EOBD Facile v3.55.0984 MOD APK (Plus Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 22, 2023
EOBD Facile is the ultimate OBD2 Bluetooth car scanner. With an ELM327 adapter you will have the best ODB car scanner tool in your pocket!
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Dec 22, 2023
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EOBD Facile MOD APK (Plus Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of EOBD Facile MOD APK. An Android Auto & Vehicles App this MOD comes with Plus Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

OBD emerges as a pivotal protocol, a standardized system facilitating a symbiotic connection with a vehicle to glean insights into its intricacies and operational dynamics. It serves as the linchpin of a car’s control apparatus, encompassing the engine, fuel injection, exhaust system, and more.

However, delving into the recesses of the OBD port for data retrieval can sometimes prove to be a formidable task. Challenges may rear their head when attempting to peruse the OBD port, introducing a hurdle in the seamless extraction of information.

Enter the ingenious application designed to circumvent these obstacles. This tool acts as the conduit, establishing a connection with your vehicle’s OBD port to peruse its inner workings. The application, not only complimentary but also user-friendly, bestows upon you the critical information needed for informed decision-making.

This sophisticated application stands as the conduit between your automobile and its OBD port. Facilitating effortless data extraction from the OBD port, it concurrently aids in the resolution and diagnosis of your vehicle’s maladies.

Should your car’s OBD port falter in functionality, this application emerges as the panacea. It seamlessly bridges the gap, affording you easy access to the OBD port and the consequential information. Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, the application, a paragon of simplicity, is a downloadable resource with no associated costs.

EODB Facile, an avant-garde device, serves as the nexus between OBD II (Onboard Diagnostic) and Android devices, a veritable diagnostic powerhouse. This device undertakes the responsibility of diagnosing your vehicle and furnishing an exhaustive diagnostic report.

The OBD II diagnostic system, a universal communication protocol for vehicular computers, finds a companion in this device, disseminating intricate details about your vehicle’s condition. A plethora of data becomes accessible, offering insights into various facets of your vehicle’s functionality.

Compatibility, a forte of the device, extends to a myriad of vehicle brands, including but not limited to BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Toyota, Honda, KIA, and Ford.

The seamless connection between this application and the device is achieved through a USB link to your phone. A cornucopia of information about your car unfolds, showcasing the current status of the vehicle along with detailed specifics.

Engine data, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and more become palpable through the application’s interface. Furthermore, the application allows you to monitor fuel consumption and calculate the distance to the next service station.

The application assumes the role of a vigilant guardian, detecting and alerting you to potential issues within your vehicle. It is attuned to the vitality of your battery and offers insights into tire pressure and other crucial parameters.

Consider EODB Facile not merely as an application but as a pragmatic solution for your vehicular tribulations. It becomes an indispensable asset, providing a holistic means to troubleshoot, monitor, and diagnose your vehicle. With this application at your disposal, tracking fuel consumption and ensuring the optimal health of your automobile becomes an effortless endeavor.

Features of EOBD Facile MOD APK

Discover the exact reason why the Check Engine Light is on

Unearth the precise cause behind the illuminated Check Engine Light.

In your quest for a dependable OBD2 Bluetooth car scanner, look no further; this application is tailored to meet your needs!

Empowered by this automotive diagnostic software, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into your vehicle’s engine and transmission. This knowledge equips you to ascertain the overall health of your vehicle, discerning whether it’s in optimal condition.

This app serves as your oracle, revealing the specific vehicle component responsible for the issue and elucidating the gravity of the problem at hand.

Why hesitate? Seize the opportunity! Download the OBD2 Bluetooth car diagnostic scanner app now and unravel the mystery behind the Check Engine Light’s illumination.

Get instant information about the engine and transmission issues

The EOBD Facile OBD2 Bluetooth car scanner stands as the quintessential OBD2 car diagnostic instrument, providing instantaneous insights into engine and transmission irregularities.

This cutting-edge tool excels in swiftly identifying issues within your vehicle and delivering real-time notifications. The prowess of this OBD2 car diagnostic tool extends to alerting you about malfunctions in the engine and transmission, encompassing critical components like the gearbox, clutch, and other elements associated with the vehicle’s torque.

See the status of the engine’s oil, coolant, & air pressure

The mysteries beneath your car’s hood with the cutting edge OBD2 car diagnostic scanner, delving into the intricate realms of engine oil condition, coolant temperature, and air pressure.

This state of the art automotive wizardry isn’t just a scanner; it’s your digital automotive oracle. It deciphers the cryptic language of your vehicle, revealing the secrets of oil levels, the temperament of coolant, and the breath of air pressure.

These revelations aren’t mere data points; they are the whispers of your car’s needs. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the subtle cues guiding you beckoning for attention, signaling the call for maintenance, or urging the summoning of a master mechanic.

View the status of the vehicle’s fuel economy

Experience the simplicity and efficacy of this OBD2 car scanner application designed for both iPhone and Android devices. Establish a connection between your vehicle’s OBD2 adapter and the OBD port, initiating a comprehensive scan of trouble codes associated with the car’s engine and transmission.

This user-friendly application excels in notifying you of potential issues concerning your vehicle’s engine and transmission. It extends its vigilance to components like the clutch, gearbox, and other intricacies tied to the vehicle’s torque, ensuring that you are promptly informed about any looming concerns.

Read the speedometer, odometer, and trip meter

Harness the potential of the ELM327 Bluetooth ODB2 adapter to seamlessly link your smartphone to your car, initiating a comprehensive scan of data emanating from the car’s ECU. This data trove empowers you to glean information ranging from the car’s speedometer, odometer, and trip meter to nuanced details like airbag status, fuel level, battery voltage, and an array of other metrics.

This application boasts compatibility with all Android phones and tablets, extending its reach to encompass devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later. Furthermore, it harmonizes effortlessly with Android-powered cars equipped with an OBD2 port, ensuring a broad spectrum of compatibility for an enhanced automotive diagnostic experience.

View the vehicle’s current fuel level

The Fuel Gauge functionality emerges as an indispensable tool for scrutinizing your car’s fuel levels. Through this application, vigilant monitoring of your car’s fuel level becomes a reality, complete with notifications that sound the alarm when the tank approaches depletion. Should the fuel gauge signal an empty tank, the app promptly advises you to refuel your car.

This application extends beyond fuel-level vigilance, offering a comprehensive dossier on your car and its battery. It assumes the role of a diagnostic ally, enabling you to assess the battery’s state, scrutinize voltage levels, and even monitor temperature variations.

Furthermore, the app facilitates a thorough inspection of the battery’s condition, providing insights into charge levels, overall capacity, and a precise percentage representation of battery capacity. Armed with this wealth of information, you gain a holistic understanding of your vehicle’s power source, ensuring you are well informed and proactive in addressing any battery-related concerns.

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What's new

- New design for model selection
- Improvements for Jeep (A/T, All Wheel Drive)
- Improvements for Volvo (Add Engine ECU référence Denso VED/I4D, VEP/I4T, Bosch MED17, …)
- Improvements for Citroen C5II

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