FTP Server v0.15.19 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 21, 2024
A powerful application allows you to run FTP Server on your phone and help your friend or you to access/share files over the Internet.
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Feb 21, 2024
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FTP Server MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of the FTP Server MOD APK. An Android Tools Apps this MOD comes with Premium Features Download Yours Now.

In the realm of handling numerous FTP users, an application has emerged as the quintessential solution. This innovative tool seamlessly navigates the intricacies of overseeing multiple FTP users, affording users an unparalleled level of control. Within this application’s domain, the capability to oversee and manipulate a multitude of FTP users is effortlessly at one’s fingertips.

A singular application serves as the nexus for administering all users on a given server, enabling the addition and removal of users with utmost ease. Furthermore, the application empowers users to modify existing passwords, thereby fortifying the server’s security measures.

This application facilitates the management of myriad FTP users with limitless possibilities. Users possess the ability to expand the roster of server inhabitants without constraints. Displaying all users simultaneously, the application simplifies the process of selecting and modifying user passwords. Should the need arise, the expulsion of a user from the server is executed seamlessly.

The application’s user-friendliness is a hallmark, catering to both Android and iOS users. Undoubtedly, it has solidified its status as the premier solution for overseeing multiple FTP users.

Boasting a user interface characterized by simplicity and intuitiveness, this application stands as a paragon of navigational ease. The interface, adorned with essential functionalities, caters to user needs with effortless clarity. Compatibility spans across all devices, rendering it not only suitable for individual users but also catering to the exigencies of business users. Indeed, it has earned its accolades as one of the preeminent file-sharing applications.

Tailored for users engaged in collaborative file-sharing endeavors, this application streamlines the management of multiple users and files under a single account. Users wield authority over file sizes and bolster data security through password protection. Furthermore, the option to schedule file processes mitigates user wait times, enhancing overall efficiency.

The application’s prowess extends to managing numerous users, facilitating the creation of distinct user groups with individualized data sets. The simplicity of sharing files with specific individuals underscores the application’s efficacy. Undeniably, it stands as a potent tool that seamlessly intertwines power and ease of use, delivering an unparalleled experience for users seeking optimal functionality.

Features of FTP Server MOD APK

Simple and intuitive interface

In the realm of digital file exchange, the FTP Server emerges as a potent and user-friendly application, facilitating the seamless sharing of files across the vast expanse of the Internet. This sophisticated tool empowers users not only to download, upload, and peruse files but also provides a platform for on-the-fly editing directly from their mobile devices.

Our commitment to delivering a straightforward and instinctive user experience is reflected in the app’s design, meticulously crafted for maximum user-friendliness. Streamlining operations with efficiency, every action within the application is executed with expeditious ease.

Furthermore, the application boasts the capability to accommodate multiple FTP users, ensuring effortless management and configuration. The user roster, featuring connected individuals, is at your fingertips, allowing for the facile editing, deletion, or renaming of entries.

Positioning itself as the quintessential method for file transfer between Android devices, this application boasts an interface characterized by its simplicity and intuitiveness. Every functionality, seamlessly accessible and meticulously organized, contributes to an interface that transcends the mundane, catering to a profound understanding of user needs.

Run the FTP Server on your Android device

Empowering your Android device, this application facilitates the operation of an FTP server, seamlessly bridging the gap between two devices through the utilization of WiFi. Referred to interchangeably as Wireless File Transfer or Wireless File Management, it simplifies the process of sharing files with unparalleled ease.

Navigating the landscape of file sharing, this application extends its utility to interactions with friends and diverse devices alike. The setup and operation are a breeze, ensuring accessibility for users of all levels. The user interface, marked by simplicity and clarity, facilitates a seamless understanding of its functionalities. Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize the port number and IP address in alignment with their specific requirements.

Transfer files to your phone or PC via Wi-Fi

Effortlessly maneuver files between your mobile device and PC using the convenience of Wi-Fi. This feature proves invaluable for sharing files within your social circle and facilitates the swift transfer of substantial data.

This functionality becomes particularly handy when dealing with voluminous files, allowing for a seamless transfer experience. It is prudent to be cognizant of the file size limitations, prompting users to diligently assess the size of the files before initiating the transfer process.

View and manage files remotely

Unlocking a realm of remote accessibility, this FTP Server not only allows for the perusal and management of files from a distance but also enables seamless connections with friends’ phones or computers sans the constraints of physical cables.

This application extends its functionality to file sharing over the vast landscape of the Internet. A prime example is the effortless sharing of photos from your device, transcending the boundaries of devices by transmitting them directly to your friends’ phones or computers. The absence of cables amplifies the convenience, offering a fluid and wire-free sharing experience.

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• Add the intent to enable or disable "Automatically open ports on router" from the external automation app. Please check the store page for the instructions!
• Stability improvement

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