Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster v1.4.86 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2023
Meet your new neighbor: Mr. Grumpy! He is not the happiest, but he is definitely the most hilarious marmot in the mascot game neighborhood. The angrier he gets, the more items and reactions you can unlock to make your game even more exciting! Download for FREE* Do Not Disturb!, and make your neighbor mad with funny pranks.
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Dec 20, 2023
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Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster MOD APK. An Android Educational Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Dare to Disturb The Chucklesome Prankster is not just any game it’s a laughter infused educational journey for the younger audience. Crafted by the renowned game developer, GREE, this game introduces a new dimension of learning through humor.

Embark on an educational escapade with straightforward gameplay as you assume the role of a prankster eager to amuse friends. Select a target from your circle, devising a clever plan to execute the perfect prank. Gather essential items like paper and scissors to bring your mischievous schemes to life.

The objective of “Dare to Disturb: The Chucklesome Prankster” is to blend amusement with education, guiding children in the art of playful pranks. This delightful game serves as an interactive platform for children aged  and above to learn the ropes of harmless mischief in an entertaining manner.

Features of Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster MOD APK

Collectible items and special items with a funny theme

Meet Mr. Grumpy, your go to neighbor for all things grumpy and amusing! Dive into a world of laughter as you unveil his exclusive collection of comedic treasures, adding a delightful twist to your gaming experience.

With each mischievous prank, Mr. Grumpy’s frustration intensifies, creating a hilarious chain of events. Acquire all the unique items, and you’ll unlock a special, humor infused surprise that adds an extra layer of amusement to the game.

Challenge each other’s prankster prowess and climb the leaderboard to determine the ultimate champion of Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster. Get ready for a gaming adventure filled with grins, giggles, and friendly competition.

Get your game to level 100 to unlock all the pranks

Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster a free game challenging you to outwit your grumpy neighbor, Mr. Grumpy, and unlock his hilarious reactions.

The key to success? Keep Mr. Grumpy annoyed for as long as possible to unveil a cascade of entertaining reactions. Each time you successfully trigger a reaction, you’ll earn a new item and collectible, expanding your repertoire of mischievous pranks.

To access the full spectrum of reactions, aim to reach level 100 in the game. Once you achieve this milestone, you’ll gain the ability to unlock all the reactions, enhancing the comedic potential of your virtual escapades. It’s all about investing time and strategy in the game to ensure you become the ultimate prankster. Happy gaming.

More than 600 unique animals

On a whimsical journey in “Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster,” where you’ll encounter over 600 distinct animals, each brimming with its own unique personality and reactions to your playful pranks.

As you engage with this diverse cast, some creatures will burst into laughter, others may express mild irritation, and a few might even unleash their full fury. With every playthrough, your collection of unlocked items will grow, propelling you to new levels of expertise.

Immerse yourself in the game, unlocking a plethora of amusing reactions and steadily advancing your level. Discover the varying responses of the 600  animals, turning your gaming experience into a delightful exploration of humor and surprise. Let the laughter filled adventure begin.

Explore more than 500 different levels

Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster featuring an extensive array of over 500 unique levels for your gaming pleasure. Each level transports you to a distinct place and environment, ranging from serene parks to lively circuses and bustling office buildings.

As you navigate through the diverse levels, your progression unveils a treasure trove of new items, reactions, and exclusive collectibles. These not only enhance your pranking arsenal but also serve as keys to unlocking even more captivating levels.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of “Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster,” where every level offers a fresh and exciting experience. Uncover hidden surprises, expand your collection, and enjoy the ever evolving challenges that await in this humor infused gaming adventure.


Meet the star of the show, Mr. Grumpy, a comical marmot residing in the bustling city, perpetually fueled by a desire to stir up a bit of mischief. Armed with an extensive array of items and reactions, Mr. Grumpy is on a mission to upset the tranquility of those around him.

Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster your key to amusement lies in unlocking an assortment of items and reactions. 

Utilize these items and reactions strategically to provoke Mr. Grumpy’s ire. Witness his delightful transformation as he unlocks new items and reactions, escalating the hilarity. Additionally, employ these elements to unlock a special reaction, adding an extra layer of amusement to your mischievous endeavors.

The adventure through the four levels of “Do Not Disturb Funny Prankster,” progressing through the game to unlock each level. Collect items and reactions along the way, each contributing to your score and advancing you further in this whimsical gaming experience. 

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