Crowd Bomber v24 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
Drop colors bombs to paint the entire cities!
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Mar 04, 2024
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Crowd Bomber MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of  Crowd Bomber MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, Crowd Bomber emerges as a captivating and exhilarating action experience, brought forth by LPC’s creative prowess on the auspicious date of October 15, 2014. This gaming marvel stands as the evolutionary sequel to the esteemed Crowd Bomb.

Immerse yourself in the challenge of obliterating the gathering at the epicenter of each stage, with the primary objective being the annihilation of the ticking bomb before its inevitable detonation.

Temporal constraints are absent, and the planting of bombs is unrestricted. Each explosive device adheres to its unique set of rules, culminating in a detonation once the countdown timer reaches its culmination.

Navigation of the protagonist is facilitated through the manipulation of arrow keys on the keyboard, with Crowd Bomber seamlessly adaptable to touchscreen devices. The game extends its compatibility to smartphones and tablets, enhancing accessibility.

Players wield control through tactile manipulation, utilizing fingers to direct character movement or employing a joystick for navigation. The visual aesthetics of Crowd Bomber are accentuated by exquisite graphics, harmonized with impeccable sound effects.

Crowd Bomber stands as an online haven for gaming enthusiasts, providing an avenue for bomb creation and the subsequent decimation of assembled crowds.

In this virtual arena, participants craft explosives with precision, hurling them into congregations of individuals. Following impact, players amass monetary rewards, subsequently reinvesting in bomb upgrades.

The personal touch is not amiss, as gamers infuse a portrait of their favored character onto the explosive device. The efficacy of the bomb is measured by the volume of casualties inflicted, translating into an escalating point system that dictates one’s rank.

Upon achieving a predefined count of eliminations, the gateway to the next level swings open. The arsenal of bombs proves versatile, wreaking havoc in diverse environments such as urban landscapes, shopping precincts, and even colossal stadiums.

Features of Crowd Bomber MOD APK

Drop color bombs to paint the entire cities

In the realm of interactive engagement, Crowd Bomber stands as an intricate tableau of action, immersing participants within an urban milieu where the pursuit transcends mere vibrancy to attain the zenith of chromatic diversity. Traverse the gameplay landscape to unlock successive tiers, each presenting a distinctive configuration of explosive ordinances and uncharted urban panoramas. The crux of this gaming odyssey revolves around the strategic dissemination of chromatic ordnance, thereby enveloping entire cityscapes in an explosive spectrum of pigments. The operational imperative involves amassing an arsenal of pigmented explosives, tactically deploying them to navigate and illuminate the labyrinthine expanses of these urban realms.

Unlock new, beautiful worlds filled with different features

Embark on the vibrant odyssey of Crowd Bomber, a dynamic, high-speed action spectacle characterized by its irresistibly compelling gameplay. In the guise of a chromatic explosive, you will unleash a cascade of bombs upon diverse cities, infusing them with a kaleidoscope of colors. Each city unfolds a distinctive tapestry, featuring unique roadways and architectural structures.

The journey through Crowd Bomber unveils a cornucopia of unlocked cities, each a canvas showcasing distinct characteristics, challenges, and adversaries. These urban landscapes encapsulate a myriad of features, offering a visually diverse and engaging experience.

Furthermore, the progression within the game allows unlocking an array of abilities, augmenting your prowess and fortifying your capabilities. This multifaceted skill set becomes your artistic toolkit, facilitating the realization of your vision to paint entire cities with the hues of your choosing.

Collect new abilities to become even more powerful

Step into the realm of Crowd Bomber, a 2D side-scrolling opus of action where your mission unfurls as a vibrant canvas waiting to be painted with the explosive strokes of your bombs. In this dynamic gameplay, the acquisition of new abilities catalyzes elevating your prowess to unprecedented heights.

This game stands as a paragon of pure action, devoid of the constraints of a predetermined score. Your sole directive involves wielding the mouse to deftly aim and release bombs, laying waste to towering structures that dot the urban landscape.

The allure of empowerment beckons as you amass an arsenal of more than 15 distinctive abilities, affording you the liberty to wield them at your discretion. This arsenal becomes the fulcrum upon which your journey pivots, propelling you toward an ever-increasing crescendo of power and destruction.

More than 50 levels in the full version

Within the expanse of Crowd Bomber’s full version, the panorama unfolds with more than 50 levels awaiting your exploration. Each level metamorphoses into a new narrative, presenting a kaleidoscopic array of experiences.

Embark on a journey that transcends epochs, from the enigmatic pyramids of ancient Egypt to the towering edifices of contemporary skyscrapers. Traverse through medieval strongholds and venture into futuristic cityscapes, each world encapsulating its distinctive beauty and gameplay dynamics.

This odyssey invites you to transcend temporal and architectural boundaries, immersing yourself in varied realms adorned with breathtaking scenery and gameplay intricacies unique to each level.


Crowd Bomber unfolds as a strategic game, compelling players to strategically release bombs upon vibrant cityscapes. The key lies in gathering colored bombs scattered across diverse locations.

Upon initiation, a city map reveals itself, the central focal point adorned with a singular bomb. The catch? Only one color is visible at a time, obscuring the entire map from view.

Tapping on the desired location becomes the modus operandi for bomb deployment. However, precision is paramount, limited to the colored regions of the city. A misplaced touch leads to the bomb careening off-screen, a costly loss.

Collecting bombs of the precise color is imperative for unleashing devastation. Procurement can transpire from various locales—be it the ground, rooftops, windows, or even suspended from balloons.

The cityscape transforms into an expansive canvas, but unlocking the ability to drop bombs hinges on accumulating bombs of identical color within a specific locale.

As the arsenal burgeons with a sufficient quantity of congruent-colored bombs, the capability to use that specific hue for city embellishment is unlocked.

Augmenting your bomber’s potential involves the acquisition of various abilities. Bomb Boosters inject speed into your bombing endeavors, while Colors Boosters expedite the collection of bombs of matching hues.

With mastery over these abilities, embarking on a new game beckons. Tailor your experience by selecting the desired level, and number of lives, and customizing the playing environment to suit your strategic inclinations. The dynamism of Crowd Bomber encapsulates a symphony of strategic choices, ensuring each playthrough is a unique and engaging adventure.

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