Floating Button v6.3 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 24, 2024
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Feb 24, 2024
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Floating Button MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Floating Button MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of enhancing professional productivity, behold a straightforward application designed to elevate user work experience. Tailored specifically for Android users, this application materializes as a discreet icon gracing the apex of the screen’s right corner. Positioned as the quintessential floating button, its primary function resides in unveiling the app’s menu.

Yet, its utility extends beyond mere menu exhibitions. Customization becomes your prerogative, allowing for seamless adaptation to individual requirements. This app facilitates the addition of shortcuts to preferred applications and even the creation of website shortcuts, ensuring swift access to desired online domains.

The app’s prowess further unfolds as it empowers users to craft shortcuts to any chosen application, affording the liberty to allocate bespoke functions to the button’s beckoning click. This proves invaluable for frequent app users, streamlining efficiency by consolidating multiple app launches into a solitary button press. A masterstroke for effective work management.

Emerging as a distinctive UI element prevalent across diverse applications, the floating button distinguishes itself by its unrestrained mobility on the screen. Positioned anywhere the user deems fit, atop or beneath other screen elements, this tool presents a versatile means to enhance user interaction.

Its flexibility serves as a boon for developers seeking to fashion more sophisticated applications, tapping into the potential of this invaluable UI element.

Features of Floating Button MOD APK

Create a floating button to launch your favorite apps

In the realm of digital accoutrements, behold the advent of a singular contrivance an enigmatic widget meticulously designed to grace the expanse of your home screen. This ingenious creation serves as an ethereal button, poised to transport you to the realms of your preferred applications, unveil the sanctum of the camera app, illuminate your surroundings with the flashlight app, and unravel myriad other possibilities.

Behold the capability to imbue this widget with a bespoke functionality beseeching it to inaugurate your chosen applications with a mere touch upon its mystical surface.

Furthermore, the profundity of customization beckons. You possess the authority to paint its essence with any hue that resonates with your aesthetic sensibilities, manipulate its dimensions to align with your desires, and orchestrate the ingress and egress of its symbolic iconography.

Such is the saga of this mystical widget, a nexus of functionality and personalization, ushering forth an array of possibilities in the vast tapestry of digital interaction.

Enable the floating button on the home screen

Embark upon a journey of empowerment as you unveil the prowess to activate this application directly from the sanctum of your home screen. The fluidity of control extends to the ethereal button, a mobile entity you can effortlessly relocate to any precinct of your home screen, metamorphosing it into a conduit for a plethora of actions.

The epitome of convenience, this floating button becomes the nexus of your digital domain, ushering in a seamless symphony of interaction and empowerment.

Drag the floating button to any position

Witness the advent of a versatile instrument, a tool bestowed with the power of seamless rearrangement. Engage in the ritual of placing the floating button at your desired locus, orchestrating a ballet of precision as you effortlessly slide it to any point within your digital realm.

Once positioned, the app gracefully anchors itself, becoming an integral denizen of that chosen space. Should the need arise to restore it to its primal abode, a mere act of digital choreography dragging it back to its initial coordinates returns it to its origin. Such is the dance of control and adaptability facilitated by this sophisticated tool.

Control the floating button from anywhere

Immerse yourself in the liberation offered by this application, a realm unbound by the constraints of a fixed perspective. The app transcends the shackles of specificity, affording you the freedom to wield its influence from any vantage point on your digital canvas.

Unveil the Floating Button at your whim, beckoning its capabilities into existence wherever you choose, a conduit to execute a myriad of actions. The screen becomes a tapestry, and this app, a versatile thread interwoven seamlessly, is ready to be plucked from any corner to manifest its functionalities.

Enable the floating button from the status bar

Empower the integration of this application into your digital tapestry with the ability to enable it directly from the hallowed grounds of the status bar. Navigate through the ethereal realms of your app, bestowing upon it the privilege to manifest the floating button in a manner bespoke to your desires.

Invoke the app’s presence effortlessly, summoning it forth from the status bar and shaping the appearance of the floating button to align with your aesthetic inclinations. The status bar becomes a gateway, a portal through which you command the app to materialize, its floating button a celestial entity ready to grace your digital realm by your whims and fancies.

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What's new

[v6.3] 2023.04.10
◈ (Floating Button) Support for more options to hide the floating button
◈ (Quick Menu) Support the cropping of backgrounds in different proportions
◈ (Quick Menu) Support showing/hiding page indicators at the bottom
◈ Fixed bugs

[v6.2] 2023.03.10
◈ Add new function - QR code scanner
◈ Bug fixes

[v6.1] 2023.02.10
◈ Fix the floating button position offset problem
◈ Bug fixes

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