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Last Updated on Jan 24, 2024
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Jan 24, 2024
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Download The Latest APK Version of EDGE MASK MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Ad Free Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Behold, is an innovative application designed to tailor the nuances of your device to your discerning taste. Boasting a plethora of functions poised for application on your mobile device, this utility transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in a world of diverse themes and an extensive palette of color choices, enabling the infusion of a distinct uniqueness into the visual tapestry of your phone.

This tool stands as an invaluable asset, adept at enhancing the visual allure of your device with its utility. For the connoisseurs of aesthetic refinement longing to bestow an unparalleled allure upon their phones, this application emerges as the epitome of choice. Offering an extensive repertoire of themes and color palettes, it paves the way for the creation of a truly unique visual identity for your device.

Customize with finesse, adding themes aligned with your taste, or infuse the digital canvas with cherished images and text to impart a personalized touch. Opt for this application, and witness the transformation of your phone into an extension of your personality.

This marvel is accessible without cost on the esteemed Google Play Store, garnering a commendable 1 million downloads, a testament to its widespread acclaim. The user interface, characterized by its simplicity and intuitive design, beckons those who aspire to elevate the allure and personalization of their phones.

Thus, if the desire is to augment the attractiveness and personalization quotient of your phone, this application unequivocally stands as the premier choice.


Customize the notification as you wish

The application shall bestow upon you the prowess to metamorphose the visage of antiquated notifications. You possess the liberty to alter the hue of said notification to your aesthetic predilection. Additionally, the backdrop of the dated notification can be transmuted to any chromatic preference you harbor. Should the inclination strike to expunge the textual elements adorning the aging notification, that prerogative is yours to exercise.

The latitude extends to modifying both the color palette and background ambiance of the archaic notification, along with the option to excise its textual embellishments.

Should the whim dictate an aversion to redesigning the antiquated notification, a simpler course presents itself – the unceremonious removal of the entire notification.

Change the color of the status bar and lock screen

The purpose behind the creation of the Edge Mask application is to facilitate the alteration of the color palette employed in both the status bar and lock screen.

Initiating the application triggers a chromatic transformation in both the status bar and lock screen. To witness this metamorphosis, one simply engages with the application, availing the ability to customize the hues gracing the status bar and lock screen. As the application is employed, the dynamic interplay of colors manifests, allowing for the seamless customization of both the status bar and lock screen.

Customize the sound volume

The innovative application introduces a novel notification paradigm, empowering users with the capacity to tailor the volume settings.

To enact a modification in volume, an extended press on the notification opens avenues for selecting and implementing the desired volume configuration. This streamlined process ensures a user-friendly customization experience, allowing individuals to seamlessly adjust and personalize the volume settings through the newfound notification style.

Turn off the vibration

Should the aversion to mobile phone vibrations be your preference for an undisturbed experience, the remedy lies in deactivating the vibration feature on your device.

The quelling of notifications, accompanied by their vibrations, is contingent upon the act of opening the notification screen. Only after unfurling the notification screen does the option to disengage notifications, and consequently, their associated vibrations, become accessible. This deliberate process ensures that the user maintains control over the cessation of vibrations, affording a tailored and interruption-free mobile experience.

Change to a unique notification design

Elevate the aesthetic of your phone’s notification display through the utilization of the EDGE MASK application. This tool empowers you to imbue a fresh and personalized essence into your phone’s notification design, providing an avenue for self-expression. A splendid means to showcase your activities to friends and family.

The flexibility inherent in this application allows the addition of notifications to both the notification bar and the status bar, or a combination of both. Tailoring options extend to selecting the size and color palette of the notification, granting you control over its visibility. Additionally, the option to imbue a thematic element into your phone enhances its visual allure.

The creative possibilities extend further as you can share your meticulously crafted design with friends or utilize it as your phone’s wallpaper. This application serves as a conduit for transforming the notification aesthetics, bestowing a heightened personal touch to your phone’s visual identity.

Notification with a different style

Experience notifications in a distinct and personalized fashion by selecting from various styles. Whether it’s the status bar or the lock screen, this application empowers you to exhibit notifications with a unique flair.

The utility of this application lies in its capacity to redefine the notification style on your phone without necessitating alterations to the core application. Diverse themes, including but not limited to black, dark gray, light gray, white, and transparent, offer a spectrum of choices for customization.

The application goes beyond mere stylistic changes; it extends to modifying the color palette of the status bar and backlight, granting users comprehensive control over the visual ambiance of their device.

Choose the number of notifications you want to be shown

Within the confines of the application, you wield the ability to dictate the quantity of notifications displayed. The default configuration is set at 3 notifications. However, should the desire arise for an alteration in the notification count, a simple tap on the “Settings” icon situated in the upper right corner avails you the option to make this numerical adjustment. The user-friendly interface ensures that customization of notification quantity is a seamless and accessible endeavor.

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