Dojo Fight Club MOD APK 0.8.1 (Mega Menu)

Last Updated on Sep 05, 2023
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Aug 30, 2023
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Dojo Fight Club MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Download The Latest APK Version of Dojo Fight Club MOD APK. An Android Books & Reference App this MOD comes with Mega Menu Available download Yours Now.

Description of Dojo Fight Club MOD APK

Dojo Fight Club is an exciting fighting game that has an original concept and style to broaden the players’ understanding of this particular game. Furthermore, it lets players to construct dojos with several zones or a variety of areas and create schools with a large number of students. It also lets players compete against real-life players in exciting matches for a chance to win numerous lucrative and valuable rewards.

Download Dojo Fight Club Mod – Train Fighters To Join Battles In The Rings

Dojo Fight Club Mod is an action-oriented game by publisher Codigames. It is designed to provide an idle game, and automatic 1v1 battles. Your role is to teach exercises that aid in the development of the boxer’s combat skills. While doing so, you must continuously improve the ability for the player. To be able to execute numerous powerful strikes. Apart from being trained as martial athletes. It is also necessary to operate your own dojo, and you have to come up with a way to earn money from the training. Through bringing boxers at the boxing ring and they can beat opponents to be victorious. Then, you can earn rewards for training and further developing the dojo. Develop the best fighters to ensure they are able to succeed in the professional world.


Everyone who enters this world Dojo Fight Club has to start building their own dojo However, many obstacles or issues can arise from this. First, players have to do is honor the master, study from the top, and begin to show off all the skills they have acquired through the years. After that, they must be active in tournaments as well as receive a variety of bonuses and use them to enhance the dojo as time goes on. The dojo of the player can expand to become quite spacious and include a variety of amazing functional structures to enhance the gameplay. Furthermore, they provide new opportunities and offer players even more exciting ideas to improve the standard of their dojo. The future is when players could become masters and pass on the martial arts to develop talent in the world of martial arts.

The competition mode, also known as the process

The competitive game mode of Dojo Fight Club Mod brings your fighters into dramatic combats. You will be competing against online gamers from all around the globe. They’ll automatically appear and take on you in an 1vs1 battle. If both boxers are in the arena. They’ll immediately engage with the abilities they’ve learned. Both you and your opponent are unable to interfere with the boxer while they are engaged. It is possible to only monitor the pace of the fight as well as the health status that the fighter has. The match will end when both boxers in the ring has been totally defeated. The boxer is unable to continue the match. The player who is standing will prevail. If you are looking to beat your opponent. Your boxer should make your opponent unbeatable.


Tournaments at Dojo Fight club are the place where players excel and establish their reputations by performing well and appearing as best as they can. Based on their position in these tournaments, players be awarded corresponding prizes including fame, money, and special skins. The tournament’s content is always exciting and rich offering players numerous opportunities to show their talents within the realm that is martial art.

Fighting ability of fighters

The power of fighting the fighters on Dojo Fight Club Mod is evident in the statistics. This includes strength, health stamina, endurance, reflexes speed, and accuracy. Each stat is a distinct capability. For instance, strength is the strength of each attack. Strength assists boxers in generating powerful punches. Also, they can maintain the optimal combat condition throughout the fight. A good amount of health can be able to withstand the many attacks of your opponent. If you wish for your boxer to prevail in duel. In addition, he should be in a position to take on tougher adversaries. It is necessary to improve the statistics of the boxer to enhance his ability to fight. Gold coins can be used to upgrade, or diamonds to speed up the upgrade process. This will allow your boxer to get to a higher stage faster. The strength of their fight is higher than other competitors.

Besides upgrading boxers. Dojo Fight Club Mod also allows you to alter the shade of your face as well as your outfit. It can be done with a mixture of two distinct shades. The typical colors are red and white as well as black and yellow blue and purple and many more. But, you must open it up, and this alters the appearance of the character. In addition, select a favourite logo from the list of logos available. Make sure to highlight the character as they enter the game. Also, create an unique emblem for your Dojo. It’s the martial artists who help make your dojo known.


A dojo for a player can accommodate multiple students at one time So Dojo Fight Club will introduce an administration system and individualization for each participant. The players can alter their martial arts or training through it, however the most popular is the fantastic costume system. Based on the style of the skin certain hidden effects may be activated and greatly enhance the performance of the fighter against various types of adversaries.

The fun and humour that is Dojo Fight Club will give players a new perspective on the fight genre, as well as making their name known through this aspect. In addition the players are able to manage and expand their dream dojo, in which they will have many students and are part of the thriving realm of the martial arts.

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