Super Smart TV Launcher v3.10.7 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 09, 2024
A fully featured Leanback launcher for Android television devices. Customize by clicking the DigiSender logo on the home screen. Access app settings with a long press on any app icon. Your full app tray is access by clicking the Apps icon at the top.
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Feb 09, 2024
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Super Smart TV Launcher MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Super Smart TV Launcher MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of digital content exploration, a sophisticated instrument emerges, facilitating the seamless discovery of your preferred online materials. Be it cinematic gems, interactive gaming experiences, televised spectacles, musical harmonies, or the latest news flashes, this tool stands as your guide.

Should you desire to indulge in a cinematic or televised masterpiece, this application skillfully ferrets it out on your behalf. Even in the pursuit of interactive gaming delights, this digital marvel excels, surpassing your celerity in scouring the web’s vast expanse. Its prowess extends to promptly presenting the discovered content on your viewing canvas.

Within the tapestry of search results, the option to either view or download the audio-visual culmination is at your fingertips. Navigating this application proves to be a swift and intuitive endeavor, consummated in mere moments. The user interface, a paragon of simplicity, transcends barriers of comprehension, rendering it accessible to individuals of all aptitudes.

Noteworthy is its gratuity, allowing indulgence at your temporal convenience. The user interface, marked by its uncluttered aesthetics and effortless functionality, beckons utilization from any digital vantage point. With this application, the effortless acquisition and enjoyment of your favored digital content become second nature.

Enter into the realm of a tool designed to expedite the discovery and initiation of applications on a television box. Its utility extends to launching Android applications directly from the confines of the box, obviating the need for tedious perusal through the Play Store.

Compact in size, this application embeds itself within your mobile device, catalyzing the expeditious initiation of applications on your television box. Furthermore, it extends its functionality to seamlessly propel applications from a tablet, even those operating on the venerable Android 4.4 KitKat.

Within the purview of this application, the initiation of applications from your television box undergoes a paradigm shift. The inconveniences of scouring the Play Store are relegated to the past. Its interface, characterized by its simplicity, facilitates the swift invocation of applications.

This versatile application further extends its purview to accommodate the initiation of applications from tablets, encompassing those running on the venerable Android 4.4 KitKat.

Features of Super Smart TV Launcher MOD APK

Add and remove icons as you see fit

Empowering you with absolute dominion over your TV Box, this application grants you the prerogative to effortlessly introduce or expunge app icons to your preferences. The capability to expeditiously access your app tray is bestowed upon you by a simple tap on the Apps icon gracing the zenith of the interface.

In the event an app icon’s presence is deemed undesirable on the home screen, a mere tactile interaction via drag-and-drop ushers it into the virtual abyss of the Trash Bin.

This application, a comprehensive Leanback launcher tailored for Android television devices, stands adorned with an array of functionalities. The canvas of your home screen, a tableau of potentiality, becomes a realm for personalization through a mere click on the app logo. Engaging the Apps icon unfurls a menu, an anthology of your digital companions, allowing the seamless addition or subtraction of icons according to your discretion.

The repository of your entire app collection is laid bare with a click on the summit-enthroned Apps icon. The scope of personalization extends further, as the addition of widgets to your home screen becomes a reality through a selection facilitated by the Widget icon.

Add a custom icon to your app drawer

A comprehensive app launcher tailored explicitly for Android television devices, this application emerges as a powerhouse of features. Within its digital precincts, the canvas of your home screen metamorphoses into a realm of personalization, allowing the seamless addition of your chosen icons, applications, and widgets.

This versatile app further extends its utility by facilitating the organization of your applications into folders, an intuitive structure enhancing the expeditious access to your favored digital companions. The Settings menu becomes effortlessly accessible through a prolonged press on an app icon, presenting a gateway to fine-tune configurations to your liking.

Navigating the app’s interface unveils the App Tray, a command center for accessing your applications, managing the composition of your home screen, and promptly reaching your preferred apps with a simple tap. This digital orchestrator seamlessly integrates into your Android television, providing a tailored and user-centric experience.

Set app-specific shortcuts

This application endows you with the capability to establish shortcuts tailored to specific applications. In the scenario where your home screen transforms into a dynamic dashboard, the app proffers a canvas for personalization, allowing the infusion of your preferred applications seamlessly.

Within the app launcher’s ambit lies the power to curate your home screen with bespoke icons representing your favored applications. A straightforward process unfolds as you handpick the icon emblematic of the desired app and proceed to engage the “Set Shortcut” button. In response, the app launcher undertakes the creation of a succinct shortcut dedicated to the chosen application, streamlining your access to it with refined efficiency.

Select multiple icons to pin to the home screen

Positioned as a robust Android TV box launcher, this application streamlines your access to applications without necessitating the formal opening of the home screen. Embodied with a plethora of features, the app extends full customizability, boasting an extensive collection of over 20 widgets for your selection. Its hallmark is the bespoke home screen layout, seamlessly integrating an app tray for enhanced functionality.

The process of elevating the accessibility of your preferred applications is simplified through the option to select and pin multiple apps to the home screen with a prolonged press. Moreover, the app empowers you to designate it as the default home screen for your Android TV device, ensuring a tailored and efficient digital experience.

Browse by category or alphabetically

DigiSender encompasses an adaptable home screen tailored individually for each TV device under its purview. The primary display unfolds a grid, orchestrating categories and alphabetically arranged applications. Each category is a microcosm, amalgamating device control functionalities (power, volume, etc.) and category-specific applications.

For instance, a Netflix category could encompass an app for movie viewing, another for streaming TV, and an additional one for downloading and viewing TV shows.

Supplementing the primary screen is the “Apps” section, acting as a comprehensive repository of all installed applications on the device. This section allows seamless navigation through the app collection, either categorized or alphabetically. The integration of a search field further facilitates the quick discovery of apps by name.

Personalization takes center stage as the app grants you the ability to augment your favorites list by executing a prolonged press on an app icon. The chronological sequence of addition dictates the arrangement of multiple favorites, ensuring a user-centric arrangement for swift access.

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What's new

New in version 3.8.16:

- Fixed an issue where the app is closing on boot for some users
- Fixed weather not immediately updating after changing location

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