CPU Stats Reader v1.6.53 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 22, 2024
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Feb 22, 2024
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CPU Stats Reader MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of CPU Stats Reader MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

The CPU Stats Reader, a diminutive yet potent program, facilitates the exploration of your apparatus’s efficacy. By employing this utility, the current operational prowess of your cellular phone, slate, or additional contrivances becomes discernible. It unveils the duration expended within the application alongside the consumption metrics of memory and processor. This tool proffers a precise dissection of your apparatus’s functionality.

For the installation on your telephonic device, tablet, or computational system, its compact nature belies its utility. Its operation is straightforward; post-installation, it commences data aggregation autonomously. A mere interaction with its symbol suffices. Posthaste, the CPU Stats Reader unveils your device’s operational status without solicitation.

In essence, the CPU Stats Reader serves as a lucid interpreter of your system’s vigor. It presents data in a manner that is both lucid and intuitive, simplifying the task of ensuring your computing device’s optimal performance. Its user interface, characterized by simplicity, demands but a few interactions to unveil comprehensive system performance insights. Instantaneously upon application initiation, an array of performance indicators becomes visible. Additionally, it allows for the monitoring of individual core loads and the thermal state of your processor.

Features of CPU Stats Reader MOD APK

Display of the different frequencies available for the CPU

Utilizing this application, one is endowed with the capability to survey the plethora of frequencies at which the CPU oscillates, alongside a chronicle of the duration spent by the apparatus in each distinct frequency.

This tool becomes indispensable for those endeavoring to refine their system’s performance or for individuals seeking to ascertain the energy consumption of their battery to enhance longevity.

Display the time that the device has run in each one

CPU Stats Viewer, necessitating no root privileges, unveils the array of frequencies at which the CPU operates, along with the cumulative duration each frequency has been engaged by the device. The data is articulated in an uncomplicated and legible manner.

Opt for displaying either the diverse CPU frequencies (like the clock velocity) or the span each frequency has been active (akin to the battery status).

 Display the temperature of the CPU

As is widely acknowledged, the CPU stands as the central nexus of any Android apparatus, tasked with executing directives issued by the Android operating system. The thermal state of the CPU emerges as a critical metric for the seamless operation of applications on the device.

Nested within the CPU’s architecture, the thermal sensor is tasked with gauging the core’s temperature. Through this mechanism, the application renders visible the CPU’s thermal readings alongside the duration of its operational state.

Display the power consumption of the CPU

CPU Stats Reader elucidates the power consumption of the CPU, delineating its correlation with both frequency and voltage. It grants visibility into the present frequency, alongside the zenith and nadir of frequency ranges, as well as displays the peak and current velocities.

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