Dead Mind v1.0.10 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 06, 2024
It's not just a shooting game! In this endless battle, collect resources to survive and last 49 days!
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Mar 06, 2024
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Dead Mind MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Dead Mind MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, behold a gratis gaming opus crafted by the esteemed American atelier, “Lightspeed Games.” This digital magnum opus, unveiled unto the world’s eager denizens on the auspicious day of December 10, 2016, unveils an immersive narrative steeped in the crucible of a zombified cataclysm.

Within this digital tapestry, a scant trio of intrepid souls emerges as the sole progenitors of survival amid the viral onslaught. Their mettle tested, they grapple with the undead horde, their cerebral faculties employed to navigate the labyrinth of danger with ingenuity and strategic acumen.

Drawing parallels to the venerable “Dead Rising,” this interactive odyssey necessitates the relentless pursuit of provisions and armaments. Each vanquished zombie bequeaths the player access to an armory of ever more potent weapons, fostering a symbiotic dance of survival and carnage.

Within the realm of “Dead Mind Offline,” a kaleidoscope of weaponry unfurls – from close-quarters melee implements to firearms and pyrotechnic ordnance. A unique facet emerges, granting players the prerogative to meticulously tailor their firearm, adorning it with an eclectic array of attachments.

Yet, caution is the watchword. Imprudent utilization of resources courts peril. Should a player’s vitality dwindle to precarious depths, the specter of mortality looms large. Thus, vigilance against the relentless machinations of adversaries is paramount, sidestepping the inexorable dance of demise.

In this realm, where digital interactions transcend the constraints of cyberspace, players wield authority over their chosen echelon. Diverse modes beckon – survival, a crucible where life teeters on the precipice, and versus, an arena wherein comrades clash in a ballet of pixelated warfare.

The offline dominion proffers autonomy in level selection, an attribute discerning gamers may relish. And lo, the myriad modes unfold Survival, a crucible demanding tactical acumen to forestall the encroaching zombie menace; Versus, versus an online cavalcade where players engage in skirmishes, armed with personalized weaponry.

Venturing into the latter necessitates enrollment, a modest tribute for those yearning to spar with comrades. Here, camaraderie converges with conflict, and alliances manifest as players engage in a symphony of pixelated warfare, forging indelible memories in the crucible of “Dead Mind Offline.”

Features of Dead Mind Offline MOD APK

Earn resources from the mines, farms, and towns

In the realm of the gaming domain, one must amass essential resources to endure the challenges that lie ahead. The acquisition of these vital elements unfolds through the extraction from subterranean mines, cultivation in fertile farms, and interaction within bustling towns. Upon the accomplishment of predetermined objectives, a tally of points ensues, allowing enhancing the accouterments at your disposal.

Beyond the mere accumulation of resources, the veritable test emerges in the form of survival amidst adversaries and the undead. Should one successfully navigate the perilous terrain, engagement with fellow players ensues, culminating in the proposition of a duel. The primary endeavor is to protract one’s existence, thereby maximizing the temporal span within the confrontation, ultimately securing victory and claiming the coveted trophy.

Get daily rewards

This transcends the conventional paradigm of a mere shooting game; it morphs into an immersive experience where daily incentives await. A cornucopia of coins graces your virtual coffers each day, a symphony that resonates as you engage in gameplay.

On a daily cadence, a boon unfolds before you, gifting an additional lease on existence, a surplus of ammunition, and an augmented horde of adversaries to contend with. Furthermore, financial remuneration escalates with each triumphant completion of the game, providing the fiscal foundation for the acquisition of novel weaponry or the implementation of upgrades to fortify your virtual arsenal.

Collect diamonds and upgrade weapons and skills

This game is about collecting diamonds and upgrading your weapon and skills. When you get attacked by an enemy, you need to defend yourself with your weapon.

You can play the game offline. It’s not a multiplayer game. If you want to play with your friends, you can go online with your friends, and you can challenge each other to a match.

You can also collect resources by exploring the map. The more diamonds you have, the more effective your weapon and skills will be.

Upgrade yo

Immersed in the essence of this game is the pursuit of diamonds, a journey that intertwines with the augmentation of both weaponry and aptitude. As adversaries assail you, the onus lies on wielding your weapon adeptly to fend off impending threats.

Noteworthy is the offline gameplay option, an individual odyssey detached from the multiplayer milieu. For those seeking camaraderie, a seamless transition to online engagement with friends awaits, wherein challenges and duels can be orchestrated.

Embark on exploration across the game’s expansive map to amass resources, with diamonds serving as the linchpin. The reservoir of these precious gems augments the efficacy of your weaponry and the finesse of your skills, accentuating the dynamic interplay between acquisition and empowerment.

ur weapons and skills, and level up your hero to become a true hero

In this game, you can upgrade your weapons and skills, and level up your hero to become a true hero.

Your hero can be enhanced with skills that let him fight better, get better weapons, and get stronger, stronger, and stronger.

Collect resources and power up your hero to survive and last 49 days! To ensure that you’re always prepared for the fight, you can also upgrade your hero’s weapons and skills with the help of the in-game currency.

As you defeat enemies, you’ll earn gold, which you can use to purchase new weapons and skills.


It is a simple but addictive game about survival and resource collection. It is not a typical arcade shooter or action game, but a simulation game with RPG elements.

In this game, you must collect resources, build buildings, and upgrade your weapon. With these resources, you can build a house, train your character, and fight monsters.

If you die, you lose the resources you collected. You will have to start over again. You must collect as many resources as you can, and survive 49 days.

Each level has several resources, and you can only collect one resource at a time. You need to decide which resources you will use for building, training, and upgrading your weapon.

You can buy better weapons by collecting more coins, or you can sell your resources for money to buy better weapons.

Dead Mind is not easy, but if you practice a little bit every day, you will become stronger. If you have any questions, please contact me via the app. Please note that this is a mobile game, and you can download it from the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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