Flashlight Plus v2.7.17 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 20, 2024
Turn your mobile phone into a flashlight and magnifying glass! From the makers of Calculator Plus, Flashlight Plus Free is a new take on the flashlight application. This clever two-in-one app has both a flashlight and a magnifier. The OpticView™ viewfinder allows you to see what you illuminate on your screen, turning your phone into one of the most compact and powerful utility tools you’ll ever have!
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Feb 20, 2024
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Flashlight Plus MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Flashlight Plus MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of Android applications, behold an illuminating marvel – the LED luminescence application. It stands as a potent torch app, replete with a myriad of functionalities. With its radiant brilliance and torch capabilities, the effulgence extends to facilitate seamless perusal of your smartphone screen.

Particularly advantageous for those engrossed in screen scrutiny while navigating on the go. A luminous app, offering an LED torch boasting an infinite array of luminosity gradients.

The choice is yours – bask in the radiance of torchlight or embrace the brilliance of the flashlight. Optimal customization awaits as you calibrate brightness to your liking. Decisions unfold on whether the torch should cast its glow or retreat into the shadows. Moreover, a flashlight mode guarantees a steadfast stream of light.

This manifests as an LED flashlight application, a sanctuary for users seeking luminosity. Armed with a robust flashlight, it emerges as the quintessential solution for navigating the nocturnal abyss. The torch transcends its role as a mere beacon, unfurling a tapestry of multifunctionality.

Mastery over luminosity intensity, chromatic metamorphosis, and automated extinction comprise its arsenal. A dynamic adaptation to diverse environments, this application champions energy conservation and battery longevity.

Enter Flashlight Plus, an illuminating adjunct for Android gadgets. More than a mere mimicry of traditional flashlights, it metamorphoses into an epitome of functionality. Assorted modes unveil themselves, presenting a cornucopia of facilitation for daily life.

Govern the luminous vigor and even manipulate the chromatic spectrum. The LED torch, radiant in its brilliance, morphs into a nocturnal guide. An array of functions unfolds, aiding in spatial orientation during both diurnal and nocturnal exploits. An app woven into the fabric of routine, seamlessly integrated into quotidian activities.

This application proves invaluable for individuals reliant on smartphones for spatial awareness. It serves as a beacon through nocturnal realms and daytime escapades alike. A navigational compass in unfamiliar terrains, guiding one through uncharted trajectories.

User-friendly yet sophisticated, this app encapsulates simplicity with a myriad of configurations. Not confined to the realms of illumination, it extends its prowess to text perusal, timekeeping, and weather scrutiny. A multifaceted app, not merely a torch, but a luminary virtuoso.

Features of Flashlight Plus MOD APK

Turn your mobile phone into a flashlight and magnifying glass

The OpticView™ ocular device empowers you to behold the illuminated spectacle on your screen, metamorphosing your mobile device into a paragon of compact yet formidable utility.

Employ the radiant burst of luminescence to cast light upon your screen, facilitating intimate scrutiny. Subsequently, leverage the magnifying lens to scrutinize your screen with precision. The Flashlight Plus application provides an exceptional means to discern finer details on your screen, particularly in environments enveloped in darkness.

Adjustable brightness, focus, and zoom levels

This application bestows upon you absolute mastery over the luminosity, focal point, and magnification of your luminous beam. Manipulate the brilliance, zoom, and focus gradation effortlessly through the tactile glide of your finger in various directions. Alternatively, a sustained press on the screen instantaneously elevates the screen’s radiance.

The flashlight’s luminosity is also within your command, either via the tactile button on your device’s flank or by a prolonged press on the screen for incremental brightening or dimming of the flashlight. Harness the flashlight not only for its conventional use but also for swift glances at your email or text messages, or for perusing your calendar appointments and reminders.

Find your phone from anywhere in the room

This application metamorphoses your smartphone into a potent illuminating device. Transform your phone into a formidable fount of light, be it within the obscurity of a dimly lit room, an expansive parking lot, or even beneath the confines of covers.

While the Magnifier excels at revealing the intricacies on your screen, locating your phone isn’t always as straightforward. Enter the OpticView™, now at your disposal to unveil your phone’s whereabouts in the dark, be it on your nightstand, table, desk, countertop, or any other conceivable location.

Brighten up your phone screen with LED lighting

Flashlight Plus emerges as a versatile instrument, seamlessly transforming your smartphone into a practical flashlight and magnifying glass amalgam. A mere tap unleashes the prowess of your device, promptly illuminating your environs with the brilliance of LED lights.

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