Draw Save v1.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints)

Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024
This is a very classic intellectual challenge game, rescue the stickman in the plot by drawing lines.
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Jan 11, 2024
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Draw Save MOD APK (Unlimited Hints)

Download The Latest APK Version of Draw Save MOD APK. An Android Puzzle Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Hints Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of captivating puzzle challenges, there exists a game of irresistible allure. Its gameplay, while seemingly straightforward, conceals a labyrinthine complexity that captivates the mind. Packed with myriad levels, players are thrust into a cerebral battleground, where wit reigns supreme in conquering the intricacies laid before them. A paradoxical fusion of simplicity and formidable challenge defines this digital enigma.

Embarking on this odyssey, participants encounter a diminutive sphere plummeting from the celestial zenith. The onus lies upon the player to orchestrate its descent onto the coveted target region. Failure begets a precipitous return to the nadir of the display, a consequence harshly meted out for any lapse in sagacity.

Manipulating the game’s dynamics necessitates a deft touch, a mere tap on a virtual button propelling the player into a gravitational ballet. The essence of the challenge transcends mere temporal alignment; it hinges on the reflexive prowess summoned in moments of swift decision-making.

Enter the realm of Draw Save, an avant-garde foray into a novel challenge landscape. The crux involves sketching the ball to its destined abode while concurrently safeguarding its precarious position. A test not only of artistic precision but also of strategic salvation.

Presently confined to the singular act of sketching the ball to its chosen location, movement to an alternative vantage point hinges on the preliminary act of drawing. The implement of choice, be it pen or digit, becomes the conduit through which salvation is achieved, an intricate dance between creation and preservation.

The act of drawing, whether enacted by digit or stylus, propels the ball to its determined destination. Dual digits wielded in tandem confer an augmented capacity to chart the ball’s trajectory. The pen, an alternative implement, bestows a tactile finesse to the act of preserving the ball’s tenuous equilibrium.

Each iteration begets a fresh crucible, an opportunity to elevate one’s prowess.

In the lexicon of this digital tapestry, commonality yields to the extraordinary, and the mundane gives way to the extraordinary. Through an amalgamation of unique words and nuanced articulation, a narrative unfolds that transcends the banality of routine, inviting participants to delve into the profound depths of cognitive engagement.

Features of Draw Save MOD APK

3 game modes

In this application, three distinct gaming modalities present formidable challenges. The inaugural modality, the standard mode, necessitates the strategic delineation of lines to effectuate the rescue of the stickman an exercise in classic simplicity.

The subsequent modality denominated the line collision mode, mandates the artful creation of lines to safeguard the stickman, whose trajectory aligns with the drawn lines, adding a dynamic layer to the challenge.

The ultimate modality dubbed the level difficulty mode, introduces an escalating complexity. Here, one must skillfully sketch lines to salvage the stickman across varied levels. Failure to effect the rescue within the stipulated time culminates in a game-over scenario.

Different difficulty levels to choose from

Within this gaming realm, a trio of difficulty tiers awaits your selection. The game interface, though presented with simplicity, harbors an engaging narrative and a plethora of amusement. Whether your pursuit leans toward a formidable challenge or a leisurely respite, this game beckons exploration.

Diverse gradations of difficulty unfold, each accompanied by its distinctive set of regulations. Players, in their quest for enjoyment, have the autonomy to opt for the difficulty tier aligning with their comfort level.

A quartet of difficulty levels stands at your disposal: Easy, Normal, Hard, and the formidable Extreme mode. The choice is yours, offering a spectrum of challenges catering to individual preferences and gaming proclivities.

More than 20 levels and 5 worlds

For enthusiasts seeking an exceptional puzzle gaming experience, look no further than this captivating option. Boasting an expansive compilation of challenges, it stands as the most extensive assortment of puzzles ever crafted, featuring a total of 20 levels distributed across 5 distinct worlds. Should you seek a test of your skills, this game promises to be an enthralling endeavor.

Within the confines of this application, players traverse five diverse worlds, each presenting a unique level of difficulty. Progressing through the game’s 20 levels unlocks subsequent worlds, adding a layer of progression. Additionally, the multiplayer mode invites friendly competition, allowing players to gauge their speed in completing the game against their peers.

Customize your player avatar

Within this application, the realm of personalization unfolds as you craft your unique player avatar. The freedom to handpick your player character extends to modifying fundamental aspects such as skin color and a myriad of personal attributes.

Indulge in the sartorial splendor of selecting the perfect outfit to align with your individual taste and style preferences. Moreover, the avenue of customization extends to accessorizing your player’s character, allowing for an additional layer of personal flair to be infused into the gaming experience.


Embark on a cerebral odyssey within this application, where the mission at hand is to safeguard the stickman through the strategic artistry of drawing lines. A quintessentially classic challenge awaits you in this intellectual game.

To emerge triumphant, your prowess lies in orchestrating the intersection of two balls through the judicious placement of drawn lines. While the game boasts simplicity and ease of comprehension, the challenge it poses is nothing short of formidable.

Unleash your creativity by sketching lines directly on the screen or, for a more tactile engagement, opt for the notebook. These lines, your virtual sticks, become the lifelines essential for the stickman’s rescue.

As the spheres collide, a conspicuous red line materializes on the screen, signaling the cue for your artistic intervention. Precisely draw a line at the convergence of the two red lines to navigate the game successfully. A stellar reward, symbolized by a star, awaits those who conquer the challenge.

Extend the thrill beyond solitary conquests by sharing Draw Save with friends. Engage in friendly competition as you collectively tackle the game’s challenges. Notably, the pinnacle of difficulty unlocks after surmounting 30 levels, inviting you to embrace the challenge and savor the taste of victory.

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