Fast Scanner v4.7.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
Fast Scanner turns your Android devices into a multiple pages scanner for documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, whiteboards and other paper text. With Fast Scanner, you can quickly scan your document, then print or email them as multiple pages PDF or JPEG files. Moreover you can save the PDF files in your device or open them in other apps.
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Feb 12, 2024
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Fast Scanner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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In the tapestry of daily routines, digitizing physical documents stands as a commonplace yet pivotal task. Possessing a scanner alongside a Windows-operated computing device streamlines the transformation of paper into digital files. In the absence of such hardware, smartphones emerge as an alternative, albeit with a notable consumption of time and effort.

Enter Fast Scanner: an elegantly streamlined solution for document digitization. True to its moniker, this application promises and delivers rapid conversion of paper to pixel, ensuring immediate access to digitized content without the tedium of prolonged loading times.

Boasting a plethora of capabilities, Fast Scanner excels in transmuting visuals into PDF format, offering users the convenience of directly archiving images as PDFs. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of digital replicas of original documents, all while maintaining exemplary image fidelity. Fast Scanner stands as a bulwark against the challenges of document preservation.

Beyond its basic function, Fast Scanner elevates the experience of document scanning to new heights of efficiency and user-friendliness. It adeptly bridges the chasm between physical documents and their digital counterparts, allowing for the aggregation of multiple pages into a singular digital entity.

The laborious nature of manual document scanning dissipates under the auspices of Fast Scanner, rendering it an indispensable ally for those engaged in document management, whether for personal or professional purposes. This tool not only simplifies but also enriches the process of document perusal.

With an intuitive interface at its core, Fast Scanner lays bare the essence of scanned documents, granting users the liberty to refine images post-scan. Dissatisfaction with the outcome is effortlessly remedied by reverting the modifications.

Fast Scanner ascends to the zenith of document scanning solutions, distinguished by its advanced functionalities and user-centric design. It is the quintessence of convenience, embodying the perfect amalgamation of innovation and utility for document digitization.

Features of Fast Scanner MOD APK

Turn your Android device into a multiple-scanner

Fast Scanner unfurls a realm of simplicity in disseminating your digitized documents. Upon the capture of a document, the pathway to accessing and sharing the file across various applications becomes remarkably straightforward. Whether it’s engaging with the scanned PDF in Adobe Reader, dispatching the document via email to peers, or archiving it within your device, the process is seamless.

Moreover, the application extends the creative liberty to fashion bespoke templates. Incorporating scanned imagery, titling, dating, and additional elements into a custom template elevates the personalization of your digital archives. These tailor-made templates not only serve your organizational needs but also stand ready to be shared, bridging connections through email or the vast networks of social media.

This feature underscores Fast Scanner’s commitment to enhancing not just the efficiency of document scanning, but also the versatility and creativity in document management and sharing, all rendered in fluent English.

Save the scanned pages to your device

Fast Scanner emerges as a quintessential PDF scanner application, streamlining the conversion of documents into digital form with remarkable speed and efficiency. Once a document is scanned, the app offers the flexibility to either print or dispatch the content as a multi-page PDF or JPEG file via email. Additionally, it provides the convenience of storing PDF files locally on your device or accessing them through other applications.

This application adeptly handles a wide array of materials, from documents, receipts, and notes to invoices, business cards, and whiteboards, capturing every detail with clarity. The digitized pages can be securely stored within your device or directly forwarded to your email, ensuring immediate access and safekeeping. Furthermore, Fast Scanner facilitates the storage of PDF files on your device or their exploration in other applications, underscoring its versatility and user-friendly approach to managing digital documents in the English language.

Open the saved files in other apps

Upon scanning a document with Fast Scanner, the convenience of viewing the document unfolds seamlessly in your preferred PDF viewer, or you have the option to share it via email with others. Additionally, the versatility of Fast Scanner extends to the accessibility of saved PDF files on your device, allowing for their opening in various other applications. This feature enhances the ease with which you can manage, share, and access your scanned documents, underscoring Fast Scanner’s commitment to providing a user-friendly and efficient document scanning solution in the English language.

Print the scanned pages directly

Fast Scanner simplifies the process of transforming your scanned documents into physical copies with just a tap on the screen, eliminating the necessity to first navigate through PDF files. This application streamlines direct printing of scanned pages, while also offering the flexibility to save these PDF files on your device or engage with them across various applications.

The utility of Fast Scanner extends beyond mere scanning; it facilitates the creation of multi-page PDF or JPEG files from your scans. Whether you choose to archive these scanned pages within your device for future reference or prefer to explore them in other applications, Fast Scanner provides a seamless bridge between digital scanning and physical documentation, all in the English language.

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