Flux Substratum Theme v6.4.6 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 04, 2024
Flux is compatible with Substratum engine only! If you are not familiar with it, please do not download
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Feb 03, 2024
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Flux Substratum Theme MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Flux Substratum Theme MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital aesthetics, the Flux Substratum Theme emerges as a minimalist and featherweight thematic powerhouse within the expansive Substratum Project. This innovative engine grants you the ability to metamorphose your Android device into the semblance of any other Android counterpart. Positioned among the elite theme engines, it boasts an array of features that allow unparalleled customization, ensuring your device mirrors the exact visual identity you desire. The options span from the timeless allure of classic Android to the sleek sophistication of the Google Play edition, with an extensive array of thematic choices awaiting exploration.

Navigating through the Flux theme engine promises a transformative experience, sculpting your phone into an embodiment of your preferences. A myriad of functionalities empowers you to mold your device into virtually any desired form. The user-friendly design of the theme engine facilitates effortless installation and utilization. The interface, marked by its simplicity, lends itself to intuitive comprehension, making Flux Substratum Theme the quintessential choice for those seeking seamless customization.

At its core, Flux Substratum Theme serves as a thematic palette for the Substratum aficionado, offering a nuanced spectrum of color options for personalization. The application’s compatibility transcends screen dimensions, presenting an aesthetically pleasing presentation even on smaller displays. Unveiling the ability to customize icon colors further adds a personal touch, enabling users to harmonize the application with their individual preferences.

This complimentary theme engine takes center stage in reshaping your Android’s home screen landscape. Flux Substratum Theme empowers users to adorn their home screens with an assortment of widgets, shortcuts, and applications. The user-friendly interface, marked by simplicity and intuition, serves as an avenue for profound phone customization. The theme repertoire, categorized into Material Design, Material Design Lite, and Flat design, widens the spectrum of choices. The application extends its influence to the minutiae, allowing users to tinker with font colors, text hues, and icon shades. The provision of setting a bespoke background amplifies personalization, transforming your phone into an expressive manifestation of your tastes.

Features of Flux Substratum Theme MOD APK

Flat design with Material Design

The Flux Substratum Theme engine, meticulously crafted with pixel-perfect graphics and a material UI, promises to bestow upon your phone a vibrant transformation, immersing it in a newfound vitality with a dash of darkness.

Material Design stands as the endorsed mobile UI design lexicon meticulously curated by Google. Its chief objective lies in furnishing a harmonized visual vernacular for applications, ensuring coherence across various platforms and devices. The foundational principles underpinning Material Design hinge on optimizing human-computer interaction, emphasizing efficient communication between users and machines. This design philosophy champions simplicity, steering away from skeuomorphism and other ornate design paradigms.

Within the confines of this thematic masterpiece, the entirety of the interface aligns with the tenets of Material Design. This deliberate choice allows users to revel in a visually uncluttered and two-dimensional design aesthetic, promoting a clean and flat visual experience throughout.

A few options for customizing the UI

The Flux theme tailored for the Substratum theme engine boasts a meticulous design ethos, featuring impeccable pixel-perfect graphics and an infusion of Material UI elements. This thoughtfully crafted theme aims to breathe new life into your phone, enveloping it in a dynamic interplay of vibrancy and darkness.

This theme package extends beyond mere aesthetics, offering an accompanying icon pack and a versatile palette for customization. Elevating user control, it allows for the alteration of status bar and navigation bar colors, providing a personalized touch to these essential elements. Furthermore, the theme grants users the flexibility to tinker with the hues of text fields, buttons, labels, and system bars, facilitating a comprehensive and tailored visual experience.

Navigating the thematic landscape, users can seamlessly transition between themes using Substratum’s native themes or opt for a manual exploration through the official Substratum Theme store. This dual approach ensures a spectrum of choices, catering to both the convenience of built-in themes and the curated selections available for manual download, empowering users to sculpt their device’s aesthetic identity with unparalleled precision.

Choose from different themes

The Flux Substratum Theme, a complimentary offering for Android devices within the Substratum theme realm, stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, boasting pixel-perfect graphics and a seamless integration of material UI. This thematic creation aspires to bestow upon your phone a transformative visual experience, immersing it in a captivating blend of vibrancy and darkness.

For those in search of a theme capable of breathing life into their phone, the Flux Substratum Theme emerges as the discerning choice. Imbued with artisanal dedication, this theme incorporates the latest in material design, ensuring that your device’s customization journey is marked by contemporary aesthetics and ease of adaptation.

The thematic repertoire of Flux Substratum Theme extends beyond mere visuals, offering an assortment of widgets ranging from clocks and batteries to status bars and navigation bars. This diverse collection empowers users with the ability to personalize their device comprehensively. Additionally, for enthusiasts of the darker aesthetic, the theme introduces a dark mode feature, enabling a visually immersive and subdued experience, perfect for those inclined towards the shadowy allure of device customization.

Accessible widgets and icons

The Flux theme presents an extensive array of widgets and icons, curated to impart a distinctive aesthetic to your device.

Widgets serve as a dynamic means to infuse your home screen with a one-of-a-kind appearance. Within the Flux Substratum Theme, a diverse selection of widgets awaits, ranging from the practicality of weather, clock, timer, and stopwatch functionalities, each contributing to the overall uniqueness of your home screen.

The accompanying icon pack further amplifies the theme’s visual diversity. A rich assortment of icons, notably embracing the principles of material design, encompasses various elements like the app drawer, app shortcuts, and more. This comprehensive icon pack serves as a reservoir of visual elements, enabling users to tailor their device’s interface with a broad spectrum of choices, fostering a truly individualized and unique appearance.

Pixel-perfect design

The Flux Substratum Theme boasts an impeccably detailed design, featuring a pixel-perfect composition that unfolds seamlessly in a full-screen view, offering users a spacious and immersive interface. Employing the principles of material design UI, coupled with an enticing dark-themed color scheme, this thematic creation endeavors to present a visually stunning and contemporary experience to the user.

Within the realm of Substratum, a commendable free and open-source project, users wield the authority to commandeer control over their devices. This empowering initiative provides a canvas for UI customization, enabling the infusion of diverse themes, and facilitating the dynamic alteration of app colors. Substratum emerges as a conduit for users to shape their device experience, putting the reins of customization firmly in their hands.

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What's new

• Fixed dark text for toast notifications
• Improved white background for google apps
• Improved systemui navbar overlay
• Improved android 12 systemui
• Improved google contacts
• Improved airplane statusbar icon
• Misc ui fixes and improvements

* Dont enable systemui on Derpfest android 12.1 roms!
* Whatsapp and google contacts cant be themed anymore (resources are obfuscated)

📢 Liv Dark substratum is also available
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