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Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited Star/Money/Energy)

Download The Latest APK Version of Criminal Case MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Star/Money/Energy Available download Yours Now.

The Criminal Case gives insight into the forensics industry as well as the hard work of police officers involved in murder cases. The first scene takes place in Grimsborough, where there are some very dangerous criminals. Many innocent people have been killed in recent years. The security forces of the citizens are lacking the ability to gather the events necessary to identify the killer.

The Criminal Case is split into six parts. In the first part, the player investigates murders in Grimsborough (based on New York City). Grimsborough is comprised of six districts: Industrial Area (Financial Center), Historical Center, University and Maple Heights. The second part sees the player transferred to Pacific Bay. This fictional city is based in Los Angeles, California. Pacific Bay is divided into ten districts, such as Ocean Shore and Bayou Bleu. The third part, called World Edition, has players tasked to solve crimes in various parts of the globe. Europe, South Asia and East Asia, Africa.

Criminal Case MOD Apk

Criminal Case

The fourth part of Mysteries of the Past requires players to investigate murders in the fictional Concordia, USA. Conspiracy is the fifth part. Once again, you return to Grimsborough. You return to Grimsborough after the events in the third part. The new Grimsborough version is composed of ten counties: Fairview and Money Mile, The Greens. Old Town, Maple Heights. Misty Grove. University, Spring Field. Airport. Players are required to solve six murders in six sections called Travel in Time. They must do this at various stages in the past, including Ancient times, Renaissance, and the present.

 features of Criminal Case APK:

  • The problem with android apps is their tendency to bore users due to repetitive usage or limited content. They made sure that the game did not fall into this category. This is precisely why they created over a hundred crime scenes that will keep you interested and hooked.
  • When a gamer can play with friends, the excitement and fun of any game is increased. This gives the game a competitive edge. The game’s creators were aware of this fact and designed the game to allow friends to play with them. This ensures that the game is extremely popular. This healthy competition will allow you to be the best detective around.
  • In an effort to find out the story of each suspect, the makers introduced the idea that the player can interview them all to match the evidence. You can take part in the whole journey of detective as you completely step into their world. You will be able to solve the case by listening to the statements of the suspects. To create an enjoyable experience, the gameplay has been made as realistic as possible.
  • You can download the entire game for free. You can access almost all features of the game without having to pay anything extra. However, there are some additional features that the developers have created to enhance the gaming experience. These additional features can be purchased for a small fee. You should consider purchasing the additional features if you want to enjoy a healthy gaming experience.
  • You can make the game more realistic by adding a forensic section. This will allow experts to share details from the autopsy and help you connect the evidence better. You just need to gather all the information and finally find the killer. Then, you can put him/her behind bars and restore justice.
  • First, the case of a young girl who was killed at the town gate is a challenge for any great detective. You will need to find clues in order to assist the investigation. Let’s begin by looking for corpses or weapons. For the necessary analysis and sampling, they must be sent to the laboratory.
If the perpetrator is not a professional, he might leave fingerprints, blood, or tissue cells, such as skin and nails, to prove his identity. If you combine the police force with him, you can easily determine his identity and retrieve the information of the citizens.

If the perpetrator is wiser, you will need to go through additional steps to reach the final step. The laboratory staff can provide information about the victim’s death, as well as whether the killer was right-handed or left-handed. The sheriff will help you in your investigation and zoning criminals.

If all goes well, you’ll return to the scene to search for anything that was missed. These can include bloody coth, mailboxes that allow you to verify the objects you have contacted with the victim, or any other information that may be useful.

Become a skilled detective

Similar to crime investigation films. Criminal Case’s gameplay is not difficult if you have seen it. You are the only person who can do this job. Only you can bring the case to the light and get the offender behind bars. Show your influence and role in every situation. You can never ignore the mystery behind what you see. These can be used as evidence to solve the crime.

Find clues

You must find clues as a detective, not only in the game, but also in real life. This step is often the hardest because you start with nothing and then work your way up. You are taken to the scene of each crime in Criminal Case. You’ll find clues, evidences, and other information that will help you identify the perpetrator and what happened. You may need to locate guns, knives or baseball bats depending on the crime. You can also use the hints if you are having trouble but they are very limited.

Grimsborough needs to change

The Criminal Case allows the player to transform entire cities. This city is being ravaged by corruption and crime. The team and you are the only ones who can bring this dark world to an end. It is not an easy task to clean up the crime scene, but we have to accept it as a long road. You will be tested on your detective skills by a variety of bad guys, without any limitations. You must work harder to make illegal activities seem less appealing to the bad guys. You will then be considered a bit of a success.

Please ask a question

After gathering all relevant evidences, the next step is to interview everyone involved in the crime. Eye-witnesses may be able to tell you when the victims returned home, or any other information that may be relevant. The goal is to collect any useful information that can be used as your next clue.

Investigating using investigative skills

There are many cases to choose from and not all work out. Sometimes players have to deal in deadlock, and sometimes don’t know where to go. You will also learn how to harness evidence from witnesses in the Criminal Case. This is a quick way to speed up the investigation and make it more efficient. There are many kinds of crime. You have to confront the fact that the perpetrators have sophisticated methods of operating. It is difficult to identify and make them confess their guilt. Each game screen gives players more experience.


Final step is to put together the statements and evidence and identify the culprit. Although this is not an easy task, you are the detective. Your job is to locate the criminal as quickly as possible, so justice can be served!

A lot of cases were scattered around.

Bathroom, woods or curb. These are the areas where you start your work. Do not alter the situation. It can complicate the case. To assist with the investigation, bring magnifying glasses and gloves. Each case is unique and should be arranged differently. It is always difficult to grasp the details. All skills are required to collect evidence and analyze corpses in the laboratory.

Criminal Case offers players a lot of fun experiences. As part of the balance justice, you can try your hand. This city is becoming increasingly dark as corrupt officials and criminals make it look. To learn more about the Criminal Case mod, and to get familiar with all of the obstacles involved in its investigation and decoding, download it.

Amazing graphics

Criminal Case clearly spent a lot on animation. Although you cannot control any characters, everything is fluid and smooth. Although it’s exciting, this is more like a moving novel than a 3D video game.

The gameplay of Criminal case apk

The game’s gameplay is a mixture of many things that blend seamlessly together. This game is not cluttered with redundant information. It gives players a complete view of a case, which they can explore. All details are detailed for players to explore, starting at the beginning of the case and ending with the conclusion. The first step is to find the clue when the player arrives at the crime scene. The game will provide a list of items that the player must search for in order to progress to the next step. After finding the item, the player can proceed to question the suspect. To get evidence from all suspects, players will question them. This is crucial in determining who was responsible for the murder. To find the killer, the final step is to examine all the remains in the field. The player can also observe the corpse and look for remains.

Latest Update of Criminal case mod apk 2021

Fans of Sherlock Holmes have enjoyed huge popularity for the Criminal Case series. It features an enhanced 3D animated detective and allows players to switch between Sherlock Holmes’ digital eyes and R.J. Watson’s. Fans can even create fan sites to discuss the game and share their opinions. The best way to get the Criminal Case game is to download Sherlock Holmes: Master Edition for free.

Additional Information About Criminal Case APK

Modded Apk for Criminal Case This hidden object game, featuring a detective theme, was released for Facebook on November 15, 2012. A version for iOS was released on August 28, 2014. An Android version followed on April 15, 2015. Criminal Case was developed and published by French indie company Pretty Simple. It has more than ten million monthly users. Criminal Case was named the Facebook Game of the year 2013 on December 9th.

What’s New in The Criminal Case MOD Apk Latest Version

The Criminal Case Mod Apk gives you two benefits: unlimited energy that will allow you to solve more cases faster, climb the ladder quicker, and the guarantee of finding maximum clues. This will decrease the time it takes to solve cases. It will also give you a higher rank and help you solve more cases. The mod apk is a better option than the standard version.

Users’ opinions about Criminal Case Mod Apk

I downloaded Criminal Case Conspiracy Mod Apk 1. It’s one of my favorite games in a while. I love the graphics and the ability to go into every crime scene to solve the cases. The time clock challenge is my favorite. It’s great to find all the items in the time limit and I love the Elite levels. Some of these extras require wifi, but I love the way these games can be played offline.

It’s very user-friendly. It is very user-friendly. However, there are some things that need to be improved. It’s absurd, so you must pay with the Stars earned in the game. It’s absurd that you must wait for energy. It would be great if you made the changes, and everyone else who rated this app. You can make a new game from all of those changes. I give it five stars because the eyes look just like the app.

This game was a great experience. You will be curious about the next game. It will make you feel as if you are actually investigating a case. It gives you the feeling of being an investigator. It should also be enjoyable because it won’t waste your time. It will allow you to complete your work until you are exhausted. This game will keep you entertained.

Features of Criminal Case Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Energy
  • No ROOT
  • Unlimited Hints
  • Unlimited Coins

How to install Criminal Case mod apk in android

Follow these steps:

If you have already installed Criminal Case, you will need to uninstall it.

Download Criminal Case Mod APK from our website.

After downloading the file, locate the apk file to install it.

To install apps outside of the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown Sources”.

You can then open the Criminal Case Mod APK and start enjoying it

Is a Criminal Case Mod APK Secure?

Criminal Case Mod is 100% secure because it was scanned using our Anti-Malware platform. No viruses were found. AOL Active Virus Shield and Clam AntiVirus are all included in the antivirus platform. Our anti-malware engine filters applications and classes them according to our criteria. It is therefore 100% safe to download Criminal Case Mod APK from our website.

Criminal Case MOD Apk Final Conclusion :

The Criminal Case is a reimagined version of the award-winning crime solving game. The game is completely free and you can solve the most difficult murder mysteries using the clues. Mod apk offers two benefits to the user. It gives them an endless supply of energy, and also a large supply of clues which will make solving cases super easy. This will increase your chances of becoming the best player. The mod apk is a popular alternative to the regular version of the game due to its two amazing advantages.

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