Duplicate Contacts Fixer v5.1.1.29 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2024
Systweak Software’s Duplicate Contacts Fixer is a powerful duplicate contact remover that sorts your Contacts library in no time at all.
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Feb 19, 2024
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Duplicate Contacts Fixer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Duplicate Contacts Fixer MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Redundant contacts perennially pose a quandary for individuals. Eradicating one amongst them invariably culminates in the forfeiture of its particulars. Consequently, extant duplicates retain identical data, precipitating information attrition and obstructing your endeavor to reconnect with the excised contact.

This predicament necessitates an expedient resolution: the Duplicate Contacts Fixer MOD APK. A complimentary tool, this application adeptly rectifies the issue of redundant contacts.

Simply furnish the appellation and telecommunication number of the redundant entries, and the software shall discern the original entity. Thereafter, it permits the elimination of superfluous duplicates. This utility emerges as indispensable for Android proprietors.

Duplicate Contacts Fixer stands as a software designed to ameliorate the issue of redundant contacts within your telephonic directory. It scrutinizes your list for duplicates and facilitates their deletion.

The application offers a choice: manual selection of duplicates or an automated aggregation of all redundant contacts.

Its operation is straightforward. Input the name and telephone number of the duplicate entries, and the application will proceed to their deletion. An essential utility for Android users, indeed.

Exasperated by duplicate contacts? This vexation afflicts myriad individuals who find their contact directories fragmented across various locales.

Such disarray proves cumbersome to manage. Often, duplicates bear identical names albeit linked to disparate email addresses or phone numbers. The Duplicate Contacts Fixer app promises a remedy to this conundrum.

Automatically identifying and rectifying duplicates, it then purges your contact list of these redundancies.

This tool aids in maintaining a pristine and orderly contact directory, boasting a user-friendly interface for effortless utilization. No prior knowledge is necessary for its operation, rendering it remarkably convenient.

Features of Duplicate Contacts Fixer MOD APK

Remove duplicate contacts from different accounts

Duplicate Contacts Fixer is a quintessential application designed to sift through and eliminate redundant entries across various accounts, thereby serving as an essential instrument for refining and managing your phone’s contact directory. This tool simplifies the process of identifying and removing duplicate contacts, positioning it as an invaluable asset for maintaining a streamlined address book.

With the capacity to conduct thorough scans and purge duplicates from platforms such as Facebook, Google, Truecaller, and WhatsApp, it offers a comprehensive solution for Android users seeking to declutter their contact lists from all associated accounts.

This application is tailored for those who prioritize efficiency and organization within their digital communication tools, ensuring an optimized and clutter-free address book.

Search duplicate contacts by name, number, email, or any other criteria

This application stands as the pinnacle of contact management solutions, offering the ability to meticulously scan and excise duplicate contacts based on a variety of criteria such as name, number, email, or any other distinguishing feature. It represents the ultimate tool for streamlining and organizing your contacts, ensuring a clean and orderly contact list.

The utility facilitates an effortless purge of redundant contacts, enhancing the clarity and organization of your contacts. Capable of interfacing with a multitude of platforms including Gmail, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, and more, it provides a comprehensive approach to identifying and eliminating duplicates across various accounts.

Moreover, the application extends its scanning capabilities to encompass contacts stored on your phone book, SIM card, and various contact applications, allowing for a thorough cleanse of duplicate entries from these sources as well.

Crafted for ease of use and efficiency, this tool is essential for anyone looking to optimize their digital communication by maintaining a meticulously organized contact directory.

Filter duplicate contacts by account type

The App equips you with an array of filters, empowering you to categorize your contacts into desired folders with ease. It enables you to meticulously scan and eradicate duplicate contacts based on specific criteria, such as phone number, email address, or a combination of both.

For instance, you have the liberty to conduct scans and eliminate contacts from a variety of accounts, including Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp, among others. Furthermore, it offers the convenience of consolidating contacts from these diverse accounts into a singular folder.

This functionality not only streamlines the process of managing your contacts but also enhances the organization of your digital address book, ensuring that your contacts are sorted exactly as you prefer.

Scan and delete duplicate contacts

For those seeking to streamline their contacts list with precision, Duplicate Contacts Fixer offers a seamless solution. This application is adept at identifying and eliminating duplicate entries, as well as consolidating contacts into a unified location. Characterized by its swift and user-friendly interface, it simplifies the process of managing your contacts.

Utilizing this app, you can effortlessly remove duplicates through a scanning and merging mechanism. It meticulously examines your contact list, pinpointing any duplicate contacts before merging them. Following this, you’re presented with the option to either merge these contacts or remove them altogether.

This tool is invaluable for anyone looking to maintain an organized and efficient contacts list, ensuring that your digital address book is both clutter-free and optimized.

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Categorized Backup facility in Backup/Restore module.
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