Easy Call Forwarding v118 MOD APKm(Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 12, 2024
Easy Call Forwarding is a brand new Android app, which helps you to easily configure your call forwarding settings, without going through endless menus or typing special codes.
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Jan 12, 2024
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Easy Call Forwarding MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Easy Call Forwarding MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with a Pro  Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of telephonic connectivity, an innovative application facilitates the initiation of calls from your mobile device to an alternate numerical destination. The intricacies of dialing persist as a challenge for many.

A labyrinth of functions and options confounds the populace, exacerbating the quandary for those unacquainted with the operational intricacies. In response, this application emerges as a tailored solution, seamlessly redirecting calls from your phone to an alternative numerical destination.

An unassuming interface becomes the gateway to effortless telephonic communication with any designated number. Mastery over call forwarding settings is bestowed upon users, permitting the facile customization of the recipient number for call redirection.

The call-forwarding functionality extends its embrace to both Android and iOS devices. Crafted for user-friendly operation and convenience, this application serves as a beacon for those grappling with the complexities of making calls, a balm for those fumbling through the intricacies of phone operation.

Confusion surrounding call forwarding settings and emergency protocols dissipates with the advent of Easy Call Forwarding, meticulously designed to untangle the threads of telephonic tribulations.

Features of Easy Call Forwarding MOD APK

Configure your call forwarding from a simple interface

Introducing Effortless Call Divert, a cutting-edge Android application poised to simplify the configuration of your call-forwarding preferences without the need to navigate through extensive menus or input specialized codes.

This innovative application empowers you to seamlessly establish call forwarding not only for incoming calls but also for SMS messages, voicemails, and outgoing calls, all with unparalleled ease.

Effortlessly oversee and govern all your redirected calls within the application interface, whether they find their destination at a designated phone number, a specific contact, or a specialized application. The process is unequivocally straightforward.

You can call back a caller when you receive a call

For those immersed in a bustling lifestyle with minimal time to attend to incoming calls, a straightforward solution presents itself – a mere tap on the app’s button facilitates the seamless forwarding of the call to a designated alternate number of your preference. Moreover, the app extends its utility by enabling the forwarding of calls to multiple numbers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to call management.

Adding another layer of customization, the app allows users to fine-tune call forwarding exclusively to select contacts. This nuanced feature ensures that crucial calls from specific individuals are prioritized, mitigating the risk of missing out on significant communications. The versatility of this application unfolds, offering a tailored solution for those navigating the demands of a hectic schedule.

You can define your preferred emergency contact numbers

Within the realm of Call Forwarding, the power to designate your preferred emergency contacts lies in your hands. The flexibility embedded in this feature allows you to incorporate multiple numbers into the fold, giving you the freedom to establish a priority order among them.

Delving deeper into customization, the app empowers you to dictate the specific phones that should receive the forwarded calls. Additionally, you have the autonomy to determine the temporal parameters for call forwarding, specifying the precise moments when the calls should be redirected. This level of precision ensures a tailored and efficient approach to managing incoming calls, especially in emergency scenarios.

No need to manually change your forwarding numbers

Streamlining the call-forwarding process has never been more effortless – a mere few taps empower you to redirect calls to any singular number or multiple numbers of your choosing. Bid farewell to the need for memorizing intricate codes, entering PINs, or fretting over the potential alterations to your phone numbers.

The modus operandi is simple: construct a forwarding list encompassing your desired destinations, and let Easy Call Forwarding handle the rest seamlessly. No mental acrobatics is required.

Noteworthy is the feature where, upon initiating a call, the call log and the contact list of the caller will prominently display the number of the last destination. This provides a transparent overview of your call activities.

For meticulous control over your forwarding preferences, a long press on a number facilitates easy deletion or addition to your forwarding list. The power rests with you – delete individual entries or the entire list at your discretion.

In cases where multiple numbers are undergoing forwarding, the app accommodates this complexity by allowing separate lists for each distinct number. This multifaceted approach ensures that you can manage your call redirections with unparalleled precision and convenience.

Support for both wired and wireless calls

Distinguished as the premier and solitary call-forwarding application, this innovative tool not only facilitates the forwarding of standard calls but also extends its capabilities to include the forwarding of wireless calls. This groundbreaking feature empowers users to effortlessly redirect calls to various destinations such as home landlines, cell phones, work numbers, or any other designated point.

Taking convenience to the next level, the app introduces the functionality to establish groups of contacts poised to receive your calls. This strategic setup alleviates concerns about missing crucial calls, contributing to significant time and energy savings.

Additionally, the app recognizes the importance of communication transparency. Users can share their call-forwarding settings with friends and family, ensuring that those within their network remain informed about their call-forwarding status. This collaborative approach enhances overall communication efficacy and keeps everyone in the loop seamlessly.

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