FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK 1.0 (Unlimited Money)

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FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK. An Android Music Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK is a game that will take you to the world of rap music. In this world, you can find many different rappers who have different personalities.

Each one has its own style, and the music of each rapper has its own unique style. There are different songs, and you can use them to complete your missions.

The main theme of FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK is rap music, but there are also many other music styles in this game. Players can choose the song that they like to play, and the music will be changed accordingly. You can also use different music to improve the mood of the game.

The game is the new version of the original game FNF, which is also known as “FNF Plants vs Zombies”. This game was also created by the developer of the original FNF, “Funky Phunky Games”.

FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK is the game where you will find that the zombie and plants are fighting rap. And in the process of fighting, the zombies and plants are singing famous songs.

The goal of the game is to defend your base by planting seeds on the map. Then you must fight against the zombies.

When you are not fighting, you can sing rap music to earn money and use it to buy new weapons and other useful things. You can also use it to buy upgrades.

Features of FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK

Over 100 different zombified enemies

In FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK, There are 100 different zombified enemies in this mod. Each enemy has its own personality and abilities.

The Funkin mission is to vanquish all the plant life on Earth. Then, when there are no plants left on the planet (even zombified FNF enemies such as Huggy, Blue V1, and Bunzony) and none to harvest. Nothing will ever stop them!

Over 10 different Funkin boss levels

In the FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK, there are 10 Funkin bosses. Each of them is a very powerful boss who will make you go crazy.

They will not be easy to beat, but with some strategy, you can defeat them and win the Funkin mission.

You will also have to get creative and figure out different ways to beat them. There are no other bosses like these ones in the entire Funkin FNF world.

Over 50 different plants

FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK contains more than 50 different plants in total. They are categorized into five groups, namely, Herbivores, Plants, Fungi, Vines, and Zombies.

Each plant has its own special ability, and some of them are even edible. Try to kill all the plants, and maybe you can eat them later.

The game features both a campaign mode and a survival mode. If you don’t manage to defeat all the plants in the campaign mode, you can play the survival mode to try your luck.

In this mode, you’ll have to defeat all the plants in order to survive, and you’ll have a chance to get new weapons.

10 different music tracks

FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK is a mod of Plants vs. Zombies 2 that brings a zombie-like element to the game. This mod will bring you 10 different music tracks in the game.

All the music tracks are made from the game’s own in-game soundtrack. So, you can listen to the music while playing the game and get a feel of what it is like to play the game while listening to the music.


FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod MOD APK is a fun game, but it’s a bit hard to beat. There are three main missions that you need to complete to beat the game.

You can play as either Boyfriend or Funker. The funkin plants have their own special abilities, and you will need to use those to your advantage.

For example, the funkin plant Bunzony has a big mouth that it uses to spit out flames. You can use it to your advantage if you are close to him.

But there are also funkin plants that don’t have any special abilities. They will attack you as soon as they spot you.

So, how do you survive?

You will need to use your GrabPack and equip your funkin plants with different items.

You can equip your funkin plants with items to protect them from attacks, speed up their movement, or heal them.

Your GrabPack will be your best friend. It will allow you to grab items from the ground and equip them to your funkin plants.

There are more than 20 funkin plants in FNF Plants vs Rap Funkers Mod. Each has its own special ability. You will need to learn about them to unlock more funkin plants.

To learn about the funkin plants, you can read the book that comes with the mod.

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