Duplicate Files Fixer v8.1.1.49 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 14, 2024
Systweak Software’s Duplicate Files Fixer & Remover lets you recover storage space on your Android device by helping you delete duplicate files across a variety of formats. Using this duplicate file finder for Android, you can scan and delete duplicate audio files, videos, pictures, and documents.
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Feb 14, 2024
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Duplicate Files Fixer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Duplicate Files Fixer MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Duplicate Files Fixer emerges as a complimentary tool dedicated to the eradication of redundant files. Endowed with the capability to sift through data for duplicates, it empowers users to identify and extirpate them with ease. This utility obviates the need for an exhaustive examination of every dossier and directory within the system.

For individuals besieged by an abundance of redundant files, this software delivers unparalleled efficacy. Moreover, it facilitates the purging of superfluous data through a series of straightforward actions. A plethora of duplicate file varieties exist, inclusive of identical file replicas. Hence, this tool stands as an invaluable asset for the elimination of duplicate files.

The genesis of duplicate files often lies in the user’s propensity to replicate the same file in multiple instances. Thus, this utility serves as a beacon of simplicity for those seeking to purge such duplications. Furthermore, it extends its prowess to the discovery and removal of duplicate files across diverse file formats.

Its operation is characterized by simplicity, featuring an intuitive interface. Users may select the desired folder for purification and proceed by activating the Clean button. Within the chosen folder, the application reveals a compilation of dispensable files, allowing users to excise them from the list.

The inadvertent deletion of crucial files constitutes a significant hazard. Similarly, the restoration of a phone from a backup may culminate in the loss of vital data. However, a remedy exists in the form of a Duplicate Files Fixer.

This application boasts the proficiency to detect and rectify duplicate files within the phone, safeguarding precious files. Duplicate Files Fixer epitomizes simplicity and dependability in the quest to locate and eliminate duplicate files. Capable of unveiling all variants of duplicates, it aids in the restoration of all files. Users are also afforded the capability to scrutinize their SD card for duplicates, with the application presenting the duplicates for user adjudication. Upon selection, the elimination of duplicates is executed by the application.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer MOD APK

Find duplicate files to save space

A prevalent dilemma leading to the diminution of storage capacity on devices is the accumulation of redundant files. “Duplicate Files Fixer” offers a seamless solution, enabling the effortless detection and elimination of such files from your Android apparatus.

This instrument permits the pursuit of analogous images, as well as replicas of files nestled within the phone’s innate or auxiliary storage. Moreover, Duplicate Files Fixer extends its scrutiny to the essence of the file content, transcending the limitations of file name and format, ensuring a thorough cleanse of duplicates.

Scan for similar photos and videos

Upon completion of the scanning process, the outcomes are accessible through two distinct modalities. Initially, one can peruse a compilation of akin files, meticulously organized by their degree of resemblance. Subsequently, an option to observe the images and videos in a grid format is available, facilitating a side-by-side comparison on a singular display.

The software incorporates a streamlined and advantageous functionality, enabling the segregation of similar images and videos. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to adjust the scan’s duration, a measure designed to optimize battery conservation.

Find similar files based on file size and file name

Addressing the challenge of identifying redundant files on Android devices is crucial for optimizing storage space. Yet, unearthing these duplicates can prove to be a formidable task. For those on the quest for akin files, “Duplicate Files Fixer” stands as a beacon of utility. This application facilitates the discovery of similar files by scrutinizing file size and name.

Leveraging this tool enables the exploration of akin images and replicas of files located within the device’s internal or external repositories. Additionally, the application’s recent enhancement, a similar photo cleaner feature, excels in expunging akin pictures as well.

The software offers the capability to specify the file type as a criterion to sift through duplicate pictures, though it is tailored exclusively to the search for similar photos, omitting videos or music files from its purview.

The operation of this application unfolds in a tripartite process aimed at detecting duplicate files: initiating with a comprehensive scan, followed by the exhibition of discovered files, and culminating in the eradication of duplicates to liberate additional storage space.

Scan for similar audio files

An enhancement to the application now empowers users to conduct scans for analogous audio files, assessing them based on their audio formats. This functionality stands as an effective strategy for conserving storage space and memory. Through the utilization of this tool, users are enabled to identify similar audio files, thereby optimizing their device’s storage capabilities.

Find similar text files

Mirroring the functionality of the photo cleaner, the most recent iteration of Duplicate Files Fixer introduces a novel capability designed to facilitate the search for similar text files. Remarkably, this feature aids in the identification of text files that, while not exact duplicates, bear significant resemblance to one another. Nonetheless, this utility is tailored to recognize similarities exclusively among files accessed through the same application. Should an identical text file be opened via disparate applications, the tool’s capacity to discern any similarities is effectively nullified.

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