Delivery From the Pain Survive v1.0.9916 MOD APK (DLC Mode)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
Delivery From The Pain is a survival-strategy game with a fantastic RPG storyline, taking 30+ hours to unlock one of several endings.
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Jan 05, 2024
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Delivery From the Pain Survive MOD APK (DLC Mode)

Download The Latest APK Version of Delivery From the Pain Survive MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with DLC Mode Available download Yours Now.

Embarking on the enigmatic realms of Delivery From the Pain Survive thrusts players into the immersive survival gaming genre. Within the obscure confines of shadowed landscapes, an array of diverse monsters lurk, demanding players to navigate the delicate balance of existence.

Survival, in this virtual abyss, hinges upon the player’s prowess. The imperative is clear – the utilization of intellect and skill to forge a path to survival in this ominous expanse.

Delivery From the Pain: Survive unfolds as an adventure laden with distinctive features. The initiation into this gripping narrative transpires as the player is unceremoniously plunged into darkness, compelled to discern an escape route.

The inaugural stage, characterized by its heightened complexity, stands as the crucible of the game. At this juncture, the player grapples with the challenge of unearthing essential tools vital for survival.

The key to enduring amidst the shadows lies in astuteness. Delving into the secrets concealed within this dim domain, securing appropriate weaponry, and procuring sustenance become indispensable components of the survival strategy.

Upon commencement of the game, a compendium of items is bestowed upon the player. This eclectic assortment serves as the linchpin, each item catering to diverse needs. Possession of the apt items becomes the bedrock for navigating the challenges embedded in this shadowy milieu.

The game abounds with an array of artifacts, some wielding significant utility. Scouring the darkness becomes an imperative, not only for sustenance but also for the discovery of tools essential for survival. The absence of the requisite tools renders the quest for survival futile.

Delivery From the Pain Survive is a serialized odyssey, each stage introducing its unique set of complexities. Triumph in each segment begets rewards, with escalating difficulty levels propelling players towards successive stages.

Each stage unveils its distinct set of challenges, some bordering on formidable. The fortuitous discovery of vital artifacts within the obscurity might tilt the scales favorably.

The allure of this virtual odyssey lies in the adaptability of players. Survival is not contingent upon passively anticipating monster encounters. The cerebral prowess of players becomes a potent weapon, enabling them to repel the encroaching monstrosities with strategic acumen.

Features of Delivery From the Pain Survive MOD APK

Unlockable endings with multiple solutions

Embarking upon the realms of virtual challenges, “Delivery From The Pain” stands as a survival-strategy gem, intricately woven with a captivating RPG narrative that demands an investment of more than 30 hours to navigate the labyrinth leading to a myriad of conclusions. Players are compelled to engage in skirmishes against adversaries, weather tumultuous storms, and fulfill missions pivotal for the evolution of the overarching storyline.

In the pursuit of unraveling the digital tapestry, participants are immersed in the exploration and interaction with the meticulously crafted environment. This endeavor yields a plethora of discoveries, encompassing an array of artifacts, proficiencies, and armaments essential for their perseverance. Moreover, participants have the opportunity to amass monetary wealth through the commerce of goods, the execution of designated missions, or the completion of assigned tasks.

Explore over 40 locations and discover dozens of objects

In the intricate tapestry of “Delivery From the Pain Survive,” participants are tasked with the formidable mission of exploring an expansive array of over 40 distinct locations. Their journey entails the discovery of a myriad of objects, engaging with a multitude of adversaries, and skillfully navigating through an assortment of obstacles strategically scattered along their path.

Collect hundreds of weapons and items

Within the immersive realm of “Delivery From the Pain Survive,” each weapon assumes a unique identity, boasting distinctive features that serve diverse purposes. Employ a sniper rifle for precision elimination from a distance, unleash a machine gun’s might to obliterate barriers, or wield a rocket launcher to decimate formidable tanks. A plethora of other items, including rare and invaluable treasures, await your meticulous collection.

The acquisition of these items is not merely a quest for armaments but a strategic endeavor to amass the resources necessary for procuring a helicopter. This aerial conveyance bestows the freedom to soar across the expanse of the map, unraveling hidden nuances and strategic vantage points.

Survival hinges on the accumulation of an arsenal comprising guns, knives, explosives, and vital health provisions. Moreover, the pursuit of rewards prompts the collection of unique items, adding an extra layer of depth to your quest for supremacy. Unearth the rare and precious, for they hold the key to not only survival but mastery within this dynamic landscape.

More than 80 different puzzles and mini-games

Immersed within the challenging landscapes of “Delivery From the Pain Survive,” you encounter a rich tapestry of over 80 diverse puzzles and mini-games, each a unique test of wit and skill.

Assuming the persona of a diligent delivery man, your mission unfolds as the conveyance of packages from patrons to predetermined destinations. The twist lies in the veil shrouding the contents of each parcel, leaving your delivery driver oblivious to the mysteries concealed within. Only through the adept application of your intellect and resourcefulness can the answers be unveiled, adding an intriguing layer of cerebral engagement to your delivery endeavors.


Engaging in the virtual escapade of “Delivery From the Pain Survive,” you step into the shoes of a dedicated deliveryman, navigating the urban expanse to fulfill your obligation of delivering packages to the denizens residing in each of the six distinctive districts.

The stakes are high; a misstep prompts the customer to dispatch you back to the depot, initiating the need for a fresh commencement.

Dive into the realm of customization, where not only can you tailor your character’s appearance, equipment, and delivery route, but you also wield the power to personalize the auditory backdrop with customized music and sounds, amplifying the immersive nature of your delivery expeditions.

The journey unfolds with a promise of discovery; progressing through the game unveils hidden realms and a collection of items. The interactive market becomes a hub for players to trade items and currency, fostering a dynamic communal aspect within this virtual urban landscape.

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