Elemental Dungeon v3.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 10, 2024
In this fascinating free action adventure RPG with roguelike elements and great pixel art graphics you explore randomized dungeons by combining the elements to cast powerful spells. 

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Jan 10, 2024
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Elemental Dungeon MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Elemental Dungeon MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, Elemental Dungeon emerges as an action RPG masterpiece crafted by AQUA Productions. Immerse yourself in a fantastical universe where each elemental force possesses its distinct dominion.

Within this perilous world, valiant heroes, embodiments of each element, engage in relentless battles against formidable monsters and demons. Elemental Dungeon challenges players with a myriad of dangers and adversities.

Embark on a journey through dungeons, endlessly sprawling and intricately designed. The game ingeniously employs a grid system, granting players unrestricted movement within these labyrinths.

The gameplay revolves around four elemental essences: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each element boasts its repertoire of exclusive skills and capabilities, creating a dynamic and strategic gaming experience.

Picture this – a fiery mage conjuring scorching fireball spells, juxtaposed with an ice mage manipulating the arcane art of freezing magic. Players have the freedom to embody a singular elemental force or experiment with combinations, fusing the powers of different elements.

Every dungeon presents a unique challenge, delineated by its level of difficulty. Players exercise control by selecting a specific difficulty level from the triad of options: Easy, Normal, and Hard. This choice intricately impacts the abundance of encountered monsters and the repertoire of spells available for acquisition.

Navigate through the treacherous landscapes, where monsters, traps, and coveted treasures await exploration. As the chosen protagonist, your mission unfolds in a narrative woven through dialogues and battles. Elemental Dungeon adopts a groundbreaking “Classless Character Creation” system, liberating players from the shackles of traditional classes.

Furthermore, experiment with hybrid classes by seamlessly melding two disparate archetypes, amplifying the spectrum of possibilities within this innovative gaming experience.

Features of Elemental Dungeon MOD APK

Explore the world in different ways

You’ll be submerged in a world full of varied and difficult dungeons in this adventure role-playing game, each with its riddles to overcome. You’ll have to solve puzzles on your own as you make your way through complex settings, uncover mysteries, and overcome difficult obstacles.

A sandbox-like experience is provided by the game, giving you the flexibility to explore and engage with the surroundings however you see fit. The options are unlimited, whether you want to interact with otherworldly beings, interpret cryptic clues, or control the environment.

Explore a variety of settings, each with unique characteristics, such as eerie caverns, magical woods, and historic ruins.

Discover a new dungeon and learn new abilities

Embark upon this application to unearth a novel labyrinth and acquire newfound proficiencies. The mazes unfold in a procedurally generated fashion, necessitating the player’s discernment in discovering the optimal amalgamation of artifacts to vanquish adversaries and unravel the enigma.

Different modes and maps to play and enjoy

Within this application, an array of modes and maps awaits your selection. Furthermore, the option to seamlessly augment the game’s cartography via the Google Play Store is at your disposal.

The gaming milieu encompasses a myriad of formidable maps, each posing its unique challenges, complemented by a diverse spectrum of character classes. Additionally, the prospect of inviting companions to partake in multiplayer escapades adds an enriching layer to the overall gaming experience.

Unlock new skills, classes, and items

Within this application, a myriad of hitherto undiscovered skills, classes, and items await your unlocking prowess.

These novel acquisitions can be harnessed to execute diverse spells, thereby aiding you in navigating the intricacies of the dungeon.

Engage in a gameplay experience that intertwines difficulty and intricate puzzles, drawing upon roguelike elements for added complexity. Progressing through the game unfurls opportunities to unlock additional skills, classes, and items, enhancing the depth and challenge inherent in your journey.


Embark on an adventurous RPG set in the subterranean depths of the Earth. The gameplay intricately weaves together exploration, resource acquisition, and combat dynamics.

Journeying through the labyrinthine dungeon, you’ll encounter an array of novel objects, formidable monsters, and daunting challenges. Your endeavors will not go unrewarded, for each conquest contributes to your accolades.

The gameplay hinges on the element of unpredictability. Venturing into a dungeon, you are shrouded in uncertainty, ignorant of what lies ahead. Despite this, you wield the power to explore, gather resources, and engage in combat. The outcome of your choices remains veiled, unveiling your fate with each new game initiation.

“Elemental Dungeon” seamlessly blends elements of both rogue-like games and RPGs. Each locale demands meticulous exploration, resource gathering, and enemy vanquishing. Your triumphs are met with due rewards, yet the unpredictable nature of new game commencements adds an extra layer of suspense.

Upon dungeon entry, a menu screen unfolds, offering choices to combat monsters or embark on quests. As you traverse through challenges, the prospect of leveling up awaits you, unlocking avenues to acquire new items such as potions and armor.

The game allows you the autonomy to select your class be it a mage, a hunter, or a ronin. Your journey is characterized by the acquisition of new skills and abilities as you ascend through the levels. The dichotomy of choosing between wielding a weapon or casting spells further shapes your unique gaming experience.

Progression through the game yields a diverse array of loot weapons, armor, potions, and more all waiting to be collected as testaments to your triumphs in the ever-evolving depths of Elemental Dungeon.

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What's new

New Spring Update

*New Spring Decoration added
*New Rankings
*New Feature:Elemental Magic Box
*Weekly Task requirements reduce from 700 to 500
*Adventure Mode difficulty adjustment
*Material Chest drop rate up
*Venom Birds HP recovery(40->30), Damage(15->12)
*Mad Mine lag issue
*Fix the Data exception of Chyrule skills
*Passive Skills of Shield Knight dressings
*Skill issues of Kitty Xmas dressings
*Blurred Kitty Xmas dressings rework
*New accessories added

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