EdgeBlock v2.01 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024
EdgeBlock protects the edge of your screen from accidental touches. Great for phones with curved screen edges, thin bezels or infinity displays.
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Feb 13, 2024
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EdgeBlock MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of EdgeBlock MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

EdgeBlock emerges as a quintessential instrument for individuals who revel in the domain of mobile gaming, desiring an uninterrupted experience devoid of peripheral screen distractions.

This application offers a plethora of customization, including the ability to fortify the screen’s border with a safeguarding mechanism. Users can personalize the periphery by altering its hue and embedding icons, enhancing their competitive edge.

For those seeking absolute liberation from screen boundaries, EdgeBlock stands ready to obfuscate them entirely.

Moreover, EdgeBlock serves as a guardian of your digital sanctuary, specifically engineered to nullify inadvertent tactile interactions along the device’s fringe. This tool is indispensable for smartphone and tablet users alike, for whom peripheral contact is a frequent mishap.

By activating the “Block screen edge” feature, the application instantaneously ceases tactile functionality along the designated margins. While the remainder of the screen remains responsive, the protected edges are effectively rendered inert, with the app displaying the current status of these zones for user awareness.

In essence, EdgeBlock is devised to mitigate the hazard of device slippage or accidental drops by immobilizing the screen’s extremities. Activation of the edge blocking mode is a straightforward process, easily reversible for times when the safeguard is no longer requisite. Its user-friendly interface renders it a favored tool amongst consumers, ensuring both ease of use and peace of mind.

Features of EdgeBlock MOD APK

Blocking the screen edge is as easy as one click

EdgeBlock stands as the epitome of effortless safeguarding against inadvertent screen interactions. A solitary tap is all it requires to shield your display’s periphery, thereby fortifying it against unintentional engagements.

For those wielding devices adorned with sinuously curved edges or displays bounded by minimal bezels, the significance of preemptively securing the screen’s borders from accidental contacts cannot be overstated. EdgeBlock emerges as the most straightforward solution to this predicament. With a mere gesture, you activate a bastion against unwelcome screen interactions.

The application offers the flexibility to modify the hue, transparency, and breadth of the protected zone, enabling a tailored defense mechanism. It grants the autonomy to designate specific edges for protection, with customizable settings for portrait, landscape, and fullscreen orientations, ensuring a comprehensive shield adapted to every viewing mode.

Adjust the color, opacity, and width of the blocked area

EdgeBlock emerges as the ideal instrument for fortifying the boundaries of your screen against unintentional taps. This application empowers users to tailor the touch-protected zone to their preference, allowing for complete invisibility or a selection from a spectrum of colors to blend seamlessly with your device’s aesthetic.

Delve into customization with the ability to tweak the color, transparency, and dimension of the restricted area, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your usage needs. Moreover, EdgeBlock offers the versatility to define the specific edges to be safeguarded, with distinct configurations available for portrait, landscape, and fullscreen orientations, providing a bespoke protective measure tailored to every possible screen layout.

Set which edges should be blocked

For Android device owners boasting curved screen edges or gadgets framed by slender bezels, EdgeBlock offers a sanctuary against unintended screen interactions. This tool is adept at functioning in various orientations, including portrait, landscape, and fullscreen modes, ensuring comprehensive coverage regardless of how the device is held or viewed.

EdgeBlock presents a suite of customization options, permitting users to fine-tune the dimensions of the safeguarded territory and the visual characteristics of the barrier—color, opacity, and transparency. This flexibility allows for a personalized protective layer that aligns with both the functional and aesthetic preferences of the user, ensuring that the screen remains pristine and interaction-intended.

You can even block the backlight of your display

EdgeBlock is designed to shield your screen from unintentional taps by securing the touch-sensitive zones. This application allows for extensive customization, enabling you to dictate the appearance and dimensions of the touch-protected area to your liking.

With EdgeBlock, the power to modify the color, opacity, and breadth of the safeguarded area lies at your fingertips. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to delineate which edges of your display require blocking, providing tailored protection against accidental inputs.

This protective feature is versatile, accommodating portrait, landscape, and fullscreen modes, ensuring your screen remains untouched and pristine across all viewing orientations.

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What's new

EdgeBlock 2.01:
-independent control of each screen edge
-remove overlapping views in corners
-target latest Android API
-bug fixes and optimizations

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