Flat MeeGo icon pack vO-O-6.2.1 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 31, 2024
MeeGo style icons with refreshed, more modern flat styles. The unique adorable squircle shape crafted by original MeeGo designers. The clean and unified style crafted on vectors. High resolution icons and hand picked wallpapers.
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Jan 30, 2024
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Flat MeeGo icon pack MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Flat MeeGo icon pack MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Unveiling the recently introduced Flat MeeGo Icon Pack, a groundbreaking collection that offers an extensive repertoire of icons catering to the discerning user. This distinctive icon pack prides itself on possessing a unique capability to tailor the visual identity of your mobile device.

Available in both complimentary and premium iterations, the icon pack provides users with a choice based on their preferences. For those seeking the pinnacle of Meeyo’s offerings, a nominal financial investment is required. Alternatively, if simplicity resonates with your preferences, the complimentary version stands as a viable alternative.

Should your mobile device operate on the Meego platform, this icon pack emerges as a bespoke solution crafted just for you. The application unfolds a myriad of customization options, allowing effortless modifications to the size, shape, color, and transparency of the icons. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience. Opt for this icon pack if enhancing the visual allure of your phone holds precedence.

Introducing Meeyo, an exceptional icon pack meticulously crafted to bestow upon your Android’s user interface a pristine and contemporary aesthetic. The integration of this icon pack results in a transformative UI experience, rendering your Android device more visually captivating.

Meeyo simplifies the process of altering your Android device’s appearance. With an expansive selection of icon sets, Meeyo guarantees optimal results for users looking to depart from their current iconography. If the inclination to replace existing icons with a fresh visual identity beckons, Meeyo stands out as the quintessential choice.

Compatible across a spectrum of Android versions, this application emerges as a versatile tool for aesthetic customization. Utilize this icon pack to imbue your device with a sophisticated and contemporary appearance.

Flat Meego Icon Pack, an ensemble of icons, introduces users to a novel and contemporary visual experience. The application is meticulously designed in the stylistic vein of the MeeGo operating system.

This application transcends the boundaries of mere telephony, incorporating themes, wallpapers, and widgets within its ambit. As a user-friendly application, it extends compatibility to a majority of Android phones.

Distinguished by a diverse range of icon designs, the application proves ideal for those yearning to redefine their smartphone’s visual identity. The application’s design philosophy is tailored to accentuate the inherent beauty of smartphones, transcending the commonplace. From the overarching design to the individual icons, this application serves as a transformative force, elevating your smartphone into a truly unique entity.

Features of Flat MeeGo icon pack MOD APK

More than 100 icons

Embark on an immersive exploration through an extensive assortment, surpassing the numerical threshold of 100, encompassing icons and wallpapers galore, complemented by a diverse array of themes, interspersed with some avant-garde additions. The icons, drawn from the MeeGo inspiration, housed within the confines of the Flat MeeGo Icon Pack, serve as an expansive canvas for the meticulous creation of tailor-made and sophisticated themes.

The extensive repertoire encapsulated within the Flat MeeGo icon pack transcends the century mark, presenting a cumulative count exceeding 100 icons. The most recent update injects vitality with the infusion of a handful of novel augmentations to the collection, spanning both the domain of icons and wallpapers. These iconographic elements faithfully replicate the dimensions of their progenitors while embracing the captivating charm emanating from aesthetically pleasing squircle shapes intricately woven into their design.

You can search for icons and wallpapers with a simple search bar

Effortlessly traverse an expansive array of icons and wallpapers utilizing an elegantly streamlined search bar feature. The search outcomes are meticulously tailored to present the specific icon pack you are in pursuit of. It’s noteworthy that the Meego-style icons and wallpapers transcend the confines of smartphones, extending their visual finesse to tablets, laptops, and desktops. This versatile application is ingeniously crafted to simplify the endeavor of locating icons and wallpapers customized for an array of your devices.

Within the Flat MeeGo Icon Pack, the process unfolds seamlessly. A direct search in the assigned bar unveils a thoughtfully curated list of icons and wallpapers aligned precisely with your inquiry. The adaptability of Meego-style icons and wallpapers transcends the realm of phones; they seamlessly elevate the visual allure of tablets, laptops, and desktops. The application stands as an invaluable tool, streamlining your pursuit of the perfect icons and wallpapers across diverse devices.

Navigating the Flat MeeGo icon pack, and locating your desired icon or wallpaper becomes a straightforward task. Execute your search in the designated bar, and witness the results harmonizing with your preferences. Moreover, the functionality extends beyond mere discovery; you can safeguard your preferred icons and wallpapers for future use with a simple click on the star icon, designating them as favorites.

High-quality vector icons

The Meeyo icons stand as an embodiment of the refinement inherent in vector-based design. Their innate scalability ensures a seamless adaptation to any dimension without compromising on quality, while their inherent modifiability facilitates effortless customization as per evolving needs. Each icon is complemented by a high-resolution PNG version, ensuring versatility across a myriad of applications.

Within the expanse of the Flat MeeGo icon pack, the dedication to excellence transcends the realm of icons, extending to a meticulously curated assortment of wallpapers. These wallpapers, intricately fashioned, serve as impeccable embellishments for both desktops and mobile screens. The Meeyo icon pack, a testament to its unwavering commitment to diversity, encompasses a comprehensive array of top-tier vector icons. These icons traverse every conceivable category, mirroring the multifaceted facets of our lives.

Clean and modern flat design

Undergoing a comprehensive rejuvenation, the Flat MeeGo icon pack emerges with a revitalized aesthetic, embracing a contemporary and flattened design. Universally captivating, these icons seamlessly elevate the visual charm of any device, providing an unparalleled level of user-friendliness. Crafted with a discerning eye for modern aesthetics, these icons not only exude visual splendor but also boast remarkable user-friendly attributes, effortlessly blending into your daily interactions with apps and your home screen.

In the pursuit of a transformative icon pack to enhance the visual allure of your device, your search culminates here. The MeeGo style icons, characterized by their distinct flat and modern design, adorned with squircle-shaped icons, present a visual extravaganza. The simplicity and immaculateness of this design, executed with precision through vector graphics, make it equally fitting for both mobile and desktop applications.

This icon pack transcends mere visual embellishment; it transforms into a functional companion tailored for everyday use. The symbiotic relationship between these icons and your apps, coupled with seamless integration into your home screen, ensures a seamless and visually gratifying user experience.

Support for HiDPI screens

Tailored specifically for the realm of HiDPI screens, the Flat MeeGo icon pack undergoes meticulous design considerations, adhering to the distinctive aspect ratio inherent in HiDPI displays. This intentional design strategy ensures that every icon within the pack maintains a sharp and crisp visual quality, particularly when viewed on devices boasting high pixel-density screens.

The incorporation of HiDPI technology proves to be a blessing for devices endowed with high pixel-density displays. It elevates the overall visual clarity, enabling users to perceive on-screen content with an enhanced level of precision. However, the inherent challenge lies in the potential diminutive and pixelated appearance of icons within HiDPI environments. To counteract this concern, the Flat MeeGo icon pack strategically introduces larger-sized icons, effectively mitigating the issue of small and pixelated visuals. This, in turn, delivers an optimal visual experience for users navigating the digital landscape.

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What's new

- With this update, Android 5.0 is required at minimum
- Add some icons
- Redesign some icons
- Fix some missing icons
- Fix loading icons issue
- Fix icon request issue

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