ElectroCalc PRO v1.2.3 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
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ElectroCalc PRO is a fast calculator for electrical and electronic projects. No ads.
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Jan 12, 2024
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ElectroCalc PRO MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of ElectroCalc MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of Android utilities, this application stands as the paramount computational tool. It effortlessly navigates through a myriad of mathematical and statistical computations, unraveling the intricacies of even the most convoluted equations.

Embedded with a sophisticated calculator and spreadsheet interface, it facilitates the meticulous computation and monitoring of your endeavors. Delve into the depths of your monthly expenditures, discerning the remnants of your finances post-bill settlements.

Behold the Electrocalc Pro, a conduit for ascertaining the intrinsic worth of an object, subsequently transmuting it into alternative units of measure. Uncover the financial tapestry, unraveling the product costs and the accrued profits stemming from its sale.

A vast database, boasting an extensive catalog of over 10,000 items, aids in pinpointing the precise valuation of any given item. The precision of the computations is unparalleled, providing prompt and accurate solutions. Custom functions can be configured, ensuring a tailored approach for subsequent utilization.

Features of  ElectroCalc PRO MOD APK

 More than 30 different functions

In the realm of electrical and electronic undertakings, the ElectroCalc PRO stands as a formidable computational tool. Boasting a repertoire exceeding 30 diverse functions, this application proves instrumental in computing parameters like resistance, capacitance, inductance, current, voltage, power, Ohm’s law, impedance, and an array of other essential metrics.

The interface of ElectroCalc PRO presents an aesthetically pleasing tableau, characterized by its exquisite simplicity and intuitive design. Furthermore, this application is endowed with a comprehensive help section, ensuring ready access to elucidate any queries that may arise during the intricate calculations inherent to electrical and electronic projects.

Display the results in a convenient manner

Unveiling a rapid and effective computational ally designed specifically for forays into the domains of electrical and electronic ventures, this application takes pride in its interface free from intrusive advertisements. It embraces a sweeping array of essential functionalities, spanning from rudimentary calculations to the more intricate dimensions of trigonometry, logarithms, exponentials, roots, powers, factorials, binomials, and realms extending into uncharted territories.

This app conveniently showcases results, offering an invaluable asset for students, engineers, and scientists immersed in their academic pursuits. Facilitating ease of use, users can effortlessly input data and procure desired outcomes with a mere press of the “=” button. Simplifying the intricacies of calculations, this application proves to be an indispensable tool for a diverse range of users.

 Calculate energy efficiency

The Energy Calculator stands as a comprehensive repository of energy efficiency insights, catering to a diverse array of devices. Employing the most recent and precise data available, coupled with adherence to contemporary environmental guidelines and standards, this calculator serves as an authoritative resource.

Central to its functionality is a robust energy calculator, adept at estimating power consumption and gauging energy efficiency for any given device. Beyond the calculator’s prowess, the application provides an exhaustive compendium of information encompassing electrical and electronic apparatus. This encompassing list spans appliances, light bulbs, chargers, computers, and a myriad of other devices, offering valuable insights into their respective energy consumption.

Expanding its utility further, the app delves into an extensive catalog of electrical and electronic components. From resistors, capacitors, and inductors to transistors, LEDs, and diodes, the application furnishes a wealth of knowledge about these components and their energy dynamics. This multifaceted approach positions the Energy Calculator as an invaluable tool for individuals seeking nuanced information in the realm of energy consumption and efficiency.

Simulate circuit behavior with virtual components

Embarking upon the realm of robust circuit scrutiny and simulation, ElectroCalc PRO emerges as a potent and trustworthy instrument. Tailored to serve both neophytes and seasoned professionals, this application facilitates the emulation of electronic component behaviors, spanning resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transistors.

Traversing its user-friendly interface, users acquire the capability to compute pivotal metrics such as output voltage, current, power, power factor, impedance, inductance, and resistance. The software’s prowess extends to an expansive repository of components, furnishing a diverse spectrum for accurately modeling real-world electronic circuits.

Irrespective of whether one is a novice or an adept practitioner, ElectroCalc PRO stands as an adaptable companion, offering a refined platform for dissecting and simulating the intricate dynamics of electronic circuits.

Fast calculation of AC and DC voltage, current, resistance, inductance and capacitance

ElectroCalc, a nimble and exact calculator, addresses the needs of both AC and DC voltages, currents, resistances, inductances, and capacitances. With an expansive repository of units, parameters, and formulas, it proves indispensable in calculating any parameter pertinent to electronic circuits or projects.

The application showcases an all-encompassing collection of units, parameters, and formulas, embracing resistance, inductance, capacitance, power, and frequency. It seamlessly transitions between AC and DC modes, ensuring precise calculations in both domains.

Elevating its performance, ElectroCalc PRO positions itself as the embodiment of swiftness and precision in the realm of electrical and electronic projects. Termed the swiftest and most accurate calculator in the market, this app excels in rapidly computing AC and DC voltage, current, resistance, inductance, and capacitance.

Beyond these fundamental calculations, ElectroCalc PRO empowers users to ascertain the power consumption of electric devices. It proficiently determines circuit impedance, calculates resistor resistance, and even offers the capability to assess battery voltage. Not stopping there, the app extends its functionality to compute time and clock frequency, providing a comprehensive suite of features for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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