Dinosaur Hunt Shooting Games v10.4 MOD APK(Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 08, 2024
Dinosaur Game Hunt to kill wild dinosaurs in lush and dangerous environments. Dynamic shadows, hi-res textures and realistic models all combine to make this one of the most beautiful games on your mobile device! After first shot, dinosaurs become alert and they start sniffing to find out where the bullets coming from. Explore sniper mode and assault mode where you will be able to move around and attack from all around.
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Mar 08, 2024
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Dinosaur Hunt Shooting Games MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of  Dinosaur Hunt Shooting Games MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money downloads Yours Now.

In the realm of casual adventure gaming, immerse yourself in a temporal odyssey, journeying back to the prehistoric epoch, tasked with the formidable mission of salvaging dinosaurs from the brink of annihilation.

This gaming odyssey, while initially straightforward and easily apprehensible, unfolds into a progressively intricate challenge. Orchestrated by the esteemed LPC publishing house, the Dinosaur Game Hunt unveils its narrative tapestry against a fictional backdrop, intricately woven within the annals of the Jurassic era.

The inaugural act transpires in the aftermath of a celestial collision, wherein a meteorite, a harbinger of cosmic chaos, culminates in a cataclysmic explosion, heralding the obliteration of these majestic creatures.

The mantle of responsibility falls upon the shoulders of the intrepid protagonist, a valiant hunter, catapulted back in temporal flux, armed with the noble purpose of thwarting the impending demise of the dinosaurs.

Embark upon this saga encompassing three distinctive gaming modes: Adventure, Time Trial, and Survival. Within the labyrinth of Adventure mode, the immersive journey commences. Venturing into the gaming cosmos, confront an array of adversaries, and entities intent on assaulting the very fabric of dinosaur existence. Navigating this perilous landscape necessitates a fusion of sagacity and adroit maneuvering to elude the relentless onslaught.

The Time Trial mode transmutes the gameplay into an evaluative crucible, where one contends with creatures and obstacles akin to those encountered in the aforementioned Adventure mode. The temporal constraints add a layer of urgency, bestowing a mere decadal allotment of ten minutes to surmount this rigorous trial; failure therein equates to an irrevocable setback.

Survival mode, an epitome of resilience, unfolds as a singular endurance challenge. Entrusted with a solitary life, the onus lies upon the player to navigate a precarious labyrinth of puzzles and predicaments. The cerebral faculties must be harnessed, employing ingenuity and the available tools to unravel the enigmatic conundrums that lie in wait.

In the realm of gameplay, an assortment of commodities, ranging from implements and sustenance to armaments and munitions, is at one’s disposal. This arsenal proves indispensable in overcoming the formidable adversaries and challenges orchestrated by the game’s creators. The temporal trajectory of the game is succinct, ensuring a balance between enjoyment and a moderated level of complexity, rendering it a gratifying and stimulating endeavor.

Features of Dinosaur Game Hunt MOD APK

Multiple optimized attack guns and snipers

In the realm of the gaming domain, an array of distinct firearms unveils itself, catering to the pursuit of tracking down untamed prehistoric creatures. The arsenal spans from high-powered automatic rifles to precision-oriented long-range sniper rifles.

Adapting to the dynamic circumstances at hand, one can wield an assortment of firearms tailored to the exigencies of the moment. Employing the sniper configuration provides an opportunity to pursue and subdue these wild, primeval creatures with a sense of security and detachment.

This specialized mode facilitates the utilization of firearms from a considerable distance, affording the luxury of executing the ideal shot on the feral dinosaurs, all while maintaining a safe and strategic vantage point.

Immersive & one-of-a-kind shooter challenge collection

Entwined within the captivating fabric of an irresistible action-packed shooter, this game unfolds as an addictive saga, presenting an unparalleled and distinctive assortment of challenges for avid enthusiasts of the shooting genre.

Within its expansive realm, a myriad of dinosaur species stands poised, each distinguished by its unique aesthetic appeal, behavioral intricacies, and distinctive features. Some among them, characterized by their elusive nature, pose a formidable challenge in the pursuit of being tracked down and brought down with precision.

Unfurling diverse dimensions of gameplay, this immersive experience provides players with a choice of engaging in various modes. Whether assuming the role of a Sniper, an Assault maestro, or a proficient Hunter, each mode unveils a bespoke set of weapons and abilities, rendering every gaming encounter an incomparable venture into the depths of skill and strategy.

Thrilling dino enthusiast assignments and distinct dino

Embarking on an adventurous odyssey, this game unveils a realm teeming with diverse dinosaur specimens awaiting your skilled pursuit. Accumulate the currency and brace yourself for an all-encompassing hunting extravaganza! Within the game’s tapestry, three distinct modes beckon, each offering a unique and exhilarating experience.

The primary game mode, aptly named “Assignment,” thrusts players into a challenging scenario where tasks must be diligently completed. One might locate a dinosaur, execute the precise takedown, and reap the ensuing reward, establishing a cycle of skillful hunting and fruitful accomplishment.

For those seeking the thrill of endurance, the “Survival” mode awaits, demanding the player’s resilience to withstand the challenges and emerge as a triumphant survivor. The objective is clear: stay alive for as long as possible amid the perilous environment teeming with prehistoric adversaries.

In the “Assault” mode, the game transforms into a riveting pursuit, allowing players to actively engage in hunting down dinosaurs. The adrenaline-fueled encounters in this mode promise an intensified and dynamic hunting experience, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall gameplay.

Versions Ultimate crazy jungle battle conflict

Embark on a gaming odyssey, immersing yourself in a novel world replete with mystery and unbridled excitement. Within the expansive jungle, an extensive array of diverse dinosaurs prowls, their enigmatic presence laden with the anticipation of imminent attacks.

To navigate this perilous terrain, wielding the finest weaponry becomes imperative. Equip yourself with the optimal armaments to shield against the impending threats and embark on a formidable quest to hunt down these prehistoric creatures.

Within the gaming cosmos, three distinct modes beckon, each offering a unique facet of the enthralling experience. Opt for the precision of “Sniper Mode,” where calculated shots from a distance become the hallmark of success. Alternatively, dive into the heart of the action with “Assault Mode,” a dynamic and intense approach to confronting the roaming dinosaurs.

For those seeking the ultimate test of endurance, “Survival Mode” presents a relentless challenge, demanding resilience and strategic acumen to outlast the jungle’s relentless onslaught. Choose your mode wisely and delve into the immersive thrill of this unparalleled gaming adventure.


Immerse yourself in the realm of a formidable and exhilarating game, where the nexus of challenge and amusement converges seamlessly. The unique allure lies in its portability, offering a riveting experience that accompanies you on the move.

This is no ordinary pursuit; it’s an authentic hunt demanding a keen eye to locate your target. However, tread cautiously, for the game doesn’t unfold its complexities with ease your life is a stake, demanding vigilance at every turn.

Upon pulling the trigger, the reverberation sends the dinosaurs into immediate alertness, triggering a frantic attempt to evade capture. Utilize the precision of the scope, meticulously aligning your shot to ensure a successful takedown.

The danger extends beyond your existence; dinosaurs pose a threat not only to you but also to other denizens of the wild. In a twist of fate, these colossal creatures may turn the tables, assuming the role of hunters and attempting to claim your life. Fortune may favor the vigilante, offering glimpses of these creatures before they strike, enabling you to retaliate with a well-aimed shot.

Discover concealed armaments scattered across the environment, each a potential asset in your quest for survival. An assortment of weapons awaits your selection, each endowed with distinctive features and advantages. Some excel in the art of sniping, while others prove formidable in close combat.

In the expansive landscape of Dinosaur Hunt Shooting Games, the arsenal is not static you have the opportunity to elevate your weaponry. Through strategic upgrades, your armaments evolve into more potent tools, amplifying your capacity to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Traverse diverse environments, each harboring its secrets waiting to be unraveled. Explore these realms, uncovering new weapons and items that could tip the scales in your favor. In this gripping saga, every decision matters, every shot is a calculated risk, and the pursuit of supremacy unfolds amidst a dynamic backdrop of ever-changing environments.

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