English 90000 Words & Pictures v1.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 27, 2023
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Dec 27, 2023
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English 90000 Words & Pictures MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of English 90000 Words & Pictures MOD APK. An Android Education App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of linguistic enlightenment, behold English 90000 Words & Pictures, an erudition application tailored for disciples in the pursuit of English mastery. This sophisticated tool amalgamates an extensive lexicon and a compendium of visual aids, fostering a multifaceted approach encompassing reading, listening, writing, speaking, and comprehension proficiencies.

To augment the efficacy of English acquisition, this avant garde application proffers an array of difficulty tiers. In its most recent iteration, the application unveils an array of supplementary attributes, elevating the edification experience to unparalleled heights.

Within its digital sanctum resides a lexical repository harboring an excess of 300,000 words, accompanied by a meticulous compilation of commonplace expressions. A taxonomic structure organizes these linguistic gems into discrete categories, and the inclusion of an engaging word-centric game bestows an element of mirth upon the learning odyssey, introducing neologisms and unfamiliar linguistic territories.

The onerous task of search is rendered obsolete; the repository is a mosaic of linguistic enlightenment, accessible with a mere tap. The application avails a word search functionality for the discerning wordsmith, affording an expeditious journey through the vast expanse of language. One can engage in English exercises at one’s discretion, transcending temporal and spatial constraints.

English, a linguistic tapestry woven by millions globally, stands as a paramount conduit to triumph in the journey of life. The formidable intricacies inherent in this linguistic bastion may, however, pose a formidable challenge to the eager acolyte. Enter the English 90000 Words & Pictures application, an indispensable aide in the acquisition and retention of English lexemes and idioms.

This all encompassing application emerges as a crucible for refining English skills, boasting a diverse array of functionalities that have earned it resounding acclaim. An optimal learning experience, coupled with superlative outcomes, expeditiously propels one towards English mastery.

Imbued with a design ethos geared towards mnemonic proficiency, the application facilitates the indelible imprinting of English vocabulary and phonetics. With an expansive repertoire of words and phrases exceeding 10,000, the learning curve accelerates precipitously. An innovative feature, the Flashcards mechanism, augments the learning journey, akin to a beacon illuminating the linguistic seascape.

Furthermore, the application incorporates a vocabulary scrutineer, an evaluative tool to gauge one’s lexical prowess. Engage in deliberate practice, navigating the labyrinthine corridors of language with over 10,000 words and phrases, expeditiously advancing towards lexical finesse. The discerning wordsmith shall find solace in the realm of English 90000 Words & Pictures, a bastion of linguistic erudition.

Features of English 90000 Words & Pictures MOD APK

Different levels of difficulty to learn

Embark upon a linguistic odyssey within this lexical acquisition application, where the gradients of difficulty unfurl like a tapestry, awaiting your selection based on your individual aptitude. Tailor your experience by perusing words and images aligned with the chosen echelon of complexity.

This educational tool graciously bestows upon users a tiered system of difficulty, a strategic scaffold fostering a more nuanced understanding of the English language. Through the simple act of selecting a difficulty level, one can calibrate the intricacy of the app’s content to align with their proficiency.

Navigating the labyrinth of linguistic nuances becomes an intuitive endeavor with the aid of this application. The inaugural level, tailored for neophytes, serves as a stepping stone, imparting foundational English principles to instill linguistic competence.

For the intermediary linguistic voyager, the second tier unfolds as a realm of heightened challenge, a crucible for refining and expanding one’s English lexicon. It beckons the adept learner to fortify their linguistic arsenal.

The pinnacle of complexity resides in the third tier, meticulously crafted for the erudite language connoisseur. Herein lies a crucible for honing language proficiency, transcending the ordinary into the realm of linguistic virtuosity.

In this linguistic sanctuary, you’re not merely navigating levels; you’re sculpting your linguistic destiny. Engage with intentionality, select a tier reflective of your linguistic journey, and unravel the vast tapestry of English proficiency within the confines of this application.

Practice vocabulary with flashcards

Within the confines of this application, users engage in the art of lexicon refinement through the utilization of an ingenious flashcard mechanism. The flashcard feature emerges as a pedagogical ally, facilitating the expeditious and effective acquisition of words.

Beyond the realm of flashcards, users traverse a comprehensive landscape where the cultivation of reading, listening, writing, and speaking competencies takes center stage. A symbiotic interplay ensues, empowering individuals to fortify their vocabulary prowess through a multifaceted approach.

The flashcard feature serves as a linchpin in the edification journey, offering a dynamic and interactive means to internalize and retain words with heightened efficiency. It stands as a testament to the application’s commitment to fostering an immersive and efficacious learning experience.

In tandem with the flashcards, the application avails opportunities for honing the four pillars of language acquisition reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Through deliberate practice, users embark on a holistic linguistic odyssey, progressively enhancing their vocabulary acumen.

This harmonious amalgamation of interactive flashcards and diverse language exercises propels users toward linguistic mastery, transcending the traditional paradigms of vocabulary acquisition. Engage, practice, and witness the transformative impact on your lexicon within the embrace of this educational bastion.

Get a grade and feedback on your vocabulary

Immerse yourself in a curated amalgamation of words and images within the realm of English 90000 Words & Pictures. Herein, users partake in a dynamic linguistic journey, reading and listening to an array of words meticulously curated for comprehensive edification.

Post the immersive engagement with words, users delve into interactive exercises, filling in blanks and discerning correct answers. A meticulous evaluation ensues, rendering a grade that serves as a metric of linguistic prowess. In the event of a graded accomplishment, users receive email notifications, while app-delivered feedback becomes a beacon of constructive insights.

Within the confines of this linguistic crucible, each user is bestowed with a personalized grade and feedback, a testament to their vocabulary acumen. Progress becomes tangible as users witness the evolution of their linguistic proficiency through grades and tailored feedback.

The comparative aspect unfolds as users gauge their grade against fellow learners, fostering a sense of community and motivation. The application metamorphoses into a dynamic arena where individual progress harmonizes with collective advancement, elucidating the collective journey of vocabulary enhancement.

Embark on this odyssey within English 90000 Words & Pictures, where grades and feedback converge to illuminate the path toward linguistic refinement, fostering not just personal growth but a shared voyage toward lexicon mastery.

Add new words to your vocabulary

This application extends a helping hand in the pursuit of lexical expansion, specifically targeting the terra incognita of unfamiliar words. Its utility is unmistakable, offering a seamless pathway to augment your vocabulary by a simple tap on the words that elude your current lexicon.

The intuitive design facilitates an effortless journey of discovery. Users can effortlessly integrate new words into their cognitive repertoire, forging connections with the previously unknown through the act of tapping.

The word search feature emerges as a navigational compass in this linguistic odyssey, enabling users to pinpoint and unearth words of interest. A veritable lexicon treasure hunt ensues, enhancing the efficacy of the learning experience.

Practicing English takes on a new dimension with this application, transcending mere rote memorization. It becomes an interactive and dynamic process, a synthesis of tapping, searching, and learning, converging to sculpt a nuanced understanding of the English language.

In the intricate tapestry of this linguistic haven, every tap on an unknown word unveils a portal to linguistic enlightenment. With the word list as a guide, users traverse the expansive terrain of words, seamlessly integrating newfound knowledge into their lexical arsenal.

Engage, tap, search, and immerse yourself in the transformative journey facilitated by this application. Elevate your linguistic prowess by learning not only the familiar but by delving into the uncharted realms of words that await your discovery.

See the word definition and synonyms

Within the expansive universe of English 90000 Words & Pictures, the elucidation of word nuances unfolds through a pivotal feature the revelation of word definitions and synonyms. This salient attribute emerges as a linchpin, bestowing users with an invaluable resource to comprehend the essence of words in their linguistic voyage.

The significance of this feature reverberates in its ability to transcend language barriers. Users are not only presented with word meanings but are also provided with synonyms, facilitating a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the lexical landscape. This feature proves to be a beacon of clarity, enabling users to grasp the intricacies of words with enhanced ease.

Navigating the meanings of words becomes an intuitive endeavor within this application. A mere tap on a word unravels its semantic tapestry, unveiling not just the definition but a plethora of synonymous expressions. This interactive exploration fosters a symbiotic relationship between the user and language, promoting a deeper connection.

The incorporation of words into the word list is not merely a mechanical act; it’s a deliberate curatorial process. Users can curate their lexical treasury, adding words of interest for future reference. The added dimension of frequency analysis further empowers users to discern the pulse of language, identifying the most commonly used words that permeate the linguistic landscape.

In essence, English 90000 Words & Pictures transforms the act of learning into a dynamic expedition, where definitions, synonyms, and frequencies converge to sculpt a profound understanding of language. Engage with this application, tap into the richness of words, and embark on a journey where the intricacies of language unfold before you.

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