Dialer – Call Blocker v11.0.0 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 01, 2024
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Is someone continually disturbing you through irritating calls? Do you want to add them to a blacklist? Then download Blacklist - Call and SMS blocker Pro right now, as this is a great solution that will allow you to add this persons to your blacklist immediately. So no matter who calls you, if you don’t want to answer, Blacklist - Call and SMS blocker Pro will assist you in blocking them and creating your own blacklist.
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Feb 01, 2024
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Dialer – Call Blocker MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Dialer – Call Blocker MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of call interception applications, behold an ingenious creation that stands as a sentinel against unwarranted intrusions a call-blocking marvel. Its primary raison d’être lies in the repulsion of spam-laden calls, affording you the authority to govern the roster of barred and permissible numbers. A veritable boon for those perennially besieged by the onslaught of undesirable calls.

The dialer assumes the mantle of a gatekeeper, wielding the power to thwart the advances of a specific numerical entity. Furthermore, it proffers the capability to delineate the maximum endeavor count for connecting with said number.

In the event of an occupied line, the application stands as an unwavering sentinel, disallowing any further entreaties. Additionally, the app extends its vigilance to proactively obstruct specified numerical sequences, serving as a sanctuary for those averse to the unwelcome overtures of designated callers.

Intriguingly, one possesses the ability to enact a prohibition based on the distinctive country code of the incoming call. The configuration of prohibited numerical combinations aligns itself seamlessly with individual inclinations.

Moreover, a detailed registry of the embargoed digits is conveniently accessible, offering transparency into the realm of restricted communication. The annals of incoming calls unfold as a trove of information, encapsulating both the identities of incoming callers and the temporal dimensions of their attempted communications.

Features of Dialer – Call Blocker MOD APK

Add unlimited contacts to your blacklist

In the realm of telecommunications, the ability to thwart unwarranted calls and SMS disruptions from your associates is effortlessly achieved by appending them to your index of proscribed entities. A mere touch upon the designated prohibition mechanism allows for the inclusion of any numerical sequence into your record.

Following the integration of a correspondent, you gain insights into the frequency with which they have dialed your number or dispatched textual missives. Furthermore, the option to expunge an associate from your forbidden roster remains at your discretion, accessible at any given moment.

The Dialer – Call Blocker emerges as a formidable instrument within your smartphone’s arsenal, proficiently facilitating the administration of your interactions with those who hold significance in your life and asserting dominance over your device.

You can block contacts based on their caller ID

This application is designed to help you block annoying calls and SMS messages. It provides you with a very effective and powerful blacklisting feature. When you install it will automatically detect any unknown numbers and then add these contacts to the blacklist. This means you can completely block anyone without any additional configuration.

You can add new contacts to the blacklist by either scanning a QR code or entering the contact number manually. The app has a very intuitive interface and you can easily manage your blacklist. You can also create your blacklist based on the number of times you’ve received unwanted calls.

You can set specific time intervals to block the contact

This application empowers you to delineate specific temporal intervals during which contacts are to be barred, affording you the flexibility to seamlessly obstruct them at your convenience. Additionally, you possess the capability to specify the frequency of these obstructions, thus exercising precise control over the number of times these contacts are impeded.

Should an unsolicited call or SMS disrupt your peace while you’re away from home, the app becomes your shield against such disturbances. By incorporating the contact into your blacklist, you effectively preempt any attempts at communication from them.

Furthermore, the application extends the functionality of your blacklist to preemptively thwart undesirable contacts. Should the need arise to comprehensively block an individual, the creation of a blacklist is facilitated directly within the app. Navigate to the contacts menu, select the person’s name, and tap on “Add to Blacklist,” followed by “Create Black List.”

For added convenience, the app allows you to block a contact directly from the notification bar. Access the notifications menu, select the person’s name, tap “Block,” and subsequently tap “Create Black List.” This streamlined process enhances your ability to maintain control over your communication landscape.

Block the numbers permanently

In your quest for a remedy to stave off bothersome calls and messages, look no further this application emerges as the optimal solution for your needs. Equipped with an integrated call and SMS blocking feature, it affords you the capability to permanently obstruct incoming calls and text messages from specific numbers.

To initiate the blocking process, a simple tap on the offending number opens up the contact list. From there, you have the option to promptly block the number or relocate it to the roster of blacklisted contacts.

Once a number finds its place on the blacklist, it forfeits the ability to reach you, ensuring a respite from unwarranted disturbances. Notifications are dispatched to alert you whenever an attempt is made by the blacklisted number to place a call or send a text message, offering you unparalleled control over your communication landscape.

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