eXport-it UPnP Client/Server v1.9.7 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
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This application contains an UPnP and HTTP server, and an UPnP client. The server runs in the background as a long running service, and you can use another application simultaneously.
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Mar 04, 2024
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eXport-it UPnP Client/Server MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of eXport-it UPnP Client/Server MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of network connectivity, one encounters a formidable tool known as eXport-it UPnP Client/Server. This sophisticated utility seamlessly interfaces with the UPnP network, offering a sophisticated avenue for orchestrating your home network dynamics and establishing a facile connection to the expansive realms of the internet.

Its operational simplicity is a noteworthy facet, demanding minimal exertion during the setup process. This apparatus empowers users to exercise remote control over their devices, transcending geographical boundaries.

Effortlessly harness the capabilities of this application to steer your device into the vast expanse of the internet, facilitating the seamless exchange of multimedia treasures.

This avant-garde solution transcends the mundane, emerging as the quintessential conduit for sharing photos, videos, music, and an array of other digital artifacts. It stands as the epitome of efficiency, ensuring an unparalleled method for relishing your digital content while on the move.

This innovative tool doesn’t merely offer connectivity; it metamorphoses your device into an entity capable of traversing the digital landscape. Enable your device to become a beacon in cyberspace, a nexus through which files are shared with finesse, and the orchestration of your home network attains a level of finesse that transcends the ordinary.

Enter the domain of eXport-it UPnP Client/Server, a nexus that empowers users to intertwine their devices with the intricate tapestry of the UPnP network.

Embark on a digital odyssey where this application becomes your emissary to the online realm. The very fabric of this tool weaves a narrative of connectivity, where sharing files and managing your home network becomes not just a function but a symphony of digital prowess. Delve into the profound potential encapsulated within eXport-it UPnP Client/Server an application that beckons you to share your device’s essence with the vast expanses of the internet.

Feature of eXport-it UPnP Client/Server MOD APK

Share videos, photos, music, eBooks, and more

In the realm of file-sharing prowess, behold a robust solution that empowers the dissemination of sundry Android contents be it videos, photos, melodies, or literary tomes across the confines of your local Wi-Fi matrix and, when suitably configured, traversing the expanses of the World Wide Web.

The actuation of this transcendent capability avails you the liberty to export an array of files spanning video, visual snapshots, auditory opuses, and even the literary elegance encapsulated within PDF documents. The graphical user interface, characterized by its innate simplicity and intuitiveness, mandates only the election of the target device followed by the execution of the “Share” command.

Export and import your Android files with the eXport-it UPnP Server and the eXport-it UPnP Client

Within the realm of digital functionalities, the eXport-it UPnP Server and its counterpart, the eXport-it UPnP Client, emerge as invaluable tools. The eXport-it UPnP Client extends its reach to all files dispatched from your Android apparatus, affording the flexibility to import them into an array of platforms such as PCs, Macs, iPhones, or iPads.

Meanwhile, the eXport-it UPnP Server empowers the seamless exportation of your Android device’s files to diverse destinations, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, and iPads. This proves particularly advantageous in scenarios where the necessity arises to convey a medley of multimedia assets like photos, music, or videos from your Android device to an array of alternative platforms.

Delving deeper into the technological intricacies, the server application, an integral facet of the eXport-it UPnP Client/Server amalgamation, operates clandestinely in the background, perpetuating itself as a sustained service. Remarkably, this operation unfolds concurrently with the utilization of other applications, exemplifying the seamless synergy of these technological components.

Download media files remotely through UPnP

For those seeking a seamless conduit to transfer media files from one Android device to another, the eXport-it UPnP Client emerges as a viable solution. This tool empowers users to remotely procure various types of media files effortlessly.

The versatility of this tool extends to downloading media files from your Android device to multiple platforms, including your PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and conversely.

The operational process is remarkably straightforward, devoid of any prerequisite for specialized software. A simple connection between your Android device and computer via a USB cable initiates the proceedings. Subsequently, the eXport-it UPnP Server can be activated on your PC and configured.

Once engaged, the eXport-it UPnP Server assumes the role of a vigilant sentinel over your computer network interface, commencing the dispensation of media files to your remote devices. This user-friendly approach renders the entire process not only efficient but also accessible to individuals with varied technical aptitudes.

You can control the playback remotely using the UPnP protocol

Within the realm of eXport-it UPnP Client/Server, the prowess to commandeer the playback of your media files remotely stands as a noteworthy feature.

This encompassing capability extends to playing all forms of media files be it video, photo, music, or eBooks (including .pdf) files exported from your Android device. Additionally, the ambit includes playing media files, spanning video, photo, music, and eBooks, domiciled on other devices through the UPnP protocol.

The versatility of control isn’t confined merely to your Android device. By configuring the UPnP client, an integral facet of the application, your smartphone metamorphoses into a potent remote control for a spectrum of devices, encompassing PCs, MACs, or even a television.

To unleash this capability, configuring the UPnP client demands attention to details specifying the port number for UPnP usage, the server’s address, and the server’s port. This meticulous configuration serves as the linchpin, granting users seamless control over their media playback landscape.

Browse the internet and your local network

The dynamic duo of eXport-it UPnP Client/Server not only facilitates seamless media management but extends its utility to web and local network exploration.

Harnessing this amalgamation, you can peruse the vast expanse of the internet via your Android device, utilizing either the mobile browser or your computer tethered to the local Wi-Fi network.

Further expanding its capabilities, eXport-it UPnP Client/Server enables your Android device to link up with the local Wi-Fi network, enabling internet access through either the mobile browser or a computer harmonized with the local Wi-Fi network.

The web browsing experience is not confined to a singular avenue; rather, it encompasses a plethora of esteemed web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, and even the venerable Internet Explorer. Remarkably, this extends to surfing the internet through a VPN connection, exemplifying the breadth of accessibility.

Beyond web exploration, the functionality extends to remote file access through your preferred file manager, enhancing the versatility of this technological tandem.

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