Freed Audiobooks v1.16.37 MOD APK (Removed ADS)

Last Updated on Dec 21, 2023
Catalog of free audiobooks, that are available in the public domain.
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Dec 21, 2023
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Freed Audiobooks MOD APK (Removed ADS)

Download The Latest APK Version of Freed Audiobooks MOD APK. An Android Books & Reference App this MOD comes with Removed Ads Available for download Yours Now.

A repository boasting an excess of 14,000 complimentary audiobooks, it grants you the privilege of selecting the audiobook that captivates your intellectual proclivities. Moreover, the application seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, affording you auditory indulgence via Google Cast’s technological prowess.

Behold, an expansive reservoir of cost-free audiobooks, exceeding 14,000 in number, culled from the public domain, rendering them financially bereft of burdens for avid listeners. Each audiobook, meticulously crafted in MP3 format, harmonizes effortlessly with any auditory playback device.

This application, imbued with Chromecast compatibility, extends its reach to the visual realm, enabling the projection of your chosen audiobooks onto your television screen.

Navigate through a literary tapestry that encompasses cherished classics and contemporary literary gems. Whether perusing timeless tomes or exploring the freshest literary arrivals, this application caters to your discerning literary taste.

Audiobooks, as conduits of erudition, leisure, and relaxation, beckon as commendable companions in the vast expanse of available literature. The abundance of literary choices often presents a daunting task, yet this application, replete with a cornucopia of audiobooks, emerges as a cost-free solution to this conundrum.

This application, tailored for Android devices, facilitates the discovery and auditory immersion in your preferred literary realms. Traverse the vast library, indulging in the auditory embrace of your cherished literary works, all gratis.

A voluminous catalog comprising over 14,000 audiobooks awaits your perusal, encompassing both perennial literary favorites and the latest additions to the literary panorama.

Features of Freed Audiobooks MOD APK

Find and listen to audiobooks for free

The application, in turn, meticulously categorizes all books within your chosen genre, providing sorting options based on either title or publication date. Once your literary gem is unearthed, the auditory odyssey commences, unrestricted by time or space. The audiobook beckons, either for immediate playback within the application or for a download voyage to your device, ensuring offline auditory enjoyment.

For those with a penchant for multitasking auditory indulgence, the option to curate a personalized playlist awaits. Seamlessly immerse yourself in a sequential or randomized auditory experience as multiple audiobooks unfold in harmonious tandem.

Choose from different genres: romance, mystery, science fiction, poetry, etc.

This application, dedicated to the auditory pursuit of classic audiobooks within the public domain, effortlessly unveils a trove exceeding 14,000 literary gems. A user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation, enabling you to locate and savor these timeless tales.

Peruse our catalog, an assembly that mirrors the pulse of literary enthusiasm, inviting you to explore and indulge in the auditory narratives that have garnered widespread acclaim.

Each audiobook within our repository rests comfortably within the public domain, liberating auditory pleasure from the shackles of monetary constraints.

The Chromecast-ready feature enhances auditory mobility, enabling you to embark on your audiobook sojourn irrespective of your geographical whereabouts. The auditory tapestry accompanies you seamlessly, resonating wherever you are and whenever you desire.

Search for audiobooks by title or author

The Chromecast-ready feature adds an extra layer of accessibility, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

Within this literary sanctuary, discover a treasure trove of classic books, spanning the realms of timeless favorites and contemporary masterpieces. Whether you seek the allure of well-loved classics or the intrigue of the latest literary sensations, our application caters to your diverse literary tastes.

Each audiobook, residing comfortably within the public domain, grants you the privilege of auditory pleasure without any financial encumbrance. Revel in the immersive embrace of the best classic audiobooks, transcending the boundaries of cost.

Dive into a literary reservoir housing thousands of books, from the timeless works of literature to the chart-topping novels that have captured the hearts of avid readers. If the written word holds a special place in your heart, rest assured that this application offers a haven where classic favorites and contemporary gems converge.

Join us in the celebration of literature, where your favorite classics and the latest releases converge, all within the welcoming embrace of the public domain, ensuring a gratifying auditory experience without any monetary constraints.

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