Footy Golf v1.04.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Feb 23, 2024
Footy Golf is a wacky arcade game that combines STREET SOCCER with GOLF.
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Feb 23, 2024
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Footy Golf MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Footy Golf MOD APK. An Android Sports Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of sports enthusiasts, there exists a game of notable popularity. This particular pastime is not merely characterized by amusement and thrill but boasts a gameplay of elegant simplicity.

Participants have the liberty to select their preferred team, engaging in a game of golf alongside their teammates. Enter Footy Golf, a venture transporting players to the lush greens of a golf course, offering them the privilege of indulging in golf.

The gameplay unfolds in a sequence of four distinctive phases: a preliminary warm-up, a focused practice session, a competitive match, and a culminating final. Success demands a minimum score of 4 points in each phase, ensuring a triumphant completion of the game.

The primary objective is team triumph. Distinguished by their hues, the golf balls green, white, and yellow are wielded by players to propel them with a club’s force.

Individuals can align themselves with a chosen team, forging camaraderie with friends. The arsenal of five clubs iron, wood, putter, wedge, and hybrid each possesses its own set of unique attributes.

For instance, wood propels the ball on a lofty trajectory, in stark contrast to the low trajectory of the iron. Employing these diverse clubs allows players to wield control over the ball’s trajectory.

Execution transpires through a controller or computer interface, fostering competitions against friends and global contenders. Ascending the ranks is directly correlated to the accumulation of points, emblematic of prowess.

In this multifaceted game, players are afforded the choice between football and golf. Tournaments unfold with the golf ball serving as the instrument for kicking the football.

The interface, while straightforward, empowers users to direct the ball towards the goal. Noteworthy is the golf ball’s modest kicking prowess, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay.

Adhering to football rules, players can strategically deploy the golf ball for kicks, emphasizing its limited but substantial range. Passing with the golf ball is permissible, albeit requiring a distance-dependent kick. Furthermore, the ball serves as a defensive tool against opponents’ shots.

Features of Footy Golf MOD APK

A wide range of powerups, boosts, and tricks

Amidst the gaming realm, a plethora of power-ups, enhancements, and stratagems await avid players. To procure these, one must amass coins through gameplay endeavors. Alternatively, a myriad of power-ups and enhancements can be acquired by utilizing in-game currency or by delving into the realm of real-world monetary transactions.

Within this digital application, mastery lies in the hands of the participant who deftly maneuvers the sphere with the assistance of a cursor. The primary objective revolves around amassing points by skillfully propelling the sphere into designated cavities. The gaming milieu encompasses an extensive array of augmentations, amplifications, and maneuvers.

Unlock tons of achievements

Engender a cascade of achievements and ascend the ranks to attain the title of champion in this exuberant soccer odyssey! Engage in spirited competitions with peers of commensurate skill and gauge the extent of your prowess.

Within the confines of this application, an array of captivating golf courses awaits your exploration. Yet, discerning the zenith among them may pose a quandary.

Fret not, for the solution is elementary a myriad of achievements beckons for your unlocking pleasure. And we’re not merely alluding to those already within your grasp! Immerse yourself in the game, amass points, and harvest a bounty of achievements.

Pick up and throw a ball with your feet to hit the ball into the hole

Within the confines of this gaming escapade, the primary objective entails maneuvering the spherical object into the cavity with utmost efficiency, endeavoring to achieve this feat with the fewest shots possible. The participant, in this digital domain, employs their lower extremity to strike the ball, subsequently aiming to propel it into the designated aperture.

A lapse in precision, failing to make contact with the ball, incurs a diminution of the player’s vitality, costing them a life. Each round bestows the player with a trove of three lives. To emerge triumphant in a round, the player must amass a minimum of 5 points.

Collect stars to unlock different clubs

Immerse yourself in the whirlwind of this eccentric golfing venture, a realm where the acquisition of stars and diverse clubs forms the crux of the gameplay. Attaining all the available clubs stands as the key to unlocking the full spectrum of the game.

Stars, elusive and challenging to procure, become the coveted currency in this virtual landscape. Their accumulation is tied to the retrieval of balls, an endeavor rife with challenges. For those seeking to augment their stellar treasury, the option to procure stars is conveniently available within the in-app emporium.

For aficionados acquainted with the allure of Crazy Golf, its addictive nature needs no introduction. Once ensnared in its spell, the pursuit of stars becomes an irresistible odyssey.


Enter the realm of Footy Golf, where the fusion of street soccer and golf ball finesse unfolds. The pinnacle of achievement? To reign supreme as the unrivaled virtuoso on the urban pitch.

This dynamic game unfurls a tapestry of over 50 distinctive levels, replete with 3D landscapes and a myriad of challenges. Engage in friendly rivalry with your kin or elevate the stakes by confronting the lofty zenith of the high-score leaderboard.

Embark on your journey armed with the basics of street soccer, gradually evolving your prowess. Each level bequeaths a larger playing field, demanding an augmentation of your skill repertoire to clinch those elusive goals.

Distinctive challenges pepper each level, ranging from employing the goalie as a defensive bulwark to the intricate task of maneuvering the ball into a mobile car. The solo odyssey beckons, or you can opt for the adrenaline-charged competition, accommodating up to three players.

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