APK is a new generation of Furry games. Based on the world of furries, you will have the chance to play this game.

The story of this game is that you are furries who have been imprisoned in a room. The only way to get out of the room is to collect the magic crystals and make a wish. As the protagonist, you need to be careful and make a lot of effort to reach the goal.

With this game, you will have the chance to play as a furry. This means you will need to be dressed in a variety of clothes and accessories, like a tail, ears, and claws. With the help of these accessories, you can communicate with others and even interact with objects.

For this game, you can play alone or with others. But be warned, there are many enemies who are looking to steal your magic crystals.

In addition, you will also be able to play with many furry friends who are waiting to help you in the game.

Furry Wisher MOD APK is based on the concept of the game, and the user is able to create his own character. The user will choose the gender, the fur color, and other features.

Once the user chooses the character, he will be able to customize it by choosing his skin color, eye color, hair color, and other details.

The user will also be able to choose a house that is suitable for his character. You can decorate it with furniture and decorations. You will be able to choose the type of room, and the user can choose from different types of furniture.

Furry Wisher MOD APK offers a great deal of gameplay. The game is very detailed, and the user is able to interact with others. You can communicate with other users through text, voice chat, and emoticons.

There are various quests and challenges that you can participate in. The user will be able to obtain experience points for each quest.

Experience points will help the user to increase the skills of his character. The game is very rich in content, and you will never feel bored with this game.

Features of Furry Wisher MOD APK

Hundreds of different animals and mutations

Hundreds of different animals and mutations. What happens when a baby cat gets hit by a truck? An animal that looks like a mutated panda? How about an elephant that looks like a bear?

In Furry Wisher MOD APK, you get to create these creatures and see how they evolve. From there, it’s all about playing and seeing what happens next. Will your pet survive the journey? And what if it gets run over by a train? Will it mutate into something else?

Randomly generated creatures

The next installment of silliness is here. The game gives you the chance to pull a random creature from the list and see how it looks. If you pull a cat, a bunny, or a penguin, then you can expect to see a very different animal.

Furry Wisher MOD APK is very easy to play and the characters are very cute. Each time you open the game, you will see a new set of cute creatures and a new set of objectives.

Therefore, the game will never be boring for you. At the same time, you will be able to play the game in a random manner.

Fully animated 3D models

Furry Wisher MOD APK is a fully animated 3D game. The animation is very realistic. You will be able to experience the whole process of the story from the beginning to the end.

The characters have various emotions and expressions. They will make you feel as if you are really in the room.

Over 20 levels

The game has over 20 levels. Each level has its own theme and challenges. If you want to improve your skills, you can also go back to previous levels and collect the rewards. It’s not easy to complete all the levels, but if you don’t give up, you will definitely reach the end.


Furry Wisher MOD APK is a simulation game about breeding your own pets. You can breed your own pets by using the ‘Love Me’ app on your phone or tablet. Just tap on the heart icon to add another pet to your family. Then you can feed them, play with them, and raise them up.

In Furry Wisher, You can start out with a pet egg that you need to hatch. You can play with them to make them grow up faster, and eventually, they will start to produce offspring. As your pets get older, they will have babies that are also born with eggs.

As your pets get older, you can give them different gifts. For example, if you give a dog a bone, you’ll get a puppy with a bone. If you give a cat a fish, you’ll get a kitten with a fish.

Once you’ve got all the pets you want, you can keep them in the family. You can even take them on vacation with you.

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What's new

-fixed starting coins (should be 4800, not 60)
-added 2 more pets!

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