FullReader MOD APK 4.3.5 (Premium Unlocked)

FullReader - free reader for reading books, documents, that contains a range of subreaders:
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Mar 23, 2023
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FullReader MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of FullReader MOD APK. An Android Books & Reference App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

FullReader MOD APK is a free e-book reader which supports e-books, magazines, newspapers, etc. You can read books in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, and FB2 format, as well as online magazines and newspapers.

The best part is that you can read the whole book, magazine, newspaper, etc. in a single window. Also, you can select any part of the document and read it while the rest of the paper is still displayed in the background. You can also search within the book.

You can share your reading experience with friends by posting bookmarks, annotations, and notes.

E-book readers are becoming more and more popular. The FullReader app is the most popular book reader for Android. There are many other similar apps but this one is definitely the best.

The reason is simple: this is a reliable application that is easy to use. It is light, so you don’t need to worry about battery consumption. The book reader allows you to read books on your phone or tablet. It is a book reader with many different features.

If you like reading books, you will enjoy reading this app. It has many features for you to enjoy reading books. The interface is very simple. The books are arranged according to categories. You can easily find what you are looking for.

Feature of FullReader MOD APK

Highlight important passages

Highlight important passages from the book for free. The feature would allow You to read the text aloud with the help of a built-in text-to-speech engine.

The FullReader MOD APK allows you to highlight the passages that are of interest to you. It’s quite convenient to highlight the text on the page and read it later, and the same goes for the highlighted passages. You can also change the color of the highlighted text to make it more visible.

Customizable reading mode

Users in FullReader MOD APK will find themselves enjoying an interesting and accessible reading experience with various reading modes. Here, you can easily select the reading mode according to your preference. Have fun picking up the awesome features to enjoy your reading experience.

You can easily change the reading mode of the application to suit the needs of the user. For example, if you want to listen to audiobooks, you can use the TTS module or choose the Audio player to listen to audiobooks.

If you want to read books, you can use the default reading mode or select the reader interface with a simple and clear interface to navigate.

Reading text aloud is available

Reading text aloud is available in the FullReader MOD APK. It’s enabled by default. To turn off the option, please go to Settings/Reading settings.

The reading text aloud module allows you to read out the book contents in the text format (fb2, txt, epub, mobi, html) on your phone. You are offered a number of voice models for reading aloud and the ability to change the reading speed and language.

The easiest way to read books and documents in the form of electronic text formats

FullReader MOD APK is the first reader with a built-in multifeatured file manager, which would become an irreplaceable assistant to organize book and document libraries.

The reader would automatically detect the compliant book formats (fb2, txt, epub, mobi, html) and documents (pdf, doc, rtf, docx, djvu, xps, odt) on the device and sort them by a range of criteria.

In addition, You would be able to organize personal custom lists of book collections, documents, and favorite files. There is also an opportunity to handle archive formats: rar, zip, and 7z.

Browse books, docs, and comics in the library

To start with for those of you who’re interested in the art of reading, you’ll find yourself having access to the simple and accessible library of e-books, which would allow you to enjoy the fun of reading.

Here, you can easily browse through a huge variety of books and documents. Have fun browsing through the vast collection of e-books and documents with a wide range of supported file formats.

And of course, those who’re interested in the detailed and fine-tuning options will also have access to the useful brush mode, which offers precise and realistic customizations of their reading experience.

Feel free to use the available fonts and texts to glorify your reading experience. These are just a glimpse of what you can actually do with your excellent reading app.

Import, export, and view text files in a wide range of formats

Users in FullReader MOD APK will find themselves having access to a wide range of supported file formats. This app allows you to import files of the following types: fb2, txt, epub, mobi, html, pdf, doc, rtf, docx, djvu, xps, odt.

Moreover, it also allows you to export text files of the following formats: fb2, txt, epub, mobi, html, pdf, doc, rtf, docx, djvu, xps, odt.

As for the viewing, you can also enjoy the following file formats: pdf, doc, rtf, docx, xps, doc, rtf, docx, XPS.

Play audiobooks

FullReader MOD APK is a free reader app, which allows you to read e-books in digital text formats for free. With this application, you can read books, notes, and documents aloud, as well as in the form of electronic text.

You can choose from a range of built-in voices and select your favorite languages ​​to listen to content in the language of your choice The audiobook module of the app allows you to enjoy audiobooks in MP3 format for free.

It has a large library of audiobooks, which allows you to enjoy your favorite audiobooks.

read and edit the following file formats doc, rtf, docx, xps, odt

FullReader MOD APK supports a wide range of reading formats, including e-books, magazines, newspapers, and comic books. You can read and edit documents, notes, and PDF files. You can also use the built-in TTS (text-to-speech) engine for reading, and you can easily listen to audiobooks.

The word reader is designed to help you quickly and easily read and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other formats.

You can use this word reader to read and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other formats. The reading of the document text is supported by sound.

You can use the word reader to quickly and easily read and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other formats. The reading of the document text is supported by sound.

Use different themes and fonts

Users in FullReader MOD APK will find themselves enjoying the beautiful and easy-to-use interface with the possibility to choose the themes, fonts, and other settings to personalize the application to their preferences. Have fun changing the colors and icons of the app to make it more appealing to you.

Sync your reading position with the library

FullReader MOD APK app supports the functionality of synchronization of reading position with the library.

FullReader – the reader is equipped with the ability to sync the reading position to the library of books and documents. When the reader is closed, it automatically synchronizes the last page read to the library. This is achieved via the server-client architecture.

In order to maintain the proper reading experience, the app would let you sync your reading position with the library. This feature will let you continue reading the book or document in the same place as it was saved on the cloud.

The server is a lightweight application, which stores the user’s book and document libraries. It constantly checks the library and synchronizes the last page read to the library when the user opens the app again.

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What's new

- FIxed an error related to disappearance of navigation buttons while editing hadmade notes in PDF-files.
- Increased stability of applet processing and handling objects.
- Added Polish language (thanks to Yolorag for translation).

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