FRep2 v2.4 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
FRep2 is Finger Record/Replay App. Once you record your routine touch operations, it can be replayed by single trigger.
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Jan 12, 2024
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FRep2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of FRep2 MOD APK. An Android Productivity App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Embark upon the realm of FRep2, an eminent mobile application that graces users with its gratuitous prowess. Within its digital confines, users unveil the ability to meticulously chronicle the nuanced ballet of their finger movements during gaming escapades. Subsequently, the stage is set for a playback spectacle, providing a granular exposition of one’s digital symphony.

This application seamlessly harmonizes with a plethora of preeminent Android devices, opening avenues to document the intricate choreography of finger kinetics. Whether it be the subtle depression of buttons or the graceful ballet of screen swiping, FRep2 captures each gesture with meticulous finesse. The ensuing playback, a kaleidoscope of digital prowess, unfurls myriad possibilities for revisiting and dissecting one’s gaming performance.

Consider the ability to immortalize the tactile cadence of button presses on your mobile device. Engage in the gaming odyssey, and subsequently unravel the intricate thread of your actions through the playback feature. Extend this capability to encapsulate dynamic maneuvers during the gaming sojourn, as FRep2 not only captures digital intricacies but also memorializes the physical orientation of your device.

The symphony of possibilities crescendos with each replay, an enthralling rendition of actions revisited. Alternatively, one may opt to share this digitized ballet on the social canvas, a testament to one’s digital virtuosity. The application, an epitome of user-friendly design, demands no arcane rituals. Simply immerse yourself in the gaming tapestry, record your actions, and unfurl the cinematic saga through the playback functionality. It stands as an ideal companion for those yearning to scrutinize and relive their digital exploits.

For the cohort bereft of a fingerprint sensor, the portal to FRep2 beckons. Tailored with precision, this application immortalizes fingerprints on the screen, transforming the sensor-dependent experience. Unlocking your device or gaining entry into secure systems evolves into a nuanced ballet of fingerprint replication.

Delving deeper into the application’s repertoire, FRep2 introduces an editing facet for the recorded fingerprints. Herein lies the power to manipulate the very angle of the captured digit’s imprint. Altering this perspective grants the user unprecedented control over the simulated fingerprint.

Having transmuted the angle, the fingerprint image can be reprised onto the fingerprint sensor. Behold, the fingerprint sensor transforms into an instrument of authentication, unlocking realms and securing access. FRep2, in its multifaceted brilliance, emerges as an indispensable tool for those navigating the digital landscape within the sanctity of their abodes.

Features of FRep2 MOD APK

Easy operation with simple UI

Embark on the prowess of FRep2, a digital virtuoso capable of capturing the nuances of your digital choreography through fingertip maneuvers and orchestrating a seamless playback at the beckoning of a solitary trigger. As the application unfolds its symphony, it meticulously documents each tactile interaction, immortalizing the choreography as a reverberating playback file.

Once the curtain falls on the application’s performance, the captured data springs back to life, pirouetting elegantly with the aid of the meticulously crafted replay file.

Venture into the realm of artisanal button crafting by immortalizing your digital ballet through the artful recording of your fingertip ballet.

Behold the Finger Record/Replay App, an artisanal tool in the realm of digital choreography documentation. This application, bedecked with a straightforward and user-friendly interface, boasts a symphony of functions encapsulated within its elegant and aesthetically pleasing design.

You can easily replay your touch operations

For those entwined in the tapestry of repetitive tasks, FRep2 emerges as the quintessential companion. This application extends its capabilities to record and reproduce a myriad of tactile interactions, spanning the gamut from opening and closing to clicking, swiping, tapping, scrolling, long-pressing, and beyond.

The intricate tapestry of FRep2 includes a unique undo feature, providing a safety net for your recorded tactile dalliances. Unleash your creativity by fashioning personalized “automatic operation buttons,” offering a seamless playback of the meticulously documented touch symphony.

Behold Finger Record, a minimalist maestro capturing the essence of your digital ballet and replaying it with finesse. The captured data finds sanctuary in the cloud, enabling an encore performance anytime, anywhere.

A single trigger actuates the enchanting replay of touch choreography, allowing effortless command over your tactile maneuvers through customizable hotkeys meticulously saved on your device.

Not merely confined to solitude, the recorded touch escapades can be communally shared. Effortlessly disseminate your tactile tales among fellow users, fostering a community of shared digital experiences.

Create your automation button

Introducing FRep2, an uncomplicated and efficient avenue to craft bespoke automatic operation buttons tailored to your whims. Navigate the creative expanse by effortlessly sculpting personalized buttons through the dance of your fingertips.

Furthermore, revel in the freedom to fine-tune button placement and aesthetics, sculpting them into a seamless extension of your digital world.

The canvas extends beyond mere creation; these buttons find their home on both the home screen and lock screen, adaptable to your preference for portrait or landscape mode.

In the symphony of customization, wield the power to toggle the operation button at your discretion, amplifying the simplicity and user-centric design ethos of FRep2.

It’s very convenient to operate with FRep2

Enter the realm of FRep2, where the echoes of your routine tactile symphony can be summoned with a single trigger. As you weave through the seamless recording of your daily touch maneuvers, an automatic operation button materializes effortlessly.

Journey into the “Create” menu, where the alchemy of crafting a new operation button unfolds. Add the desired operations to this digital artifact, shaping it into a bespoke button tailored to your routine.

A mere touch on this button unleashes the enchanting replay of the recorded operation, seamlessly recreating the choreography etched into the annals of FRep2.

In the tapestry of FRep2, every nuance of your routine operations finds a sanctuary within a digital file, ready to be summoned for an encore performance at your command, transcending the constraints of time.

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What's new

- Added function to see before/after preview when replacing screenshot for Image / OCR control.
- Added 'Straight Line' shape for 2-point touch in Edit Mask of Image control.
- Added 'Refer' button and 'Show Failed Test Rect' setting to show reference image / rectangle when the test failed in Image control setting.

- Fixed issue that FRep2 shortcut did not work on some environment.
- Fixed issue that the console was not moved properly for the Console Settings – On Overlap with Image.

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