Dodge Blast MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Apr 27, 2023
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Dodge Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Dodge Blast MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Gold Coins Available download Yours Now.

Dodge Blast MOD APK is an arcade game developed by CIRCLE Entertainment. It is a new version of Dodge Ball.

The game is similar to other games such as Pong, Breakout, or even Mario Bros. It is also a combination of the game of dodgeball and pong. It’s the combination of the two games that make it so addictive.

This game is simple, but the difficulty is high. The player needs to avoid the balls that hit him. As the game progresses, the player will encounter more and more balls, so he has to be careful. Dodge Blast is a great game for everyone, especially for the kids. It is fun to play and easy to learn.

Dodge Blast MOD APK is in three modes. The first mode is the basic mode. In this mode, the player starts the game with one ball. He must dodge the balls that hit him. The second mode is the standard mode.

This is where the player can choose to play the game with two or four players. There are four types of balls, and the number of balls will increase as the game goes on.

In the third mode, the player can choose the character. Each character has its own unique appearance.

The character is the same as the player, but it has different skills. The player can choose his favorite character, and the character will help him win the game.

The Dodge Blast is an arcade game that uses the concept of dodging. With the use of a computer, players can dodge the attack of the enemy.

Dodge Blast MOD APK uses the concept of dodging, which makes the game fun and exciting. Dodge Blast is developed by BONKERS INC. It is a game that combines the action genre with the puzzle genre. It is easy to learn and fun to play.

Features of Dodge Blast MOD APK

Collect coins to buy new weapons

In Dodge Blast MOD APK You can earn coins by blowing up the balls, the more you blow them up the more points you get. The cannon that you start with is upgradable, so you can unlock new weapons to blow up the balls faster, this will increase your score.

If you reach the end of the level you will be rewarded with a bonus point. To reach the end of the zone, you need to get the maximum number of points.

Don’t forget to collect coins and buy new weapons to improve your performance in the game. The game is packed with different modes, including a survival mode that will test your reflexes and speed.

Unlock new zones and new maps

Dodge Blast MOD APK will start from an empty map and you will be able to earn new points by destroying the bombs. You can use those points to unlock new levels and maps. You can also earn new weapons and cannons to improve your game!

The game will bring you a whole new level of gaming! Dodge Blast is a game that will take you through an adventure full of action and adrenaline! As you advance in the game, you will be able to unlock new maps and zones to play, making the game much more entertaining.

Upgrade your cannon to increase your score

Upgrade your cannon to increase your score, you can unlock new maps and advance through zones to try to reach the far as possible!

In Dodge Blast MOD APK, you’ll be using the power of your cannon to blow up the balls that are falling down. You’ll be controlling a cannon that is located in the middle of the screen. Your goal is to use your cannon to blow up all the balls that are falling down.

Unlock new characters and power-ups

Dodge Blast MOD APK is an action arcade game with 8 different characters and 4 different power-ups. Each character has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Take control of an armored car and blast the incoming balls. Dodge them while blowing them up to get extra points. Unlock new characters and power-ups and play through the game!


Dodge Blast MOD APK is a physics-based, arcade game where you have to blow up balls to avoid getting hit by them. The game starts on a simple map with just one ball and three bombs.

You blow up the ball with the bomb button, and you can move to the left or right to avoid it, while the bomb will go to the center.

Dodge blast will start on a map with only one ball. You will need to blow up the ball with the bomb button to win the level.

You can upgrade your cannon by collecting coins. The upgrades include bigger explosions and better speed. To get more coins, you need to complete levels, unlock new maps, and collect power-ups.

At each level, you can get a power-up that will increase the size of the bombs. These power-ups can be obtained by completing the levels.

There are different zones in the game, with more balls and bombs than in the previous levels. You will need to blow up all the balls to win the level.

The game will have a different level depending on the zone. There will be zones where the balls explode when they get close to the edge, zones where the bombs explode when they touch the ground, and zones where the bombs explode when they pass over the ground.

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What's new

Att 1.1.0
- 4 New powerups
- 3 New zones
- 3 New Backgrounds
- Bug Fix
- Minor improvements

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