File Commander v8.18.48714 MOD APK (Premium Plus)

Last Updated on Jan 03, 2024
File Commander is a powerful file manager that allows you to handle any file on your Android device, cloud storage or network location via a clean and intuitive interface. Fully optimized for Android P, File Commander is loaded with features - Vault security, Recycle Bin, Storage Analyzer, File Converter & also receive 5GB Free storage on MobiDrive.
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Jan 03, 2024
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File Commander – File Manager MOD APK (Premium Plus)

Download The Latest APK Version of File Commander – File Manager MOD APK. An Android Business App this MOD comes with Premium Plus Available for download Yours Now.

Commander of Files stands as a robust custodian of data, enabling deft manipulation of any document residing within the confines of your Android apparatus, cloud repository, or network locale through an interface exuding purity and intuition.

Tailored for optimal functionality with Android 13, Commander of Files brims with features – the impregnable Vault security, the Bin of Recycled Debris, the Analytics of Storage, and the Converter of Documents, complemented by an additional endowment of 5 gigabytes of complimentary storage on MobiDrive.

In the domain of Commander of Files, adept management of files unfolds with simplicity and intuition. Effortlessly conjure folders, administer files, forge backups, scrutinize and duplicate files, and fabricate ZIP archives.

An embedded document transformer facilitates the metamorphosis of files, images, and auditory snippets. Furthermore, the seamless transference of files to the celestial expanse is within reach.

Commander of Files emerges as a potent overseer of documents, boasting a plethora of utility. A noteworthy facet lies in its compatibility with both Android and iOS denizens, supplemented by the convenience of cloud support to orchestrate harmonious data synchronization across diverse platforms. The quintessence of orderliness and dominion over storage expanse constitutes its chief allure.

Endowed with multifarious functions, it functions as a guardian for files, directories, and the ethereal cloud. The advent of cloud reinforcement facilitates the effortless convergence of all data, rendering geographical constraints inconsequential. The bountiful storage allotment affords accommodation for an extensive array of files, rendering the application a cornucopia of features for users’ delight.

Navigating through the labyrinth of files is made facile by the Commander of Files, with its capacity to explore, institute, and govern folders. The added dimension of cloud assistance renders file-sharing a seamless undertaking. Exploit the application to peruse files on any gadget, bridging connections through its mobile counterpart.

This confluence of functionalities bequeaths heightened convenience to users. Augmented by robust cloud patronage, unrestricted access to data is assured at any juncture. The boundless reservoir of storage space evolves into a sanctuary for housing an array of files, unrestrained by limitations.”

Feature of File Commander – File Manager MOD APK

Supports all internal and external storage locations

In wielding File Commander, you shall adeptly orchestrate your data on your Android apparatus, cloud repository, or network enclave through a pristine and perceptive interface. Through the intrinsic attributes of this application, you shall gain ingress to and systematize your data repository.

By employing File Commander, you possess the capability to reach all your data spanning the internal and external repositories, irrespective of their residence on your cellular device, tablet, or personal computing engine.

The execution of all maneuvers necessitates only a modicum of clicks, obviating the obligation to delve into the labyrinthine file system. The compendium of data domiciled in the ethereal confines can be directly retrieved from within the application.

Search by File Name, Type, Size, Date, Folder, and Tags

Whether your quest involves locating files based on nomenclature, categorization, dimensions, chronology, directories, or tags, File Commander extends the means for an expedient exploration. A mere tap on the magnifying lens icon positioned at the zenith right-hand corner of the home interface initiates an efficacious quest.

The results can be further refined by winnowing through file types or specifying a temporal span. Upon setting your preferred search parameters, a roster of outcomes manifests itself, arranged either by chronology or magnitude.

To peruse a particular file, a mere click on the miniature representation is requisite to inaugurate the application, followed by a tap on the file of interest. Should the inclination be to unveil the file in an alternative application, the Share alternative stands at your disposal.

Backup and Restore with the integrated Backup Manager

Should contingencies beckon, our contingency stratagem is primed for deployment. Facilitated by the amalgamated Backup Manager, you gain the prowess to archive your applications and data to the expanse of MobiSystems Drive.

It accommodates the safeguarding of application archives for the complete spectrum of endorsed applications, including those procured from Google Play. Additionally, you wield the capability to archive and reinstate specific files or entire directories.

The unified Backup Manager extends its umbrella to envelop your entire device, ready to be shrouded in a protective cocoon in the face of exigencies. File Commander augments this functionality, enabling the preservation of your device’s system configurations, application data, contacts, missives, call chronicles, and more.

Moreover, the Backup Manager stands as a facile conduit for the resuscitation of your archived files. It’s a seamless, propitious, and uncomplicated endeavor.

Supports all popular cloud services: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box & OneDrive

File Commander stands as a formidable custodian of files, empowering you to govern every file residing on your Android contraption, cloud repository, or network hub through an unsullied and discerning interface.

This application boasts compatibility with a myriad of esteemed cloud services, encompassing Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

Secure files from unwanted users

The File Commander MOD APK prioritizes security in its design, placing a premium on safeguarding your data. It boasts the capability to cipher and secure your files and directories, thwarting any unwarranted intrusion by external users.

The process of locking and subsequently unlocking files and folders is a seamless endeavor, ensuring exclusive access solely for you.

Introducing the Vault feature, an additional layer of protection for your files. Within this vault, virtual folders are forged, and seamlessly accessible through the file manager. Each of these folders accommodates a maximum of 10 files, allowing the establishment of multiple Vault folders within the expanse of File Commander MOD APK.

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What's new

• 'Properties' for multiple files/folders selection
• Specific sorting options for a folder
• Create an empty file in a folder
• MobiSystems Drive has a new name, icon, website & integration with Windows PC
• Use your Apple ID to sign into MobiDrive
• Organized audio files with the new tabs for tracks and folders
• Music Player Queue - Arrange songs in the desired order
• New Home screen categories - Screenshots & APK
• Video Player – Support for looping files

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