Whiux – Icon Pack v4.1 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 29, 2024
Whiux is a ROUND Icon pack of line icons with a white background
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Jan 29, 2024
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Download The Latest APK Version of Whiux – Icon Pack MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of Android smartphones, behold the alabaster array of icons encapsulated within this ethereal icon pack. A manifestation of simplicity interwoven with elegance, the icons seamlessly adhere to a uniform size and hue.

For connoisseurs of minimalist design seeking a fresh icon ensemble, look no further. Comprising a palette of unpretentious yet impactful colors, these icons epitomize the pinnacle of Android’s design lexicon, meticulously tailored to accommodate a spectrum of screen dimensions.

Crafted with finesse, this icon set finds its sanctuary on both Android phones and tablets, becoming a versatile companion for any application. Within this collection of 20 icons lies the power to bestow a personalized touch upon your device, an epitome of aesthetic ingenuity.

These icons gracefully span across all resolutions, ranging from the petite 16×16 to the commanding 64×64. A pantheon of perfection tailored to adorn every nook and cranny of the Android multiverse.

Behold, a resplendent icon pack boasting alabaster simplicity with contours gently rounded. A haven for aficionados of the pure and the uncomplicated, this collection offers an abundance of icons destined for home screens, lock screens, folders, widgets, and beyond.

Dwelling within the annals of this pack is a copious selection of icons, promising an incessant metamorphosis through regular updates – a testament to the perpetuity of digital aesthetics. High-resolution icons galore, dual variants in the form of Light and Dark, offering an immaculate choice for the discerning aesthete.

This icon compendium, though seemingly unassuming, is a testament to the synergy of form and function. In its embrace, one discovers an amalgamation of diverse categories and an eclectic array of icons, each a unique facet of this digital mosaic.

Noteworthy is the modest stature of each icon, a diminutive 64×64 canvas of visual eloquence. Applying these icons to your home screen or preferred applications is a facile endeavor, a testament to the user-friendly essence inherent in this icon pack. A gift of aesthetic indulgence, downloadable without cost. If this resonates with your sensibilities, consider bestowing upon it the accolade of a 5-star rating. Gratitude awaits.

Features of Delux White Round Icon Pack MOD APK

All icons are flat vector graphics

In the realm of graphic design, each icon is meticulously fashioned as a flat vector graphic, ensuring the ability to scale without a hint of quality compromise. These icons find their haven within distinct layers, each adorned with a transparent background a testament to their intricate craftsmanship.

The application unfolds as a curated collection of line icons, each ensconced within a white rounded backdrop. The entire array adheres to the flat vector graphic ethos, imbuing them with the versatility of seamless integration. This icon pack proves itself a valuable asset, ready to grace the domains of mobile applications, websites, blogs, social networks, and various other arenas of digital expression.The iconn pack contains 50 icons

Presenting a compilation of line icons, adorned with a white rounded background, this pack stands as a testament to aesthetic precision. Comprising 50 icons meticulously arranged in two sizes, this collection unfolds as a versatile reservoir of creative potential. Noteworthy is the generosity extended, as this icon pack is made available for personal use without any charge.

This application unveils itself as a curated assortment of line icons, each graced by a white rounded backdrop. A treasure trove of 50 icons, this pack caters to diverse creative needs, encompassing apps, websites, logos, and various projects. The best part? It graciously extends its utility for personal use, making it a valuable ally in the realm of digital expression.

This icon pack is based on Material Design guidelines

The icons embraced within this icon pack draw inspiration from the meticulous guidelines of Material Design. Engineered for standalone functionality, these icons find their purpose in various realms from the App Drawer and the Action Bar to the Toolbar and beyond, wherever the need for an icon arises.

Crafted with the intent of serving as line art, the app exudes a design philosophy that emphasizes simplicity and clarity. Each icon within this collection boasts a transparent background, ensuring seamless integration into diverse digital landscapes. Whether you’re navigating the App Drawer, enhancing the Action Bar, adorning the Toolbar, or embarking on any icon-required endeavor, this pack stands ready to elevate your visual experience.

Colorful and modern

Presenting a collection of line icons draped in a white rounded background, this pack boasts a total of 16 icons, each adorned with vibrant color variations.

This is not just an icon pack; it’s a burst of color in a modern and refreshing style. With its vibrant hues and contemporary design, this pack is poised to elevate the visual aesthetics of your application, website, or blog. Dive into the realm of clean and vivid visuals download now and let the dynamic style of this icon pack inspire your creative journey.

Icons are round and have transparent backgrounds

Here unfolds a collection of line icons, gracefully set against a white rounded background. Distinguished by their transparent backdrop, this icon pack features line icons characterized by their rounded corners.

Within the app lies a curated ensemble of line icons, each graced with a white rounded background. These icons, rendered in PNG format with transparent backgrounds, present a versatile canvas for your creative pursuits. Noteworthy is their availability in four distinct sizes, catering to the nuanced requirements of your designs or projects.

These line icons, in PNG format with transparent backgrounds, stand ready in four varying sizes to infuse your designs or projects with an aesthetic symphony of beautiful lines and curves. A visual tapestry that transcends the ordinary, this icon pack beckons you to adorn your creative endeavors with its elegant simplicity.

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