Device Info v3.3.5.20 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 21, 2024
Device Info is a simple and powerful Android application that gives you complete information about your mobile device with advanced user interfaces and widgets. For example, device Info/ phone Info includes information about CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, SIM, Bluetooth, Network, Installed Apps, System Apps, Display, Camera, Thermal, etc. Also, device Info/ phone Info can benchmark your device with hardware tests.
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Device Info MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Device Info MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

“Device Info: System & CPU Info” emerges as an indispensable utility, illuminating the myriad facets of your apparatus. It unveils specifics such as the model appellation, apparatus designation, telephonic model, and the iteration of Android it operates under. Its indispensability for users is underscored by its precision in display and simplicity in interpretation. One finds oneself privy to a plethora of data including the vigor of the battery, the magnitude of storage, the dimension of memory, and the clarity of screen resolution, amongst others. The utility brims with features enabling the extraction of salient information.

Embarking on the journey to harness this utility involves a straightforward download and execution procedure. Accessibility to this tool is twofold: initially, without financial encumbrance, and should the application pique your interest, registration of an account suffices for its utilization. Post-registration, the application’s features become fully accessible, maintaining its complimentary nature throughout.

“Device Info” stands as a beacon for effortlessly acquiring system and CPU intel, presenting the analysis in an affable, comprehensible manner. Whether seeking to diagnose your device’s health or simply curious about its specifications, this application, available via Google Play, serves as your digital concierge.

Boasting upwards of 50,000 installations, its popularity is undeniable. While accessible across multiple platforms, its Android variant shines brightest. The interface offers a granular look into your device, from its nomenclature to its model number, from its energy status to its hardware and software specifics, thereby ensuring your device’s compatibility with Android OS is transparently communicated.

 Feature of  Device Info MOD APK

Get a list of available sensors on your devices

Dubbed the paramount utility for discerning the intricacies of your device’s sensory apparatus, this application stands as the pinnacle of precision and contemporaneity in divulging sensor data. It encompasses an exhaustive inventory of your device’s sensory components, granting the capability to exhibit every sensor that resides within.

Underpinning its designation, this utility unfurls a compendium of all sensory mechanisms accessible on your device. It not only enumerates the sensors ingrained within your device but also affords a glimpse into the minutiae of each sensor’s function and specifications.

The application bestows upon its users the autonomy to curate which sensors are displayed, enabling the concealment of unnecessary sensors. Conversely, for those sensors that find frequent use, an option to activate them is readily available, ensuring a tailored experience that prioritizes the user’s preferences and requirements.

Monitor and keep check of the battery Health

At the zenith of the display, the Battery Status commands attention, providing an intuitive visual cue regarding the rate at which your device’s energy depletes. A rapid drainage prompts an alert via a crimson circle, whereas a moderate pace of depletion shifts the indicator to amber. In instances where the battery diminishes at a languid pace, the signal transitions to verdant green.

Beyond mere observation, the application delves into the analysis of your battery’s residual charge and its operational condition, offering a comprehensive understanding of its health.

Embedded within the app is a suite of Automatic Tests designed to evaluate your device’s efficiency and energy consumption. By identifying areas ripe for enhancement, these diagnostics empower users to refine their device’s performance and prolong battery longevity through targeted optimizations.

Check on your front and back cameras

With “Device Info,” delving into the nuances of your camera’s performance becomes a seamless endeavor. This application grants you the ability to scrutinize the camera’s functionality, ensure its operational status, and gauge the authentic quality of the imagery it captures, all in real-time.

Before immortalizing moments through photography, the app allows for a preemptive assessment of the camera’s quality, empowering you with foresight into the potential outcome of your snapshots.

Detailed metrics such as camera resolution, image fidelity, focal length, and the zenith aperture are readily at your disposal. Further, intricacies like shutter velocity, ISO sensitivity, and flash capabilities can be meticulously examined. The app provides a wealth of detailed specifications regarding your camera’s capabilities, from megapixel count to sensor dimensions, enriching your understanding and enabling informed adjustments.

Should you encounter malfunctions with your camera, “Device Info” offers tools designed to facilitate swift rectification, ensuring your device’s photographic prowess remains uninterrupted.

Advanced user interfaces with customizable widgets

“Device Info” showcases a user-friendly interface, adorned with a suite of widgets designed to furnish a panoramic view of your device’s core attributes. Among these, a RAM widget, an internal storage widget, and a battery widget stand out, each serving as a conduit to swiftly glean insights into the respective facets of your device.

Moreover, the application extends the liberty to personalize these widgets, allowing for an alteration of layouts and styles. This customization feature ensures that the widgets not only serve their functional purpose but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your device’s interface, melding utility with visual pleasure.

Intuitive dashboard with accessible menus for quick checks

Within this app, users are greeted by an intuitive dashboard, rich with a variety of widgets crafted for effortless access to pertinent data. This dashboard elucidates details on RAM, Internal Storage, External Storage, Battery, CPU, available Sensors, Apps Installed, and Optimizations, presenting a holistic view of the device’s status.

Additionally, the dashboard is equipped with a specialized widget for automatic tests, a tool invaluable for evaluating the current performance and battery longevity of your device. The dashboard is methodically segmented into distinct sections, including a Device section, a System section, and a Device Info section, each dedicated to furnishing specific insights into the device’s workings. This structured layout ensures that users can navigate and derive the information they seek with ease and precision.

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What's new

* Added Ethernet connection information
* Added Ukrainian, Thai & Chinese Traditional languages
* Added resolution details (HD, FHD, QHD, UHD)
* Improved Dashboard UI
* Improved App Analyzer
* Improved widget previews
* Bug fixes

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